Hi, this is my story for a special character so far, I'm planning on writing more about his backgroung later but right now i'm looking for any opinions, improvements, any mistakes ect please

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Azzan The Indomitable

History during The Great Crusade
Azzan's history is long and full of war dating back to the start of the Great Crusade itself. He was one of the many marines bred from the human stock of Cthonia, assaigned to the 15th Company of the XVI legion. Like many of his bretheren in the legion, Azzan was present when the Primarch Horus finally took command of his legion, a monumental moment of their history met with celebration.

Azzan continued to prove his worth to his Captain during the early stages of the great crusade, eventually earning a place in the esteemed honor guard of the 15th Company. Azzan and his Captain continued to grow close to one another, fighting side by side for a decades together and their was a great deal of respect between the two.

This changed at the climax of the battle of Tandrilla

The Battle of Tandrilla

During the 90th year of the Great Crusade, The Luna Wolves began conquring the Jurnan sector from rebel forces. The original ressistance was pathetic and the Astartes were able to take back most of the sector within a month. Unfortunetly during the pacification of the final remnants of the rebels, a massive Ork Waaagh engulfed the entire sector, every planet was hit by the green tide and momentarily stopped the space marines momentum.

The 15th Company was already engaging rebel forces on Tandrilla when the Orks hit. The Honor Guard were called back to their strike cruiser to begin planning on how to wipe out the Orks. Detachments of 100 marines were sent to each of the four major cities of Tandrilla to defend the local populace. The rest were sent to multiple rally points across the east coast near the main Ork encampment.

Back onboard his strike cruiser, the Captain began studing maps of the Orks base attempting to find a perfect point of attack. Based on the early reconnisance of his scouts a simple but effective plan was formed. The Marines stationed at the cities were ordered to hold position while the rest of the Company were to form the bulk of their attack force while the honor guard formed the speartip.

The Attack force, comprising of roughly 190 Astartes and any remaining vehicles that were not recalled to help defend the cities, were to attack the very front of the Ork encampment in full force to draw as many of the greenskins away from their base so the Speartip could be inserted onto the Orks doorstep by Drop Pods.

The Luna Wolves made the unfortunet mistake of underestimating the number of greenskins that occupied the base, while the attack force did it's job marvelously there seemed to be no shortage of Orks, at the base or the forefront of the battle. The speartip realised this all too late as their drop pod doors opened and one of their numbers were cut down before he could set a step on the planets surface. They Lost another battle brother clearing the area of their insertion point.

The speartip began making their way to the biggest building they could find, assuming that that would be the location of the warboss, to put an end to this waaargh by removing the head, straight from Horus's handbook. The Honor guard lost anothe two of their battle brothers making their way to the designated building. Of course by this time the warboss was aware of the Astartes presence and met the honor guard head on outside of the building they appeared to be heading for.

The six remaining members of the honor guard and the Captian were just finishing off the remaining greenskins on the door step of the great building when they herd a massive thud and turned to see the warboss himself, atop the broken remains of battle brother Theadus. The Warboss activated his primitive jump pack and set his sights for the nearest marine he could find, which was incidentally Azzan himself.

Azzan steeled himself for the full force of the Warboss's attack, his powerfist crackling as he prepared himself for the fight of his life. Just a few moments passed as the warbose neared Azzan, he was almost face to face when The Captain brought his thunder hammer to bear against the gaint Ork sending it a few meters wide of Azzan.

The battle was long and hard, brother Tiren was split in half by the gaint power klaw of the Warboss in the early fighting and the Captain himself was badly wounded from a lucky hit by the warboss, unfortunetly it left a large gash in his armour with red blood pouring out of the crack. The Captain finally succumbing to his wounds new he wouldn't survive the battle and without him at full strenght it would cost the honor guard at least another two lives before they will fell the Warboss, not wanting his men to be lost pointlessly, pulled a krak grenade from his belt and activated it, he charged the mad Ork head on and latched onto him, mustering his remaing strenght to maintain his grip on the warboss, activated the grenade.

A massive cloud of visera surrounded the honor guard as they fell back, Azzan was in a state of shock losing his superior and one of his closest battle brothers in one moment, fell to his knees. As brother brother Danellus helped Azzan back to his feet, Hulma began screaming into his vox for support and emergency extraction, unfortunetly most air support was engaging enemy airunits or supporting the main cities. They couldn't risk sending in a thunderhawk while the area was still hot.

A special unit comprising of two Land Raiders, a Predator and several squads of Marines Incluiding Terminators Taken from the attack force to pull the remaining honor guard out of the base. As they began their march towards the honor guard, they began to fall back to a small hut for cover as Azzan began purposfully collecting the remains of his Captain, intending to bring them back for the legion. Azzan finally made his way into the hut with the Captain in his clutches, he placed his remains in the center of the hut and just stood over them, intent on stopping any greenskins from taking them.

As the Orks began breaching the walls of the hut, a massive shell hit the northen wall and sent brother Hulma to the floor as a green tide began pouring throug the gap. Hulma stopped moving as the Orks began choppping him with their war axes. For what seemed like an eternity, Azzan and his brothers held the line infront of their Captain, until eventually relief in the form of a gigantic Land Raider smashed through the western wall and crushed hundreds of the Orks under it's mighty treads and created a protective wall of bonded adamantium and ceramite between the Astartes and the Orks.

As the Honor Guard boared the side ramp the Terminators began engaging the greenskins in close combat to buy time. The Land Raider Crew was shocked to discover the remains of thier Captain being brought into the mighty metal beast. The Land Raider pulled back to a safe extraction zone while the rest of the squad began a steady retreat holding the Orks back for the Land Raider.