Space Marines Legion #794: Flag Bearers
Chapter Master: Kylos Santinum
Homeworld: Aboard the Battle Barge Honored Banner
Primary Color: Crimson Red
Secondary Color: Ultramarines Blue
Chapter Symbol: A Torn Banner


The Sergeant of Squad Pices, 5th Company, was perplexed, Calgar was sending them to a Battle Barge to go around the galaxy, capturing/cleansing the Traitors in the Farsight Enclaves. He said that, 'due to a influx in recruits, we must split some of you into a new chapter'.

Once aboard the Barge, they set up their chapter. The color would be crimson, like the Blood Angels, to simulate the blood of their enemy's. The second color would be Ultramarine Blue, tribute to the chapter they had served for years. They then came up with a name.

They took a few thoughts, then a Chaplain was overheard while he was yelling at a marine to hoist the banner straight. The Flag Bearers, in honor of the Emperor. They then decided on a symbol for the chapter, a Banner, split into quarters, showcasing the Emperor's journey to godhood.

They started with the tactics, only logical to start withe the Codex Astartes. They decided against the Librarians, as they were suspicious of psykers. They would follow the codex in all other ways.

They started training the men in marksmanship. They received recruits from the Ultramarines.

By M40, They were at full strength. They had a fleet that struck fear into the Imperial Navy Captains. They were skilled marksmen. They were skilled at fighting the Tyranids and the Tau Empire.

"You may....kill me.....But this flag....this flag will stand in his name"
Last words of Standard Bearer Gunhi Flig-2nd Company.