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    Tunnel Dogs - Space Marines

    Hope this makes sense, will you guys who are good at space marine history and orginization help get stuff that doesnt make since straight. Thanks!

    Chapter Name:
    Tunnel Dogs

    Home world:

    Company Information:
    The Tunnel Dogs are an unregistered Ultramarines company. There sole purpose is to sweep planets with cave systems after an exterminatus carried out by a virus bomb. They were a special armor that is resilient to the after effects of the virus bomb being employed. They are an infantry based Company as they must go underground often to check for bunkers or species such as tyranids that could have resisted the blast due to their advanced method of evolution.

    They were dark green armor and with lime green on all hard edges, this is the result of the filtration unit built into their suits, the lime green is the suit venting out the toxins that seep in.

    The Company is currently led by Captain Leamon Wolflin, Wolflin was promoted to captain of the Tunnel Dogs after proving himself under Captain Numitor of the 8th company; as he came from 8th company his personal preference and war gear favors assault.

    The Company Chaplin is Marcus Ra, Marcus has served as Chaplin of the Tunnel Dogs for just shy of 200 years and is revered within its ranks.

    The Tunnel Dogs are comprised of 5 full tactical squadrons, the squadrons are all equipped with flamers, which are devastating in tunnel and underground warfare as well as missile launchers in case larger more heavily armored creatures are encountered.

    A 5 man scout squad of snipers accompanies the tactical squads in order to scout ahead as well as to help with above ground warfare when the bunkered enemies leave their caves.

    2 Devastator Squads accompany the tactical squads as bunker busters, each squad with 4 missile launchers can punch a hole through even the toughest bunker with enough time.

    The company has 5 elite soldiers that are honored to dawn terminator armor in battle. These 5 Marines were exceptionally skilled scouts and utilize their ability to always find a way to pop up in the enemies battle lines during the heat of the fight.

    In dire situations Dreadnought Brother Persius Galwin is dropped from orbit in a specially equipped drop pod that can drill through the surface to meet his battle brothers below the surface. Brother Galwin was honored with dreadnought armor after selflessly distracting a carniflex to allow his captain to organize the other marines, the carniflex had him half way eaten when Chaplin Marcus Ra leaped on the beast and decapitated it, saving part of Brother Gawin, his selflessness earned him the right to protect his battle brothers during an eternity of battle in the companies hand me down dreadnought.

    As an unregistered company the Tunnel Dogs are not as highly regarded as the other ultramarine companies. Many people see them as an execution squads who fight devastated remnants of armies or defenses, the Tunnel Dogs understand that this is their role and that this is a service that the emperor requires and do not hesitate to hunt his enemies. While the Tunnel Dogs are not as highly regarded as other marines this also allows them to go outside of the normal codes of the Space Marines, no tithes to the Tech Marines are required. And they accompany different warships depending on what missions are to be carried out.

    Their founding is unrecorded as they were the solution to several failed viral exterminatus attempts did not fully wipe planets free of life. The original members of the company were taken from the recruits that fell in the bracket normally below what would be accepted in the Ultramarines, essentially, the Tunnel Dogs are the B team of the Ultramarines.

    They have fought hard both on the field and politically to gain a higher standing within the chapter and have gained recognition in recent years. The Goal of Marcus Ra is and always has been for them to be registered as a real company and begin blessing the holy emperor with the souls of fresh enemies and not those who hide in holes.

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    The ultramarines are the least likely chapter in the entire universe to have an unregistered company!
    Apart from that it is a good idea.
    I don't see why you don't just make them a Chapter of their own with Ultramarine or Imperial Fist geneseed.
    They could be a small size still and only fight alongside other Chapters to clear out tunnels during or after Exterminatus.
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    Maybe have their geneseed have some flaw which results in abnormally large percentage of recruits dying during implantation. Because of this their chapter never grew bigger than one or two companies and many other chapters see them as a "second-rank" chapter, the faults in their geneseed proving that the chapter is on its way to early death.
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    Don't get me wrong here, I love love love the idea of a marine chapter specializing in subterranian warfare and ferreting out tough-to-dislodge enemies, but I think the way you're going about it is a bit wierd.

    Firstly, while it's nowhere near as offensive as 'my chapter is big and bad and awesome!', the 'B-Team' thing is kind of a stereotype in its own right and doesn't really make sense when it comes to space marines. Space marines, any space marines, are meant to be humanity's finest warriors who can go up against hordes of lesser combatants and win. There are no plucky underdog units when it comes to space marines, they're all superhuman killing machines, and I don't see why a unit which fights against monstrous creatures in tough, cramped and dangerous conditions where ambush is a constant possibility wouldn't need to be good.

    Secondly, the organization thing.. As mentioned, the whole 'unregistered company' thing makes no sense, especially when it comes to the ultramarines (who are, as mentioned, the most orthodox and 'by the book' chapter around). Your idea makes far far more sense as an ultramarines successor chapter, maybe one who suffered some major bad luck and is massively under-strength or is on a penitent crusade for some misdemeanour and hasn't recruited in ages if you're really determined to keep the small numbers thing.

    I also don't think you're getting the tithe system.. Space marines don't have money (what would they do with it?), they tithe a tiny portion of the gene-seed of fallen brothers to the adeptus mechanicus (not the techmarines) so that it can be reproduced through cloning and used to found more chapters in future and replace chapters which have been wiped out. Refusing to do that makes no sense.. it's not some personal moral code, without it there would be no new space marine chapters and space marines themselves would ultimately die out. That's a big deal, it's not something you shirk just in the interests of keeping a low profile.
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