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    Chapter with 'holy' mutations?

    I was looking through some modelling and bitz sites on the interweb and I found a model for a sci-fi Arch Angel. The moment I saw it I thought 'That is awesome! I must have it in my army.'
    One impulse buy later and I have an Arch Angel in the post on its way to me.

    Once I'd ordered it I started thinking about how I would fit this into my fluff, yeah I play Blood Angel descendants but, this thing has actual 'wings' not just a stylized jump pack.
    After a bit of thought I came up with a general idea, it actually fits with what I already have without much trouble but I wanted to run it by a few fluff-heads for some feed back.

    I've probably got enough background and fulff for my chapter to produce my own codex saved on my computer and even more floating around in my head that I keep meaning to clean up and post on LO for some feed back and critiques but I never get round to it. (Damn it! Why does real life keep getting in the way of this stuff?) Pending the future up-load of the whole story, here's the basics.

    Unlike most, my chapter, the Blood Knights are actually part of the Imperial Cult and worship the God-Emperor as a..... Well, God. Obviously. They have a revelation of sorts after an up close and personal meeting with a Living Saint.

    "The Emperor. Warrior and schollar in equal measure and the greatest of both. It was He who united the broken and scattered worlds of Humanity, drove back the horrors of the galaxy that preyed upon us, threatening to doom our race to enslavement or extinction. He returned the light of hope to the suffering worlds of Humanity and ended the long night. He made us strong once again and united us under His banner. Where He found only ruin and hopelessness He forged an Empire that has endured and thrived for 10,000 years and will prosper forever more.

    Truly none could be more deserving of our loyalty and veneration, but never did I think to pay Him worship. Had He not with His own words declared that He was not a God, but a Man! The greatest of all men, without doubt, but a man none the less.

    Truly I was wrong. As I looked upon the light shining from Her glorious form, a light burning from within Her very soul, I could not fail to recognize this light. His Light! In that moment I looked upon Her and I saw the truth. I do not know the Emperors reasons for denying His divinity, nor is it my place to question, but clearly He seeks to deny it no longer, He has embraced His title and roll as Humanities God and I bow to His will, now as always, and offer my prayers to Him, my God-Emperor."

    Being Blood Angel descendants they inherited their over active omophagea and the.... Thirst that comes with it. Many of the chapters customs and traditions involve blood drinking because of this. (So do most chapters, the Blood Angels are just more famous for it)
    As part of the chapters funerary rights the Sanguinary Priests will drain the blood of the fallen, mix it with some balls-tripping hallucinogenics and serve it to the dead Marines squad brothers. As the omophagea absorbs the blood memory of their fallen brother, combined with the balls-tripping hallucinogenics, they will relive/dream some of his memories and sometimes take on a little bit of his personality. Even after death he will carry on within his brothers.

    Okay, I know I'm straying off the original topic here (and I'll stray further before I'm done) but I should explain why things turned out the way they did or they just won't make any sense. Please bare with me.
    Long ago during a period in the chapters history called 'The Time of Isolation' the Blood Knights got their asses kicked, were left stranded, cut off from any and all support, surrounded by enemies and forced to adapt to survive.
    In their isolation they didn't have any reliable sources of new recruits, with no way to replace their losses, they were pretty much stuffed! With no source of new recruits decided to make one. The Sanguinary Priests used the taboo 'Vitae Womb' technology (Krieg style) to grow their own recruits. (test-tube babies bred from the surviving marines and chapter bondsmen)

    Once 'The Time of Isolation' was over and the chapter regained contact with the wider Imperium they mostly stopped this practice, no longer using as the source of all their recruits, only using it for more specific purposes.

    Following their 'revelation' the Blood Knights adopted a form of Thorianism. (Their 'revelation' was brought on by an encounter with a "Living Saint" so...) They began the practice of collecting blood samples from any Saints they encountered over the years and used the 'Vitae Womb' technology to breed new recruits from the Saints.

    "It has long been believed by Imperial scholars and theologians that the God-Emperor would manifest a portion of His power and will in mortal form so that He may interact with His followers and enact His divine plan in a more direct manner. Whether he accomplishes this by separating a part of His divine Self and moulding it into mortal form or if He simply pours part of His essence into an existing mortal vessel is a matter of debate among His followers.

    Following the cursed Age of Apostasy and the reformation of the holy Saint Sebastian Thor, the various followers of this school of thought gathered together to form the Thorian sect. Their highest calling is to find and aid the mortal vessels of His divine will in their cause, to support and serve these 'Living Saints' in their goals.

    It was the followers of the Thorian sect in their quest to find and aid the holy 'Living Saints' that identified a most remarkable

    While most 'Living Saints' remained, to any surface observations, entirely human. Some demonstrated truly divine 'mutations'. It was noticed that should a 'Living Saint' be struck down before​ their divine purpose could be fulfilled they would often resurrect, they would rise from the dead by the God-Emperors holy might so that they may carry on in His sacred cause.

    The resurrected Saints would often be granted a boon to further aid them in His holy cause, this boon can take many forms, such as an ethereal holy light, awe-inspiring supernatural powers or significant physical changes.

