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    Chapter Master of the Blood Knights

    I've been working on my new fluff for the Blood Knights for a while now but my attempts so far have been floundering. I thought it might get things going a bit if I wrote some stuff about the characters I've invented for my chapter.

    This is my chapter master, for him I used Astoraths' stats and special rules, I just changed the fluff behind his special rules a bit to realy make him my own.

    I'll probably do some more stuff on him, his backround, past battles, ect.... I might do some of my other characters too but this is all I've got for now, please, tell me what you think.

    Chapter Master Caracticus Kane.

    WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 5 Ld 10 Sv 2+ 4++

    WARGEAR: Soul blade, artificer armour, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades, jump pack, iron halo.

    Soul Blade: Once the weapon of a traitor in the service of Horus it is a mighty two handed force weapon. During the defence of the imperial palace on Terra Sanguinius suffered a wound to the shoulder from a chaos sorcerer, the wound was a minor thing for a primarch but the traitorous psyker poured all of his psychic might into the blade in an attempt to snuff out the life force of the noble primarch. Had Sanguinius been any mere mortal the attack would have been the end of him but he was not. The primarchs mind was sharp and his psychic might beyond anything the foolish traitor could reckon. The moment the blade dug into his flesh he channelled his own psychic energy into the weapon, Sanguinius' power surged up the blade and into the traitor, throwing the chaos scum through the air and causing him to burst into flames.

    Sanguinius had one of his marines remove the weapon from his shoulder, as soon as the battle brother drew the blade from his lords flesh he felt a surge of energy unlike anything he had ever felt before. Sanguinius' power had fused the energy channels within the weapon that conducted the flow of mystical energy and trapped a small portion of his own essence within the blade.

    Although the fused energy channels made the sword unusable as a force weapon any longer it was still a mighty power weapon and the mystical essence of the primarch trapped inside it made it not only a mighty weapon but a holy relic to the Blood Angels.

    The Soul Blade was bestowed upon Carnac, the hero of Arakkis, first chapter master of the Blood Knights upon the chapters founding. It has been the weapon of office, held by each chapter master since.

    Soul Blades' special rules- The might of the primarch: The power contained within the blade will flow into the wielder, greatly increasing his own strength. All attacks delivered with the soul blade strike at S 6.
    Unstoppable might: The essence within the blade makes the weapon almost impossible to defend against in combat. The soul blade does not allow armour saves and successful invulnerable saves must be re-rolled.
    Soul of the Primarch: The power radiating from the blade will often have an effect, not only on the wielder, but on all the children of Sanguinius in it's presence. Any Blood Angel units (friend & foe) with the red thirst special rule will succumb to its effects on a 3 or less rather on a 1 and the 0-1 Death company unit limit is removed.

    SPECIAL RULES: Descent of angels, Independent character,

    Unflinching courage: A hardened veteran of countless battlefields, Master Kane is utterly fearless. He and all members of a squad he has joined have the fearless universal special rule.

    Inspiration on the battlefield: A combination of his fearsome presence and the mystical aura of the Soul Blade will never fail to inspire his battle brothers to fight all the harder. On the turn he assaults, Master Kane and all members of the squad he has joined can re-roll any failed attempts to hit. Death company models can also re-roll wounds, the Black Rage makes them particularly susceptible to the power of the soul blade.

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