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    Battles of the blood knights

    This is a new piece of fluff I've just finished for my spacemarines chapter the Blood Knights and I'd like to hear what you think of it. It's a bit of a long one so if you get board and can't be bothered to read all of it, don't worry I won't take it personally. But if you do read it all and say it's bad I'll find you and kill you with a rabid weasel.

    Wolfgang Feur is a character based on Gabrial Seth from the BA codex.


    Wolfgang Feur was recruited as a child from the under hives of Negumo. Only thirteen years old he was already the leader of a vicious gang of hive scum, unusually large for his age and psychotically violent, he ruled through fear and intimidation. When the Blood Knights rounded up his gang for recruitment he was seen as an ideal candidate.

    Wolfgangs unshakable courage and brutal fury on the battlefield quickly gained him the respect and admiration of his brother marines and a long list of battle honours. As his glory and distinction grew it was only a matter of time until he advanced in rank, after only sixty-three years service as a full battle brother he was promoted to rank of sergeant in the Lancers. In his roll as sergeant he demonstrated his skill and aptitude for the roll of leader many times, becoming an inspiring figure of strength and courage to his men.

    After two-hundred and nine years of service he earned the rank of captain of the Claymores, battle company of the Blood Knights.


    Near the end of M41 the Blood Knights received an astropathic distress call from a colony under attack by traitor marines. When they arrived at the scene they spotted a light cruiser heading away from the planet, it was the vessel of the small chaos war band, the Black Rippers. The traitors has finished their raid on the colony and were heading for the nearest jump point on the outskirts of the system. The Blood Knights launched a swift assault against the cruiser, a small fleet of Thunderhawk gunships swarmed the vessel and launched multiple boarding actions. Over the millennia the Blood Knights had become masters of the boarding action, the Paladins, the chapters dedicated terminator company boarded the cruiser and launched their attack with ruthless efficiency. The Paladins had two objectives, half of the boarding parties headed aft for the engineering section and half headed directly for the top of the ship to find and kill the commanders. Nothing could stop the oncoming terminators, the ships defenders either fled or were slaughtered where they stood. With nothing able to stop them the Paladins quickly reached their objectives, with the ships engines crippled and their commanders killed the Black Rippers lost all hope and fled for their lives, scrambling for strike craft and escape pods they rushed to abandon ship and save themselves.

    As the Blood Knights Thunderhawks and Stormravens swooped down on the fleeing escape pods and small enemy strike craft with ruthless fury, the marines onboard the captured vessel took stock of the situation. Upon searching the ship they found large holds full of captured slaves taken from the Black Rippers raids, stockpiles of looted goods of all descriptions and several cowering survivors that had been left behind in the rush to abandon ship. The captured survivors were taken aboard the Blood Knights starfortress to be tortured for information before being executed.

    Among the many secrets sifted from the screams of the captured traitors was information about something called the skull harvest. They learned that the skull harvest is a festival which takes place upon the world of New Badab. It is a competition held by the master of the Red Corsairs, the foul traitor, the Tyrant of Badab, Huron Blackheart. Many xenos races, renegades, pirates, mercenaries and Chaos warbands gather to take part in the skull harvest. Each group sends forth champions to fight to the death till only the best 3 remain. These warriors fight in a free-for-all arena, until the strongest among them triumphs. The skulls of the losers go the decorate Blackhearts throne while the winner becomes the leader of all the collective warbands, as well as receiving recognition from Blackheart and a temporary honour fleet.

    Once they believed they had extracted all the information they could from the prisoners, the traitors skulls were taken for one of the trophy walls and the mangled corpses were vented into the void with the rest of the waste matter. Chapter master Kane and his counsel of advisors discussed the matter in great detail, they learned from the prisoners that the world of New Badab was located deep within the Maelstrom, it was also the home of a huge fortress surrounded by a frightful armada of guns. In addition to that, the Black Rippers were en route to take part in the skull harvest, this meant that in addition to the standing fleet of the Red Corsairs there would be another large fleet present at the planet. If the Blood Knights gathered enough support from other Imperial forces they could take the planet in a frontal assault but the danger of moving such a large force through the Maelstrom was to great a risk. If they waited until the skull harvest was over and the visiting fleet left the planet would become an easier target, less ships would be needed for an assault and chances of moving a smaller fleet safely through the Maelstrom were improved but this would mean allowing a powerful and dangerous warband to escape.

