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    The Host aka Order Marines (lost primarch/new army)

    I had this idea after reading the latest HH series book, "First Heretic" Also I've wanted to do something with a lost primarch and really open up my models to conversion. I have lots of SM, CSM and other race models & bits. Anyway here is a story about The Host aka Order Marines.
    “During the early parts of the Great Crusade, the Emperor came to a world that was very peaceful and industrious. They believed in balance in all things. They knew about the immaterial universe, but did not see it as evil or good. They looked up to, but not worshiped, a great pantheon of so called “gods.” They saw the “Gods” not as something to be worshiped but as the end result of study, work and meditation. There was one teacher among them that seemed to be more enlightened. Michael recognized his father immediately and swore allegiance to him. He did not see him as a god, but an even more advanced enlightened being. The Emperor promised him that Michael would be his herald and bring truth to the universe.
    He and his people joined the great crusade as the 2nd Legion. They had much success in bringing worlds into their belief system, but this did not always fall into how the other legions deemed “compliant.” Cults or churches would still be allowed but they became institutions of higher learning. None were either good or bad, they just were and all races have the same potential of enlightenment.
    Word came to the Terra of what these worlds were doing. The Emperor visited the 2nd legion and chastised Michael. Claiming he was being too lenient and all evil should be purged. Michael retreated back to his home world to contemplate what the Emperor had said. He began to see the true nature of the Imperium and how they had all been deceived by the Emperor and that the Immaterial world was not evil by nature. He knew of some of the “Evil” gods but also about some “Good” ones. He decided to align himself with the teachings of the “good” enlightened beings and set out back among the stars.
    Word got back to the Emperor that Michael was targeting already compliant worlds and bringing them the truth of the universe. This truth is that the Emperor was a great Deceiver and falsely leading men astray as well as destroying other races and denying them enlightenment.
    All the legions available were sent to intercept them and bring them to stand before the Emperor for judgment, but Michael received word in a vision and vanished into the immaterium, never to be seen again.
    The Emperor decreed that Michael’s name should never be spoken of again and his home world should be purged as well as all records.
    10k years later a great host of space marine’s have been rumored to be teaching a new “Truth” and spreading quickly among the Eastern fringe. They seem to be using all manner of weapons and creatures and that a Primarch is at the head of it.”
    For more info with their background, they don't believe in machine spirits. They have no problem of using weapons from other races. Kind of a mix between the Ancients on SG1 & Jedi. I also didn't want to be specifically christian themed, but just something opposite chaos. I called them The Host as in The Host of Heaven, but not 100% on that name. Maybe something simple like "Order" Even though they believe all races are equal, they will fight when provoked.

    Rules wise they can use either the SM or CSM Codex, depending on how they army is composed. They have chaplains & librarians, but also employ Angels & other celestial beings (using deamon stats)

    If I use the SM Codex I won’t use and daemons or anything off the CSM list. But If I use the CSM list here is what the Counts as stats would be.
    Primarch Michael = Demon Prince
    Seraphim = Greater Demons
    Angels = Lesser Demons
    Cherubim = Spawn

    All the marks would have different “good” gods names. I would just need to track down some similar sized models and put it together.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on models?

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    personally i like this idea its creative. i kinda like picturing this angelic army fighting chaos but the only problem is your basically a 3rd party army your like Eldar and could go either way. that i know is larely debateable but thats just my opinion. i would if i used this army would picture something more like legion of the damed and have angel allies come help the 'Order' in battle that would have more restricions to them but that way it could be a more mixed force

    to my orginal point i like this fluff

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