The Blackened Hand

Name: The Blackened Hand (fomerly known as the Hand of the Emperor)
Primarch: Lion El'Jonson
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Thomas Hobbes
Homeworld: Berien
Fortress-Monastery: The Bloodied Fist
Main Coulours: Black and Red (the "assassins" are bone white and the initiates are black and white)
Specialty: Strategic supremacy and rapid deployment
Battle Cry: Unbent! Unbowed! Unbroken!
Estimated strength: 1000-1050


The Blackened Hand used to be a fleet chapter that suffereda lot from a mental condition labeld as "righteous contempt" which makes them more keen to look down on humanity and viewing themselves as superiror. Despite this the chapter has allways been loyal to the emperor however they have also allways had a different view on recruitment then other chapters. Over the years they would seek out and draft, in secret, members of the imperial guard, not very high-ranked ones mind you, and for a time it worked. 500 years ago however they were found out by an ultramarine successor chapter named the Herelds of Lhimir. Details of the conflict between the Blackened Hands, the Herelds of Lhimir and the imperial guard are sketchy however they did attract the attention of the inquisition and after a lengthy debate over the situation the Blackened Hands were sentenced to a 200 years penelty crusade.

Upon returning from the crusade the chapter asked the high lords of Terra to release their geenseed so that they might rebuild and the high lords granted their request. At this time the chapter was reduced to 100 astrates. Even though they had been granted thier geenseed however after twohundread years of exile they felt lost after the things they had seen (it is rumored that they briefly went outside the galactic border) and their spirits had been weakend. One day however they were contacted by the Ghosts of Istvaan's chapter master, Veles Azril, who gave them an offer they couldn't refuse. He offered them a homeworld, supplies and ships and in return he wanted them to join the Consortium of Accendi.
The Blackend Hands chapter master punched him in the face. Even though Veles had been neglected however he still held the offer open and ultimatly, after 10 years, the Blackened hands accepted.

The recriutment is in generall of people between the age of 15-20 and is mostly of people form death worlds or hive worlds. It is also rumored that they still kidnap imperial guardsmen but the disapearances are written off as accidents or they take place during hectic combats and are thus reported to be missing in action.

The initiates are first trained to man veichles such as land speeders or bikes. This is because of the fact that they anwser for the reconnaissance and also because of the fact that the initiates learn to recognize the different advatages terrain can offer as well as tuning their reflexes. This training takes a long time (as they need to train exstensivly before being combat ready) and there is allways two chaplains and at least two techmarines ready to perform repairs.

Army organization:

10th company (initiates):
Soley viechles (besides thier the techmarines and thier servitors)

9-2 company:
One assassin team, Two devestators, Three Assult squads and Fourteen tactical combat squads (excluding officers and specialists)

The Bloody Fists (1st company):
Six terminator squads, Three assassin squads, Three Assult squads (veteran), Eight tacitcal combat squads. Excluding officers and specialists)

The persicutors (the secret company):
Four assassin squads, Six terminator squads (excluding leaders and specialists). This company is led by Arch-Chaplin Bernard
Initiates with enough skills, a talent for tactics and an eye for finding weaknesses but without the necessery leadership skills are delegated to the assassins. To the ordanairy eye they are scouts but unlike common scouts they anwser for the recruitment as well as being considered amongst the elite. They never speak to anyone outside the chapter.
The Consortium of Accendi:

Named after the Ghosts of Istvaan's current homeworld the consortium, and subsequently its members, specialize in hunting traitors and heretics and have, due to feeding themm with information they gather (some information however they keep to themselves), maintained a healthy relationship with the Ordo Hereticus and the Ordo Malleaus. All members have a grudge against the ultramarines and thier successors due to their past.
Known members:

The Blackened Hands (Dark Angels successors) The Ghosts of Istvaan (Raven Guard successors) The Crimson wings (Blood Angel successors) The Knights of the Machine (Iron Hands successors) The Basillisks (Salamander successors) The Blue Wolves (White scars successors) The Champions of Vengeance (Imperial fist successors) The Disciples of Insano (Belived to have joined the consortium)