Hi All,

Am starting an Imperial Guard army and want to pass it around 'Ravens Flight' Audio book and the Princept Valarius from Pherion/Therion/Ferion.

The reason Iam posting is I am struggling to find out information about any of it, I was going to use a lord commissar model and some green stuff to model the red sash and black cape that is characterised in the audio book, but from there am stumped.

Does anyone have any fluff/knowledge of this ? As was thinking of creating the 1st Regiment of Deliverance, the imperial guard regiment created to support the destroyed raven guard after the drop pod massacre on Isstavan 5.

Can anyone offer any guiding light?

P.S reason why want to model this particular army is that I also have a small force of Raven Guard and the Imp Guard is my second force.