    Not wanting to let such a threat escape, a plan was devised. The Blood Knights had long ago adopted the rolls of pirates and raiders against the enemies of the Emperor, during the time of isolation they were forced to resort supply raids against the Orks just to survive. After the time of isolation they resorted to pirate tactics against traitors and renegades to restock their armoury with the weapons and equipment they had lost. Because of this the Blood Knights possess armour of many different models and styles taken from different sources, in appearance the Blood Knights look no different from a band of traitors with armour and equipment cobbled together from raids and attacks on loyalist marines.

    It was decided that a company of Blood Knights would go to New Badab and take part in the skull harvest. Captain Feur and the Claymores were chosen for the mission, their armour was painted in new colours, the strike cruiser Vengeful Dagger had it's hull painted to cover the Imperial symbols that adorned it and they set off for the Maelstrom. Once they arrived at New Badab the strike cruiser was approached by a small pirate fleet demanding identification, captain Feur identified himself as Silas Keep of the Night Reavers and indicated he was here to take part in the skull harvest. They were told to power down all weapons and shields and they would be escorted to dock, any failure to comply and they would be destroyed. Wolfgang didn't doubt the threat so he lowered his shields and powered down his weapons.

    Once their ship was docked the Blood Knights were invited down to the planet to take part in the events of the skull harvest. On the planets surface Wolfgang registered himself in the competition and was lead away to where the fighters awaited their matches. All around him were monsters, traitors and abominations, he struggled to hold back his hate and disgust, fortunately, most of the people there were just as full of hate and anger for their own reasons so it didn't make him stand out. Once he arrived there was little time to stand around, everyone there was eager for blood shed and Feurs first match began moments after he arrived.

    His first opponent was a champion of Khorne, a hulking berserker that towered over Feur, wielding a two-handed chainaxe, he charged at Feur swinging the monstrous weapon above his head. The crowd roared in anticipation, they expected to see Wolfgangs blood stain the sand at any moment. Wolfgang cracked a small smile as the berserker charged towards him, just as it seemed the traitor scum was about to cleave him in two Feur swung his weapon at the charging berserker, the swing was direct and obvious, and amateur could have seen it coming and blocked it but when the berserker tried to block it he was lifted off his feet by the violent force of the impact. Wolfgang wielded a true weapon of terror, a monstrous two-handed chainsword called the claws and fangs of violation, and he was able to wield this snarling beast as though it was a mere combat blade.

    The berserker blocked the swing with the adamantium shaft of his axe when he was lifted of his feet and thrown across the arena by the inhuman force of the blow. As he picked himself up he noticed that he was holding the axes handle but the head was on the ground several feet away, the blow had had cut all the way through the adamantium shaft making the axe useless. The berserker ran back towards Feur drawing a combat blade and screaming a fierce war-cry as Wolfgang raised his weapon and swung, the blade impacted his left arm, the teeth ripping strait through his power armour, the blade passes strait through his arm and into his torso, blood curdling screams of pain filled the air as the claws and fangs of violation continued on its path strait through the berserkers body, exiting on the other side. The force of the blow caused the berserkers body to go flying off in several directions, and a shower of blood reined down on the arena sand.

    For several days the matches went on, Wolfgang continued to cut his way through one opponent after another as the crowd screamed with excitement. When it came time for the last match of the skull harvest Feur found himself standing in the arena facing his final two opponents. One was an Eldar in black armour carrying a long slender weapon, Feur had seen several of his matches, the xeno scum used some witchery to vanish before his opponents eyes, he would then strike silently from a distance. The other was a puss stained plague marine, his foul bloated form, covered in oozing wounds seemed laughable as a threat but Wolfgang knew better, he had seen his kind before and he had seen this one fight. He was slow and ponderous but seemed indestructible, nothing any of his opponents threw at him could bring him down and he was surrounded by a swarm of flies with freakish mutated faces that would fly towards any enemy that got to close and explode in their face.

