Continuing on form a prior thread (A great voyage home.)

The entire metal environment rumbled and shook violently as they flew at amazing speeds through the void of space itself. The younger warriors took in a sharp breathe and at that moment the experienced rune priest known as Bragi. Within a few minutes the shacking stopped and he knew they landed. The drop pod opened up to reveal a eye piercing sun that boomed down on the landscape. The plan was simple, they would meet up with the other 5 drop pods and take one of the smaller cities, establish an uplink contact Fernis then get the hell out of there before reinforcements arrive. "Lets move out" shouted Bragi, and the 10 man tactical squad he was attached too walked out of the pod into the wasteland...

The youngest rune priest on the journey known as Vali landed roughly 20km away from Bragi, they were to advance to the town and secure the leftern flank and scale the walls and secure a superior position, from their they would open the gates for the rest of the squads. His job was by far the hardest. But everyone in his squad were smiling, as they would get the first blood and hold the greatest honor in the conflict. The young rune priest raised his left hand and signaled for the 15 man tactical squad to move forward.

The last rune priest, the veteran Grimnar was attached to the 10 long fangs and was instructed to provide fire support to Vali as he scaled the walls. or if he were to fail to try and blast open the castle walls. The rune priest and his squad had landed perfectly as planned and they continued to walk to the town..

Bragi, the squad is advancing 10 km north east, closing on the target no signs of enem.... A sudden crack which sounded like an explosion rung in Bragi's ear piece. Followed by screams and shouting from the vetran priest, Bragi cursed to himself as he could just see in the distance small explosions going off. "Vali, how far are you from Grimniar?" said Bragi to his ear piece. A quick response followed "About 5 minutes, we are on our way to provide support" Said the young priest. Bragi looked up to the sky and cursed to himself again.

Explosions went off left right and center, they must have tripped some sort of motion sensor, in the distance a tau hammerhead could be seen advancing towards them. Grimnar ordered his squad into a defensive position and shot off some rockets before the hammerhead got to close. "Sir! movement 300m to the right and to the left!" Barked one of the long fangs. Grimnar cursed to himself, he was flanked but not outgunned. He would be determined to get the last laugh. "Last kill gets free drinks all night! On me boys!" Shouted Grimnar. And with that the long fangs morale tripled. They turned to the left as they would hit first. A small band of kroot appeared over the hill not 100m infront of Grimnar. One of the kroot flung himself over the small mound of dirt and was springing towards the rune priest. Grimnar drew his sword and looked at his men. They were all armed with rocket launchers any shots in here would be the end of everyone. Everyone knew that so it looks like it would be a knife fight. The long fangs withdrew long sharpened blades from hidden pouches. With a mighty roar Grimnar led the charge into the kroot.

A high whistle errupted and within a few seconds a sword that seemed to come form nowhere thuded into the neck of one of the kroot warriors. The long fangs turned to the right flank were the young priest Vali flung himself off the 5m tall mound of dirt he landed with a satisfying thump and let off shots form his plasma pistol "Gotta be fast boys if you wanted free drinks!" Laughed the young priest. "Your life isnt worth free drinks" joked Grimnar as the kroot hit the line of space wolves, "You threw away your only close combat weapon! foolish mistake in a knife fight!" as he dodged to the right and a loud thump and crack could be heard where he elbowed a kroot to the face. Knives were slashing everywhere, as Vali's tactical squad finally caught up with him on the hill and they let off shots into the Vally shooting down the kroot. Within a minute it was over, some space marines were wounded but the kroot were no more.

"Round up! tanks inbound!" ordered Grimnar. The tank was about 20 minutes from a nice range to demolish the waiting marines. "Russ help us..." muttered one of the long fangs. "Please, I prefer the name Vali." Joked the young priest, as he stood over the mound and closed his eyes and his sword lying at his fight was retrieved and started glowing blue. Suddenly he opened his eyes as his blade was covered in moving runes, a large crack in the earth flew towards the tank as explosions could be seen in the distance. The young priest collapsed on the spot as Grimnar flew forward to drag him behind the saftey of the space marines that were now bunkered in a dirt mound. The space marines were joking and promising him free drinks, but the young marine was knocked out. Grimnar shrugged his shoulders "At least he got the job done, now lets move on up, before they regroup" "Sir, what about Vali?" Said one of his tactical squad members. Grimnar smiled and replied "Put a flask of cheap whiskey under his nose and he will wake". And with that the space mainres continued to the town.

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