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Thread: my IG fluff

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    my IG fluff

    This is my army's story, shorted down.

    Formed after forces of the Imperium abandoned the hive city of (city doesn't have a name yet) to the green tide of orks. The inhabitants of the hive refused to simply give up their home, they banded together to stop the greenskins. Picking up weapons they fought back from deep within the hive.

    Harden gang members fought along side civilians that had never before held a gun. While a few remaining soldiers were left behind during the confusing of the withdrawal. Most were normal people that had no idea how to fight a war. Caption Russell, retired, stepped up to lead them. Although an old man at this point, he still had a sharp mind. He organized them into platoons each lead by a charismatic sole.

    Armed with whatever weapons they could find. With a random assortment weapons, equipment, and tanks they fought a grueling drawn out war with the greenskins. The fighting was at a stalemate when a new enemy appeared, the tyranids. It was probably thanks to the bugs fighting both humans and ork alike that the small force wasn't over run immediately. However with wave upon wave of tyranids , the militia's line had become battered and bloody to the point of breaking. They were forced to retreat from the hive. After making it to an imperial base they continued to fight, while they fought well, they were losing the war. Finally the order came to withdrawal from the planet. They were left with no other course but to flee from their home land.

    Arriving at yet another world besieged with trouble. This time the forces of disorder. The general commander of a city there took one look at the ragtag group and stated that they were 'lacking' and would not trust the defense of the city to a bunch of 'wild cards'. Sending them to guard a minor gate far from the front lines. That might have been the end for them, yet fate had other plans. A small group of chaos space marine lead by Typhus himself, attacked the gate. This move by Typhus was not unseen. The gray knights lay in ambush lead by an inquisitor who discovered the plot.

    The gray knights however failed to stop Typhus, although they surely weaken is forces. The guardsmen were left to fight him alone. Caption Russell, knew that if they didn't do something fast they would die and the city would fall. Russell launched a extraordinary counter attack upon the herald of nurgle. Typhus was soon defeated and forced to withdrawal at the hands the guardsmen. With Typhus on the run, the rest of his forces were in disaray and also soon retreated thus saving the guardsmen's lines from breaking. Victorious the militia took on the name that the general commander had called them, the Wild Cards.

    The trails of the Wild Cards were by no means over. Typhus defeat at the hands of mere mortal men would not go unpunished. The inquisitor that had lead the failed attack knew this and now plans to use the wild cards to lure him into a trap. The inquisitor and the gray knights now keep a close eye on the wild cards, putting them in dangerous situations, waiting for Typhus to exact his revenge. Their out there now, being guided from one battle field to another by the unseen hand of the inquisitor.

    Well that's the basic fluff of my army. My fluff is based on the look of my army, the style that I play, and the battles I have been in. It's a hive city militia with no uniform and everything is colored differently with lots of random conversions. It's lead by only a caption to show it's not a standard army, I felt it would best fit my fluff. I run two characters in my army both are proxies. One is commander Chenkov, while I like his rules and even have his model, his fluff is the opposite of my army's. I simply have his proxy as more of a hero with an inspiring presence rather then an aura of fear. The other proxy is knight commander Pask, I couldn't come up with a good reason why such a famous tank commander would be in a militia army. And I already had a guy sitting on top of my Leman Russ for a number of years.

    My fluff has me fighting orks because it's one of the armies I have the most fun playing. As for the tyranids, I played a game where we were both wrong and my opponent used I rule where his bugs would come back on his table edge after I killed them. I killed some of his units 3-4 times. If it had followed the real rules I would of won easy. I was rolling well, but at the end I was at my limit, one more round and I would have been tabled. It was one of those battles where both sides were having fun and it felt like a real endless swarm of tyrants, so I had to add it into my fluff. Then comes Typhus, yes I did battle him, both my gray knights and gray knight tremies died to Typhus in CC and then my guardsmen killed him in CC, twice over. It ties my IG and gray knights together nice. The inquisitor plotting his own thing gives reason why I fight different kinds of armies and leaves me open to add more to their story later on.

    Well that's my fluff and some of the reasons behind it, tell me what you think.

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