    All three of them stood ready, the moment the signal rang they burst into action. The Eldar vanished in an instant, the other two had expected this so they both opened fire on the spot he was standing the moment the signal sounded, even if they couldn't see him they thought they might be able to hit him if they acted fast enough but it was of no use. Wolfgang knew what was coming, even as he opened fire with his bolt-pistol he was already running for cover. The moment the plague marine realized he couldn't hit the Eldar he switched targets, Feur narrowly avoided a volley of bolter rounds in the back when he dove behind cover. The plague marine began moving around the cover, letting off short bursts of bolter fire to make Feur keep his head down. Feur had seen the filthy traitor take hits from weapons a lot bigger than his bolt-pistol and keep going without even slowing down so he knew his side-arm wasn't going to do the job. He waited until the plague marine was almost on top of him, when the traitor was close enough Feur threw two frag grenades at his feet, they didn't do any real harm to diseased abomination but they cleared away the swarm of flies for a moment and created a dust cloud providing cover as Feur charged. Wolfgang took a hit in the torso and one in the leg but it was okay, his armour held up, the bolter rounds took a few chunks of ceramite off him but no real harm. He drove the tip of his chainsword into the plague marines torso, running him through, as the putrid fluids of the traitors body spurted out Wolfgang felt sick, he was about to draw his weapon out of the filthy pile of diseased meat when to his surprise the plague marine raised his bolter and was about to blow Feurs head off. In an instant Feur raised his hand to nock away the barrel of the gun before he lost his head, then, tightening his grip on the hilt of his sword he he raised the blade vertically up through the plague marines body and strait through his head, splitting it from chin to scalp.

    The Eldar watched silently as the plague marine fell dead to the ground just as he had planned, he intended the two of them to fight each other then he would pick off the winner. He had Feur in his sights, he was aiming directly for the marines exposed head, he thought to himself for a moment "The fool should have wore a helmet, that exposed head is an easy target." He put the cross-hairs right over Wolfgangs eye and silently pulled the trigger, Wolfgang had no chance of avoiding the shot, the Eldar thought it was all over when a sudden flash of white light seemed to cover the marine, before he had time to react a volley of bolt-pistol rounds was flying towards his position. Feurs iron halo had saved him, a veil of pure white light had shrouded his body and blocked the shot from the hidden Eldar. The moment the Eldar pulled the trigger Feur knew his approximate position, after spraying the area with pistol fire he heard a scream. He saw a small cloud of sand kick up into the air as though something had just hit the ground in that spot, then he saw a small pool of blood forming in the sand. He changed the clip in his pistol and kept firing as he moved towards the spot, the Eldar was still invisible but he could see the chunks of armour and flesh exploding outward as the mass-sensitive warheads of his bolts detonated.

    Whatever xeno witchery had kept the Eldar hidden suddenly failed and Feur could now see what was left of his enemy, he had been unsure of the creatures condition while it was still invisible so he just kept shooting until he was shure it was dead, after emptying several clips into it, what was left couldn't be called a corpse, the shredded, mangled, torn, half liquefied pile of bloody meat lay there on the arena floor soaking into the sand.

    The crowd roared with cheers, the skull harvest was over and Silas Keep was the champion and the leader of the new warband. All of the assembled traitors, xenos, mercenaries and pirates swore their loyalty to their new leader and Huron Blackheart granted him his recognition and loan of a temporary honour fleet to aid him in his first attack. It was expected of the winner to lead his new warband on an attack right away to unite the new allies and prove his worth as a leader, any champion unable to do this could never hold the warband together and would likely be killed and replaced by one of the other faction leaders.

    Captain Feur and the Blood Knights had come prepared, they had already selected a target and drawn up a plan of attack before they had even set off for the Maelstrom. The target was the Druaga system, an Imperial system with one inhabited hive world. Druaga prime was wealthy and prosperous planet, it was quite well defended but the Blood Knights had detailed information on their defences and weaknesses and a detailed plan of attack. The plan they presented seemed to offer the chance for great riches for little risk, the entire warband supported the plan and the fleet set off for the Druaga system within the week.

    The fleet exited the warp and approached the planet, they had detailed information about the planets defences and their weaknesses and expected Druaga prime to be an unsuspecting target just waiting to be plundered. They were extremely surprised when they saw three extra moons orbiting the planet than there should be, they were even more surprised when they detected a huge fleet of Ork kill-kruzers heading towards them. In a half panicked and shocked voice captain Feur sent a message to the entire fleet "It's an ambush, attack, attack!" As the two fleets collided with each other chaos filled the sky and bright red fire balls erupted in flashes of colour as ships from both sides exploded.

