I dunno, this seemed the best place to post this...

alright, so i want to hear your guys' reaction to an idea i had for a bit in my novella i'm working on ( in which most of my other fluff i've posted here will also appear)

I havent figured out most of the names yet, but it's set in the kronus expanse. the antagonist will be a renegade bishop/hierophant/prophet/whatever whe has the theory that since the eldar look so human, they must be converted. (hence, the 'heretic' designation) since the eldar will of course be opposed to such a course of action, he will have hired a heretek to chemically and hypnotically brainwash them (giving his a chance to look at the brain makeup of a xenos species) the rogue trader entourage/inquisitorial cadre/deathwatch kill-team will first go through a horde of devotees serving the priest before a showdown with him and his brainwashed warriors, possible having to conduct an investigation beforehand.

questions, comments, ideas?