Hey folks, here's some fluff on my homebrew chapter the Ghosts of Calthia, opinions welcomed!


Calthia, a world deep valleys and tall mountains of blue stone and white snow on the outer rim of the Ultima Segmentum, a world of razor winds and immeasurably high drops. A world that breeds a hardy people, a people whose resemblance to their world is uncanny for they grow tall in the low gravity, skin as blue as ice.

Such is the gravity of Calthia that to leap from the highest mountains is suicide, only to those who don’t know how to survive, to the huntsmen of the highest settlements aerial acrobatics and swooping falls are second nature. A Calthian hunter thinks nothing of diving from a mountain top, chasing the great birds that swoop and dive below the mountains tops, falling hundreds of meters unaided to land as lightly as a storm trooper with a gravchute might in Terras gravity.

It’s this lifestyle, the fearlessness and dare devil attitude it breeds into the hunters that made them such good recruits for the Adeptus Astartes of the Imperial fists chapter, and this is why the Defenders of Calthia chapter was formed.

Matters of honour on Calthia were taken very seriously, a disagreement would traditionally be resolved in ‘the winds embrace’ a form of falling duel which sees both combatants throw themselves form the highest peak with nothing but their blade, here a furious mid air duel would take place to first blood (for death would be a waste of a hunter).

The defenders of Calthia

A chapter formed from the hunting societies of the highest mountain peaks the Defenders were a chapter dare devils, fearless aerial combatants using techniques developed over generations of high altitude hunting. It was this background, this aptitude for aerial combat that made the Defenders of Calthia among the finest aerial assault forces in the Imperium, daring high altitude assaults by jump pack or gravchute were the hallmark of the chapter, dozens of warriors descending on wings of fire with a skill borne of generations.

For these reasons the chapter consisted almost entirely of jump pack troops, even drop pods were frowned upon, for they took away the rush, the experience of the freefall that all Calthians so long for. Even the scouts of the Calthian chapter launched aerial assaults, descending on the battlefield by gravchute with surgical precision, falling upon forward positions where other chapters’ scouts would infiltrate.
It is also for this reason that the chapter has almost no vehicles bar land speeders (and even these are few and far between) and famously no dreadnoughts, a warrior of Calthia would rather die than be entombed where he could never again feel the thrill of falling through an alien atmosphere.

Weapons of the chapter

The Calthian chapter are also known to refuse the use of any melee weapon not made upon Calthia, in place of chain swords the chapters assault marines carry ‘Galdash’ long smooth edged 2 handed blades traditionally used by the hunters, wielded 1 handed by the Astartes. In place of power fists and power weapons they wield ‘Gal’varash’ huge 2 handed pole-arms with massively heavy powered blade capable of cutting a foe in half or rending the armour of a battle tank

The first fall

Not 6 centuries after the chapters founding all 892 marines returned to Calthia, reports had reached the chapter of daemonic incursion, warp beasts filled the air around the peaks, the hunter tribes fighting a desperate battle for survival, claimed the ground colonies had been overwhelmed in hours.

And so it was that the chapter once again took to the skies of their home world, desperate aerial battle was met between the slavering flying daemons of the warp and the blue armoured warriors of the Defenders of Calthia, hundreds of warriors fell from the sky, scything through the daemonic horde, desperate aerial duels took place, daemons shredded by bolter fire or torn apart by blades, warriors torn to pieces and cast aside by razor sharp claws and needle like teeth. Chapter master Auridus ‘The Sky lord’ fought a deadly duel with a winged champion of Khorne, eventually dashing the beasts against the jagged blue rock of his home world.

The defenders fought and slew, the daemons no match for the Astartes in this familiar environment and yet, no matter how many were slain more came, for weeks the chapter fought slowly bleeding itself dry and the daemons showed no sign of weakening. It was with a heavy heart that Auridus called upon the Ordo Malleus, how he raged when a decision of exterminatus was reached, indeed his brothers were forced to drag him away to stop him slaying the very inquisitor who had been sent to help.

The Inquisitor ordered the chapter to leave immediately so exterminatus could be enacted, this was an order Auridus and the chapter had no trouble disobeying, instead they began a series of daring aerial extractions, determined to save as many of their people as possible, heavy lifters and troop carriers descended among flocks of jump pack warriors who sacrificed themselves to buy the populace time to board. In all a mere 7000 were saved bringing the total Calthian survives to 7597 including the Astartes themselves.

7597 people watched in muted horror as their world was torn asunder 7597 people vowed to make the cursed beasts of the warp pay for what they did. It was on this day that the Astartes re-painted their armour ghost white and the chapter was renamed ‘Ghosts of Calthia’

To this day the chapter fight to avenge their world, maintaining the traditions of aerial combat and daredevil spirit of Calthia but the chapter is not the same though its members retain the light hearted humour that’d always made them seem more human than most chapters it now thinly masks a deeper feeling of great sorrow, intense anger and unyielding determination. The warriors of the chapter fight as men possessed, they’ve nothing left to loss and only one goal, to make the denizens of the warp take notice, to make them bleed.