    As the warband fleet approached the planet the Blood Knights strike cruiser was located on the outer edge of the fleet, when the battle began it posed no problems for the Vengeful Dagger to slip away unnoticed. The strike cruiser headed away from the battle towards the far side of the systems sun where another small fleet was waiting out of sight from Druaga prime and the two fleets fighting above it. The Blood Knights mighty starfortress Heavens Vengeance, the Astartes battle barge Lamenters Blood and twelve strike cruisers were lying in wait, prepared to join the battle and finish off any survivors.

    When captain Feur presented his plan for the attack on Druaga prime he didn't mention that three years ago the planet had been taken by a large scale Ork invasion. Three space-hulks carrying several million Orks had dropped out of the warp, settled into orbit and launched an invasion of the planet. The Blood Knights had attempted to drive back the green tide but it was hopeless, they were completely overwhelmed by the Orks numbers and the planet fell. When they realised they had no hope for victory the Blood Knights tried their best to hold back the Orks until most of the planets population could evacuate bit it was in vain. The planet had a population numbering in the hundreds of billions, the planet just couldn't be held long enough to evacuate them all and hundreds of billions of the Emperors loyal subjects were left to be either killed or enslaved by the Orks. The Blood Knights were enraged by the defeat and ashamed that they failed to save the people of Druaga as they had promised, and so, they swore they would return and right this wrong as soon as they were able.

    The battle between the warband and the Orks lasted for several hours, a huge debris field littered the planets orbit, much of the warband fleet had fled and the rest were destroyed. The Orks had won the battle but it had taken a heavy toll, hundreds of their ships had been destroyed. As the Ork ships returned to their docking bays inside the huge space-hulks a fleet of Thunderhawk gunships swooped in, their approach went unnoticed as they used the debris field for cover and they opened fire on the docking bays. Stuck on the ground the Orks ships were helpless as hell-strike missiles and Thunderhawk-cannon fire ripped into the docking bays and destroyed everything inside. The ships had just landed and were vulnerable near the surface, any reserves the Orks may have had deeper inside the space-hulks may have been protected from the attack but they were now useless, with the launch bays full of flaming wreckage nothing could be deployed.

    Boarding torpedoes and assault rams slammed into the surface of the space-hulks and unloaded their cargo of marines. Knowing they would be out numbered hundreds of thousands to one inside the space-hulks they had prepared in advance. The chapters apothecaries had developed a lethal poison, the chapters marines had received treatment to immunize them against the toxin but it was deadly to everything else. The marines onboard the space-hulks carried modified flamers designed to spray a cloud of deadly poison instead of a spray of promethium. They also carried large vats of the toxin with explosive charges able to spread the poison throughout the entire structure if detonated in the right place. Each of the boarding parties made their way into the depth of the space-hulks and set up the charges, once the charges detonated clouds of toxic gas filled the space-hulks and every single Ork inside died a choking death.

    While the cleansing of the space-hulks went on the chapters fleet of Thunderhawks and Stormravens launched bombing runs on the planets surface defences. With the bulk of the Ork fleet destroyed the Blood Knights were able to achieve complete air superiority, targeting missile silos and anti air gun emplacements, they destroyed the only remaining threats capable of shooting their ships down. Although there were still millions of Orks on the planets surface and using the poison on a large scale was impossible if they wanted to rescue the enslaved human population, the Blood Knights now had total air superiority and with it, the ultimate high ground advantage.

    Making full use of their advantage the Blood Knights began exterminating the Ork population infesting the planet with a series of high altitude and orbital assaults. With absolute freedom of movement they were able to strike from the skies where the Orks were most vulnerable then fallback before they had a chance to retaliate, then striking again from a completely different direction. They offered the Orks no opportunity to defend themselves, with no defined battle lines the Orks couldn't make use of their numbers to overwhelm the enemy, the Blood Knights could strike at will any target they liked. Anywhere the Orks position was to strong they would strike at weaker targets all around it until they drew the Orks out, if the Orks marched to face them in one location they would strike from completely the opposite direction.

    Segmentum command had sent an Imperial guard regiment to help recapture the planet nine months after the invasion started, after one year the Ork population had been reduced to a scattered remnant and the people of Druaga prime celebrated their freedom.

    Once the planet was firmly in the Emperors hands once again the Blood Knights exited the system to comtinus on their eternal crusade against the enemies of man kind.

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    I love all your fluff, it inspires me to write some about my hive Fleet. Not as good as yours though. You covered all the main factors and it was a good read, thanks! (Sorry I had to point this out, first line bored not board, besides form that it was good )

    Edit: Im going to write some fluff write now. Dam you >.<
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