Hey guys, im new to the forum but not the hobby, i have been playing for about 8 years but this is my first attempt at writting some proper fluff. Its not perfect, i know, but i wanted to post it here to share it and to get some feedback. So read it if you want, and be honest! Thanks guys, here it comes!

In the early years of the 40th millenium the scholars of humanity went through the old stellar libraries of Holy Terra to try and find lost documents regarding the golden age of the imperium. handfull of scroll were found from the 30th millenium that had been lost for almost 10 000 years, all of these providing valuable information from the times of the great crusades. One of these documents was more cryptic than the others however and dated back another two thousand years. It was a stellar map with the coordinates to a lost system in the part of imperial space known as Segmentum Pacificus. The system was situated on the outer rim of empire space, dangerously close to the fabled halo stars. The document puzzled scholars as there was nothing in this area of imperial space except the huge warp storm anomoly known as The Maw, it had been present there for many milenia and for anything to be hidden and still of value in the area would be a miracle to say the least. The documents found were incomplete and told nothing more of the mysterious system other than that the Emperor had special interest in the inhabitants of the area. Because of the warp anomolys interference with the search for the lost system no further investigation regarding the matter was carried out, the scroll entered into the imperial archives once more. Its secrets left for later generations to discover.

It was not until the mid 41st millenium that the scroll was revisited, all thanks to the misscalculations of a trade ship navigator. He had reported uncharted planets on standard trading journey at the outer rim of loyal space. The records were once again scanned and the same scroll was revisited. A scouting party was sent out, consisting of small 25man squad of space marines of the "something chapter" led by a chaplain by the name of Gaius Vortavian. Their mission was to Scan the planet for life and assess the situation to their chapter master. Aboard the imperial cruiser "The Equalizer" the scouting team scanned the planet for life, and in the northern most part of the smallest Continent on one of the planets they found it. They were expecting primitive life, possibly animals with attributes that Could prove useful to the empire. But when they reached the surface they found something entierly different. As the squad moved closer to the life signatures they encountered more strange things. Giant statues and structures covered with think layer of ice and snow. The ruins of a civilisation that seemed reminicent of their own. As they continued through the giant city it seemed more and more familiar to their own homeworlds infrastructure. At the northernmost area within the city Walls they found something that astounded them. A huge stone diorama of 4 men standing side by side. The statues were only retained shadow of their beauty. Although it had been damaged there was no misstaking who the men were. The largest of these, depicted none other than the Emperor, surrounded by his mighty space marines. The chaplain was baffled and intrigued at the same time. He wanted to Explore this new Discovery but he knew his orders, locate whatever life there was on the planet and report back to his master. The life signs that had been detected from space were about 3 clicks to the north, so they proceeded forward.

As they neared the area they could hear the sounds and screams of battle. They picked up the pace, and when they finally reached the top of Hill overlooking the battlefield they saw yet another thing they were not expecting. Men and women fighting for their lives against demons of chaos. The chaplain was quick to react, engaging the demons to purge them from this world in the name of the Emperor. Victory came swiftly and after it the natives seemed confused, but grateful. It was not until now that the chaplain and the rest of the space marines noticed how physically different these people were to a normal imperial citizen. They were huge, each man standing well over two meteres tall. They were bulky and muscular, strong enough to cut of the limbs of a demon with ease. They had a very Sharp and sturn look about them and they seemed utterly fearless. They had regressed to very primitive technology, using chain mails for protection and large axes and swords as their weapons. After the battle they were asked to join the natives, who had identified themselves as the Ardonians (they called their planet Ardonus), to join them in their village. They had Said that it was very important that they do so and it would bring them great honor to present them to the people. When they arrived at the village the people stared as whispered, look of hope and relief in their eyes. They were taken the a large house in the center of the compound, there sat the chief and the high priest, both seemed unable to speak when they saw the space marines enter the building. The Elderly priest picked up large book that was hanging from his belt and began to tell of an Old prophecy that was written in the book.

Over 10 thousand years ago, the people of this world were a part of the imperium of man. They served the Emperor with great honor and conviction, ever vigilant to fulfill whatever the Emperor asked of them. However, shortly after its founding Ardonus was seperated from the rest of the imperium by warp storm. During this time the people of Ardonus was constantly under attack by demons that spewed forth from the storm. Soon brother turned against brother as the ruinous Powers of chaos manifested itself in the people. A horrific war took place. Billions died in the conflict but the men and women still loyal to the empire prevailed after centuries of fighting. Due to the excessive fighting almost all of the infrastructure on the planet was destroyed and could not be rebuildt. This plunged the people into technological dark age and they started living in primitive communities where they strungled everyday to survive. The constant threat from the demons of the warp prevented alot of aspects of daily life as the defense of the villages became first priority. The only hope the people had was that one day the God Emperor and his mighty warriors would return to liberate them from the harsh and unforgiving environment they now called home. One by one the Ardonian settlements fell to the demons of the warp, when the scouting party arrived only a dozen compounds existed and all of them were situated in the norther most part of the planet.

After a report was sent to the appropriate authorities about the discoveries of the new system, named Ardonus in honor of the brave imperial men and women who had fought the onslaught of demons for so long. Further exploration of the planet Ardonus Prime (formerly Ardonus) discovered a hidden structure under a large mountain near where the scouting party had landed. The mysterious system still had one incredible discovery waiting to be uncovered. The structure was escavated and its giant blast doors where opened by the tech priests in charge of the operation. Inside the ancient structure they made yet another amazing find. Rows upon rows of power armors, bolters, chain swords and other equipment used by the space marines. In the middle of the the giant armory stood an ancient battle standard inscribed with the words "Tundra Wolves" and "The Emperor Protects". Soon after this discovery the local population went through a health inspection to try to get to the bottom of their physical mutation. To their supprise the people of Ardonus Prime had similar genetic material to that of space marines and this puzzled scientist for quite a while. When they looked closer they discovered that the living Ardonians had herritage from Holy Terra and had been injected with a small amount of gene seed to create a space marine chapter, however due to the events that unfolded this never happened and the descendants of these men were the ones that had survived the cataclysmic events of Ardonus Prime.

Soon after this the High lords of Terra descided to continue the Emperors plan and create the Tundra Wolves space marines chapter. The mountain where these relics were found was soon made into the chapters headquarters and was named "Victories Zenith" after the victory against the heretics in the great war and demons that had besieged the planet for almost 9 millenia. Now the Tundra wolves fight the agents of chaos where ever they manifest, their fanatic devotion to the Emperor always strong, their courage and lust for battle has become legendary in the few hundred years since their forming. Because of their genetic make up the men chosen to be brothers in the Tundra wolves chapter have to have atleast one child to carry on his geneseed to the next generation. Because of this natural selection within their society the total population of the planet is very low compared to most imperial worlds. The people of Ardonus prime are very proud of their herritage and they serve the Emperors will without hesitation, seeking to destroy chaos at any chance they get.

Im probably going to fix it up and make it nice and pretty with a bit more background to both the Ardonians, their struggle and possibly also the scouting team and their importance in the story. Anyway some feedback would be awesome. Tell me what you think!