This is some fluff about my Space Wolves army, it is actually very interesting.

It is a sector of Great Company number 3, sucked into the Warp, and then spit out 2100 years later. The Wolf Lord from this chapter, Sigmundr Nidhogg, walked out of his cruiser extremely confused, because a Wolf Lord had already replaced him, as he was presumed dead.

The new Wolf Lord, wanting to cover this up, told Sigmundr that if he recaptured Thoth, a desert world that had been virus bombed during the Macharian Crusade, he would become Wolf Lord of the 3rd Great Company. However, those virus bombs have now likely worn off after 600 years, and, suspects that Chaos worshippers have returned to Thoth.

Sigmundr, being a proud Wolf Lord, accepted this challenge. He riled his crew, including Rune Priest Forseti Einherjar, and hopped on a Space Hulk for the trip to Thoth. This Space Hulk was required to make a trip to Mars after dropping Sigmundr and his troops off. Carrying 15 Space Wolf-built Razorbacks, all needing to be fixed for weak hulls, the Space Hulk set off.

Now, the trip from Fenris to Thoth is a long one, so the Iron Priests accompanying the Space Wolves decided to start fixing the Razorbacks up as they went along their trip. They could only finish 5 before Thoth came into view.

As they neared landing, a huge anti-air cannon belonging to the Night Lords blew a hole in the Space Hulk, killing the pilots, the crew, 6 Iron Priests, as well all the Wolf Priests accompanying Nidhogg. The space hulk explosion completely destroyed the Razorbacks with weak hulls, and severely damaged the good Razorbacks, save 2.

Emerging from the wreckage, Sigmund and Forseti looked around Thoth. Commanding his troops, and the one remaining Iron Priest to repair the Razorbacks, he looked across the arid desert.

This was going to be a long mission.

Well, that was my fluff. Hope you like it!