well this is my first attempt at army fluff , its for my SM chapter , the swords of damoclese . i wrote it yesterday in school so its probably full of mistakes but anyway here it goes . please read it , id love to know what you think of it .

The Swords of Damoclese

It all began on the northern fringe of the segmentum pacificus . The planet Eirus ,home planet of the space marine chapter , The Swords of Damoclese . A chapter well known for its strong gene seed and its fierce battle hardened warriors . these warriors are among the most loyal to the emperor , leaving everything of a lesser battle to travel light years away to fight the hordes of chaos whenever they are needed .
Under stubborn leadership of ther chapter master , Lord Mikhile Collus , ther true fearlesness and unshakable faith in his word , make this chapter a very sharp sword capable of slicing deep into the gut of the enemies cause.

The planet Eirus is located in the northern area of the Segmentum Pacifics , close to the souther edge of the Eye f Terror . eirus is a place of high importance to the Chaos , if they managed to take Eirus they would have a very strategic location within the Segmentum Pacificus , they could use Eirus as a drop point for their forces , thus could take the whole of the Segmentum Pacificus . Because of this the planet is heavily fortified with thousands of square miles of trenches , bunkers and waste land .
The Swords of Damoclese have faught many a battle against the forces of evil and have time and time again prevailed , they have faught alongside Inquisitoriel forces such as the Grey Knights and the Sisters of Battle and have always managed to drive the Chaos back into the eye of terror .
But one such battle almost resulted in the complete desecration of the planet Eirus , the Great Battle .

It happened in the 38th mellenium , around the time of the black crusades . An Imperiel Guard drop fleet making its way from its home world of Joura to fight against the chaos in the black crusades on Cadia , was passing close to the Eye of Terror when they encountered a large chaos fleet headed in the direction of Eirus .
the confused Imperiel Guard fleet managed to sent the message of the Chaos invasion force just before they were obliviated .
The massage got to Eirus in time for them to get most of ther planetary defences up and running .

The Chaos fleet was hit hard by Eirus's defences a couple of chaos drop ships managed to penatrate the defences.
The Chaos forces began to attack the Northern provinces of Eirus first . Thousands of innocent people were killed or even worse , sent into the warp to be subject to an eternity of torture at the hands of evil himself .
The northern provinces were hit hard and Mikhile Collus could not afford to Keep his Space marines up ther any longer so he ordered the retreat to the southern boarder , an area of mass defence wich spans for miles .

the battles at the boarder lines were harsh and emense with high casualties and drops in morale , but they still faught strong enough to keep the Chaos in the north .
Even though the Space Marines were able to hold the Chaos off , more drop ships began to penatrate ther orbital defences and back up ther forces .
They began to drive the Space Marines further south and they took strategic points as they went along to make it harder for the Swords to reclaim there land .

It was clear to Mikhile that he needed more than his Sword of Damoclese to thwart the enemy but it was to late to call upon any other space marine chapter or Inquisitorial force , and the imperiel guard could not spare any of ther forces because of the Black Crusades .

well thats it for now . i am currently trying to think of a way to bring the eldar ( being a fairly diplomatic race ) into the story to help get rid of the chaos for mikhile
but then the eldar turn on him to try and take the badly beat up planet ( read my sig ) . any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

Thank you - Mojo .