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    Strike Force Corvus Ferrum

    For the models, see: Raven Guard Strike Force and Murder Crows Project (Murder Crows - squad-size Raven Guard project)

    Here is the general fluff for my Raven Guard marines:

    Corvus Ferrum Strike Force, Raven Guards

    History and famous battles of Corvus Ferrum

    Corvus Ferrum Strike Force is named after Strike Cruiser Corvus Ferrum, which acts as the transport, the primary orbital fire support and the home base of the Strike Force.

    The Strike Force was first collected as a reserve force to hunt down a renegade members of the Raven Guards. However, before they got sent to hunt the traitors the Strike Force was rerouted to help Ordo Xenos against Eldar threat on world SE 357. It was during the battles of SE 357 that the Strike Force was first tested together in the fires of war and it was there that the force won its first honors. Sergeant Talmed carries permanent scars from SE 357 as his face is marked with the long, red welts where the whirling saw-blade of a Striking Scorpion glanced his skull.

    Corvus Ferrum also gathered honor in putting down the rebellion on the world of Bellius. In the raid to the capital hill it was sergeant Hormus along with his tactical squad that assaulted the governors bunker first and delayed the advancing rebels long enough for Naamads veterans to arrive in the scene and break the enemy with well-timed assault.

    The Elders and the Ancients

    The Force is lead by Shadow Captain Kalimantar who is a former vanguard veteran sergeant. His second in command is Librarian Mordakan, who is known for his aggressive use of psychic powers.

    The Corvus Ferrum also includes one of the Raven Guards oldest dreadnoughts, the 2700 year old Brother Braak. Venerable brother Braak is often deployed to battle inside drop pod called ”Malifex Maximus” which serves as his personal war-altar and houses him during his long sleeps between the battles.

    Corvi Cruores

    One of the strangest units in the Strike Force Corvi Ferrum are the Corvi Cruores or ”Murder Crows”. In contrast to other Raven Guard they wear bone-white armor that looks like it was carved from ancient bones, tattered black robes and they seem to descent on the field of battle on black wings growing out of the back of their armor. Even more strangely they carry no chapter or squad insignia. Their ancient armor is much more bulky than typical power armor and seems almost impervious to normal weapons and with their power fists and stormbolters they resememble Terminators in ability and tactics. What is known about the Murder Crows is that they act as a mobile kill team inside the Corvus Ferrum, targeting those enemies that are hardest to reach by conventional methods. On one very rare occasion when any Raven Guard has actually answered questions concerning the Murder Crows he commented that they are ”the ghosts of past sins.”

    In reality the armor used by the Murder Crows dates back ten thousand years to the past and their power armor suits are actually the very same armor used by the abominations created by Coraxes forbidden cloning technologies in the end of Horus Heresy. When Corax killed all the abominations their armor was stripped of Raven Guard insignia and hidden away in the vaults of the Ravenspire untill the time that Murder Crows took it into their use. The ancient armor seems cursed, rumbling and moving as if alive, but it does offer remarkable protection and the wings attached into it act as grav chutes, making it possible for the Murder Crows to be dropped into the battle from high altitudes.

    Fratres Astartes

    Tactical squad Talmed and tactical squad Hormus form the backbone of the Corvus Ferrum. Typically deployed into battle with drop pods each battle-brother in these squads is a highly experienced professional who knows his place in battle. Every individual has his own power armor inscribed with his own honors and the honors of the previous wielders of the armor and each carries a bolter specifically given to him. Thus no power armor or bolter in these squads are the same as they are very much extensions of their users spirit.

    In addition to the tactical squads the Corvus Ferrum has one jump pack equipped assault squads, the assault squad Talmed.These represent the young and the old of the chapter. The assault squad Kyre is formed partly of young brothers quite recently promoted from the ranks of Scouts to full battle brothers and partly from experienced veterans who prefer assault over other duties in combat. The squad is often employed as a supporting force, either infiltrating near the enemys lines beforehand or outflanking the enemy at critical moment.

    Corvus Ferrum has in several operations received support from the 1st company veterans. Veteran sergeant Naamads vanguard veterans are a spearhead force, flying right to the face of enemy with power swords and lightning claws ready. They have often paid in blood for their straightforward tactics, but they have never yet not delivered the victory they promised.

    If the Strike Force is expecting to face heavily fortified positions it is usually strenghtened with a squad of devastators from the 9th company. When used in battle they are usually carried into battle with Rhino ”Umbra Mortis”. ”Umbra Mortis” was actually shadow captain Kalimantars command Rhino, but rarely used as shadow captain prefers deploying and fighting with jump pack. In any case ”Umbra Mortis”is now stripped down to minimum weight, retaining only bare minimum equipment, weapons and armor, thus making it ideal for quick Thunderhawk drop.

    The Noviates

    Scout squads Afrit and Lucius play a big part in how Corvus Ferrum operates. Often infiltrating to the area of operations early on they gather intelligence and make preparations for other squads arrival. Very few in number they make extensive use of Storm-pattern Land Speeders to move quickly while gathering intelligence and preparing landing zones for the force. When the battle commences the scouts typically race ahead using their heavily armed land speeders as gunships to support them as they quickly assault lightly defended enemy support and command units shooting, knifing and grenading all they find.

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