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    My Eldar Craftworld fluff: Craftworld Kael-Zar

    Thought I'd post some new Eldar fluff to go with my new Eldar colour scheme:

    The Craftworld Kael-Zar was created at the height of the Eldar empire, when the Eldar race had mastered the stars, and had not yet fallen to degeneracy, as they would in years to come. During this time the Eldar were a curious and ambitious race, ever eager to explore and understand the cosmos, of which they considered themselves the rightful rulers. Certain factions within the Eldar, however, had other obsessions. They pondered long and fruitlessly over the question of origin: where had the Eldar come from? how was it that they had advanced so rapidly? Studying ancient Eldar myths regarding the War in Heaven and scattered records of the dread wars against the C'Tan and their Necron servants, these Eldar scholars sought answers to their questions in the rumours concerning the fabled lost race, The Old Ones, who some said had created the Eldar to act as pyschic warriors in the war with the C'Tan. In a quest to further uncover the truth, the Eldar craftworld of Kael-Zar, along with some of the Eldar's finest minds, scientists and psykers, bonesingers and warriors, left on a voyage deep beyond the bounds of the Eldar Empire, to the ancient and distant Halo Stars where, it was said, the remnants of the Old Ones had retreated after the War in Heaven.

    The voyage was long and treacherous, for the Eldar had to venture beyond the webway and use the (comparatively) slow and dangerous process of warp travel to reach their destination. Over the course of centuries, Kael-Zar explored hundreds of ancient stars and long-forgotten worlds on the galactic rim, seeing many wonders- and terrors- along the way. Of the old ones, though, there was no sign. Only ancient ruins lying abandoned on worlds long dead.

    While far from the heart of the Eldar Empire during The Fall, the impact of the cataclysmic event was felt even on Kael-Zar. Although the psychic scream that tore through the galaxy was only a distant whisper to the Kael-Zar Eldar, still it shook them to their very core. The Craftworld was divided; many wished to return home, to see for themselves the destruction wrought by the birth of Slaanesh, and aid any Eldar that may have survived; but others, tormented by visions emanating from the Eye of Terror, wished to retreat from the galaxy altogether, a futile attempt to escape the Doom that had descended upon the Eldar race. Eventually, the issue was decided with blood; a brief but violent civil war ensued, and the victors decided to plot a course for home.

    It took another century for the Eldar of Kael-Zar to return, for the warp had grown even more deadly thanks to the Fall. The Eldar of Kael-Zar were forced to contend with warp demons, fleeing Ork fleets, and worst of all, mad, bloodthirsty, piratical bands of Eldar. In response, a strong warrior culture was fostered on Kael-Zar, and almost all Eldar of the Craftworld tread the Path of the Warrior in their youth. The Kael-Zar Eldar are suspicious of other Eldar craftworlds, as they consider them tainted by chaos- a taint that the Kael-Zar believe that they have escaped, given their distant position at the time of the fall. This mistrust is mutual, however. Many Eldar believe that the Kael-Zar Eldar have not told the full story regarding their explorations of the edge of space, and that they uncovered some dread knowledge in the worlds of the Halo Stars that they are loath to share with others. What exactly this "dread knowledge" is, however, none can say.

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    That's good fluff. I like the way you have your Eldar set up as explorers. The way they also distrust other Eldar helps to give them some personality of their own outside common Eldar fluff. The bit about them maybe having some dark secret is good. It sounds like they might know something very important in the 40K universe but you've avoided trying to say what it is which is good. It means you aren't trying to re-write the background but still playing with it. Reppy for good fluff.

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