A while ago I posted the fluff for my Eldar, that they were warriors breaking free from the warp under the guidance of Eldrath Ulthran at important moments in history. They survived after being sucked into the warp during different battles due to the strength of their psychic abilities and will power as their spirit stones bent warp space around them. Long enough for Eldrad to collect these strong warriors stones and bring fourth their remnant who are now naught but ghosts.

This is an attempted fluff story piece I thought of after a single guardsman in one of my games stood his ground against Eldrad and his unit after passing a double 1 leadership long enough for another unit to arrive. Tell me what you think and be honest thanks.

Glow strips stuttered throwing sharp menacing shadows along the walls while dust pattered down gently at odds with the hectic motion about him. Private Brill Motlock shuffled on at a fast pace along with the rest of his squad. Their forest green armour proudly displayed the symbols of Cadia. Usually those symbols were enough to steel his nerves but this time it was different. This time they were fighting shadows. Three weeks they had been under attack and yet they had not set their eyes upon the enemy. Young with a sharp handsome face and regal features he had always been so sure and confident. However when entire armoured divisions simply disappeared confidence begins to ebb. Sergeant Horatio Cain urged them on as their boots meet the cobble stones of the drill grounds. Smoke hazed the air and sharp buzzing seemed to come from everywhere, after being in over twenty actions he knew it was weapons fire echoing along the walls of the drill ground but this was not a weapon he had heard before. Their was shouting all over, the crack of las weapons echoed in the air as auto cannon mounts stuttered. He was sure that at least half of them fired into the night in vain hopes of hitting something. It struck him as funny that they should be surrounded by the shadow of night yet never see the shadows that had haunted this place.
Before anyone could loose an warning a bright antic flash preceded an overpressure wave that hurled him from his feet, skidding to a halt amongst strewn debris he cried out as fire crawled up the nerves of his left side. As much as he wanted to he could not move. Bodies were strewn all around and none of them were stirring. Breathing was hard and he could feel blood trickling from his ears. Sounds were muffled but he could still make out no screams. Could he be all that’s left? Was all that went through his mind. For the first time he saw the shadows, they were enough to down out the screaming of pain in his mind. It felt like he watched them from underwater. Their movements were fast but incredibly gracefully, not sharp in motion but fluid like each had no bones but flowed from motion to motion. Their armour was a bluish grey matching the shadows around them and their seemed to his eyes somewhat blurred. He could almost swear that even as they flowed smokily from one position to another that when they held still they were solid yet at the same time they were a mist. An ethereal flame seemed to seep from the eye lenses of their helms which sprouted manes of the same colour. A bright gem glowing lazily through the smoke sat upon their chests. The mist these warriors were made of seemed to centre around this as if it held them together or that its from where they amerged.
Through the smoke one emerged in flowing robes of pure mist. His gem held a strength to it that made Brill wonder if it could ever be put out. As if sensing his gaze it turned towards him, no eyes were their but that blue fire seeping from the eye sockets yet he felt as if he could see into its soul. A soul so old and pained that tears began to prick his eyes. Slowly it strode to him and placed a hand so cold it made his gasp upon his forehead. Unbidden images jumped to his mind, layouts, people, places all rushed past until one image came to rest in his mind. The cargo of ancient tech they were guarding till mechanicus ships could arrive floated upon his mind and a certainty he could not place made him feel the danger of these objects. “Wh..who are you?” . The question escaped his lips as a whisper barely louder that a breath. The thing this creature looked into his eyes and images came to his mind once more but these were not from his memory. A floating station that he could not describe or know yet at the same time recognized as a black stone fortress. Fire in its warp core, a sacrifice, pain unending. Visions of the future blurred his thoughts. A galaxy in flames, a galaxy beset upon by all that man feared. A dieing races last stand. This path drew him forward with certainty but another opened beside him before he could be swept fully away. He knew what it was …. Salvation. He could see now the choices that would lead to this and one of them lay here. The destruction of an artefact so old that it had corrupted under influence of time. He knew now what the warriors were here to do, Dead but not as he could understand it alive they returned to pave this path. “Why show me this?” was all he could manage.
The creature that he now new to be an Eldar spoke quickly and quietly. “Your path does not end here today Mon Keigh, Years from now you will face the ruinous powers in a great battle with orders to destroy an artefact they desperately seek. You must not do this. I will be there when the time comes to claim it for future use to help pave the way of peace. Do this and know that you have saved your Imperium a terrible blow”. The voice was lyrical in nature and made him drowsy as if it was laden with hidden power. As his sight began to fade fresh Cadians attacked the warriors, these Eldar ghosts began a graceful dance that ended lives with a surety of purpose. The future had been laid in front of him and he was swept up in dreams of choices and the pain of future generations but all the while hope sang in his veins that they as a race would survive the violence of this long terrible night that is the 41'st mellenium.