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    Soviet Union Imperial Guard?

    hey there, I'm thinking about starting and Imperial Guard Army based around the soviet Union. I am in fact Russian, and i have always been interested int he history of the soviet union. Also, the Imperial Guard is really an army that demonstrates that "not one step back" discipline that the soviet union army had. Im planning to paint small red stars on the foreheads (or possible shoulders) of the guardsmen, and paints the hammer and sickle on tanks (inside a red star) and on the banners. I also plan to wear my new commisar hat with the soviet star on it to games and my local tournaments

    C&C is welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxdudemax View Post
    C&C is welcome.
    [insert Red Alert joke here]

    But seriously, the IG are already more Red Army than anything else. You're free to go nuts with the red stars and the hammer-and-sickle (maybe it's the heraldry of their founding world) but most of your work is done for you by the background fluff.

    As for the hat, I don't know if that's over the top, but it depends on if there are any easily offended Polish, Finnish or Ukrainian people hanging around.
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    Valhallans are the classic great coat Russians, Or if you fancy plastic men use Cadians.
    Consider using Chekov and Commissars to represent the not one step back and the into the meat grinder style of warfare
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