This is my fourth army i have built so far...after salvaging a lots of spur, bitz and other find thru hobby shop and nets

I have massed close to being a company...or understrength of a company...i think.

5x 10 man Tactical squad(bolt only)
3x 5 men packless assualt squad(p-pistol)
3x 6 men assualt squad(powerfist/p-pistol)
1x 5 men scout(appear to be s-gun)
1x 5 men terminator
3x rhino
4x razor
1x drop
1x LR redeemer
random stuff
4x model with Missle
4x model with p-gun
6x model with melta
2x terminator with h-flamer

1) Is there an existing chapter which i can base my company on that is close to what i have?
2) Is there a limits on how many dread can be in a company in the AA codax?

I don't want to take the time...and i am lazy on fluffy stuff to make a chapter up, but will make it some kind of chapter that rarely use heavy vehicle...maybe a space-faring/boarding action chapter.