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    Commoragh detection methods?

    Alright, so I've finished my Word Bearers and am now starting on a Flawless Host army, and need some ideas/clarifications for some accompanying fluff. Codex, BL references would also be golden.

    To start, the Flawless Host are a Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marine warband. I'm having my splinter group be particularly anti-Eldar, with the overall goal of wiping out a specific Craftworld. To this end, they need to first locate said Craftworld, and their commander's reasoning is that of anybody in the galaxy, the two foremost sources for this knowledge would be the databanks of the Ordos Xenos and the Dark Eldar city of Commoragh. He has therefore split the Flawless Host, sending the bulk of it to assault an Ordos Xenos bastion and sending the majority of his Chosen to infiltrate Commoragh to bargain for/steal the information he seeks.

    Now here's where I draw a blank. According to the new DE codex, Commoragh is said to 'play host to many diverse species of alien mercenaries, bounty hunters, and renegades...'. I take the renegades part to mean Imperial Guardsmen AND Space Marines who have fallen from the Emperor's Light. One example of this is that in the second Salamanders novel by Nick Kyme, the Dragon Warriors apparently have access to Commoragh. This leads me to believe that even Chaos tainted warriors are allowed in the city, as long as they refrain from using psychic powers. I can even see the Dark Eldar using their tech to suppress psykers within their boundaries (ie, null field generators like the one used in the second Word Bearers novel by Anthony Reynolds).

    However, Dark Eldar also hate Slaanesh, and I do not see them simply allowing Slaaneshi warriors into their city. So my question for the forum members is how would Dark Eldar detect specifically Slaaneshi Chaos taint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius the Possessed View Post
    However, Dark Eldar also hate Slaanesh, and I do not see them simply allowing Slaaneshi warriors into their city. So my question for the forum members is how would Dark Eldar detect specifically Slaaneshi Chaos taint?
    It's quite reasonable to say 'they feel it'.

    Although the Dark Eldar don't embrace their psychic heritage, all Eldar are psychic beings. Also, the Dark Eldar have a far more intimate relationship with Slannesh than the craftworlder Eldar. They are descended from those who were present at the birth of Slannesh and miraculously survived, and they don't keep her hunger in check through technology and monastic discipline, they embrace the very traits (obsession, hedonism, emotional intensity) which birthed Slannesh in the first place. It's implied that they feel the connection leeching away at their souls every hour of every day.

    A chaos mark is literally an immovable stain on the soul, usually accompanied by intense physical and mental mutations. Even assuming that the eldar couldn't just recognize the mark itself, Slannesh is a product of the Eldar mind, and thus Eldar are going to have a massive advantage at picking out the kind of physical and mental traits which might indicate Slannesh worship. The mental ones in particular would be easy to spot, since a lot of them (sensation-craving, incredibly fast cognition, being easily 'lost in the moment') will resemble common Eldar psychological traits.
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