    Among the more common gifts observed are the power of healing and divine protection over the faithful. Power to wield holy, purifying flame to smite His enemies and blessed wings to carry His holy vessels forward to His goals."

    As they say, "the brightest flame burns quickest", Living Saints tend to live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse. Because of this, when the Blood Knights find a Living Saint (being space marines they're most likely to meet one on a battlefield) they will often (not always, but often) arrive just in time to see the Saint die.

    A holy vessel of the God-Emperor would of course be worthy of the highest honours the chapter could bestow and the deceased saint would be given full funerary honours. In addition to taking a blood sample of the saint to breed several future marines the brothers present would also drink some of the saints blood to preserve some of their memories and personality.

    I was a bit long winded in getting here but I think I explained my thought process well enough.

    So, the explanation is- Being descendants of Sanguinius the Blood Knights would have the wings characteristic dormant in their gene-seed. In addition to this, many gene-seed blood-lines within the chapter can trace their heritage to a Living Saint (with wings) and they also drink the blood of Living Saints to absorb some of their mojo.

    After several generations of this practice many Blood Knights have developed mutations giving them a magnificent set of wings.

    There you have it. Feed back is desired and welcomed.


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    I think it sounds legit. Strange, certainly, but not the first or only example in fluff where a loyalist chapter has strange mutations.

    For example, Black Dragons had bony crests growing in their heads and blades sprouting out from their forearms and elbows. It is even rumoured that Black Dragon apothecaries deliberately encourage these growths.

    A more recent example in fluff is from Deliverance Lost of Horus Heresy series. When the new recruits of the Raven Guard started to grow horns and tails and such these 'Raptors' were still allowed to serve in the legions ranks. They actually even modified their armour so that they could fit horns and whatever into the modified power armour.

    If you write it out into a full chapter description using the usual catchphrases of "it is rumoured", "no-one known for sure why", "Inquisition is closely following" and so on can be used to pacify the more aggressive fluff-police members. Basically whenever you write something new and strange into your own fluff it is good form to imply more and say less

    But yeah, I like it.
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    Definitely sounds good, very well thought out. The pseudo-cannibalism is something that's actually been mentioned in several chapters, most notably the Flesh Tearers and Mortifactors. The Soul Drinkers were into the blood drinking as well, and of course the Blood Angels.

    I like the idea of mixing in powerful hallucinogenics with the blood in order to heighten an already powerful effect. Tripping isn't exactly what Lewis Carol would have you believe, but it can be pretty life-altering nonetheless. Another thing to keep in mind (not sure what kind of btH as you put it, your marines are taking) but most hallucinogenics will wear out the connections between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, leading to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which can to some Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde type moments while tripping, and making it harder to actually dream or engage much imagination when not on the drug. Acid will come back around too, and give you flashbacks where you feel like you're tripping again. DMT is actually metabolized back into your cells. Most opiates don't cause hallucinations.
    Just some things to consider for characters, chaplains and the likes. They might be well on their way to the crazy train.

    I'd also give your chapter an Inquisitor nemesis. What they're doing is pretty radical, and the Thorians don't have many friends inside the Ecclesiarchy, if I recall, because they're essentially Lutherans in a Catholic world (saying that the Emperor's will lies not in the church, but in the living bodies of his followers). Not to mention the head-turning that blooddrinking causes, and especially when you're gulping down the latest civilian saint.

    Who do they grow specifically in the test tubes? And how does it affect the marines? Does it increase the success rate of the genetic implants by using a known, pretested strand of DNA? Do they grow the implanted organs straight into the child? Do the specimens grow to maturity, or does the chapter have a bunch of kids running around (kinda like the young clones from StarWars). When you look at it like that, this could almost be a chapter on par with the Grey Knights, genetically modified to have the blood of Saints and indoctrinated from the time they are born to know only their chapter and their enemy.

    I think it would be cool to have your First Company of veterans deemed "Immortals". Whenever a 1st Company Veteran dies, his geneseed is recovered and clones are made to receive them. During the cloning and maturing process of the Marine, the clone is given a pretty steady dose of the blood/hallucinogen cocktail from his predecessor, filling in the missing memories of his childhood with that of his forebear. While he's not a case of "same mind, new body," he is definitely as close as you'll get to a continuation. He may even have the same name, wear the same armor, be assigned the same squad, and be welcomed in just as if he were the reincarnation of his forefather. Although their bodies are new, their memories could stretch back to the very founding of your chapter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polaria View Post
    Black Dragons had bony crests growing in their heads and blades sprouting out from their forearms and elbows. It is even rumoured that Black Dragon apothecaries deliberately encourage these growths.
    This particular feature isn't very developed, I only thought it up yesterday. But I'm thinking of going for a Black Dragon-esque attitude towards it.

    It's not something they expected or looked for but when it began to happen they viewed it as a good thing. Blood of the Saints, power of the God-Emperor, likeness of the great Primarch.... What's not to love?
    I'm picturing the Sanguinary Priests favouring particular gene-seed lines, attempting to cultivate these mutations. Maybe sending out expeditions to investigate claims of Living Saints with the 'desired' gifts.
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSarathai
    I'd also give your chapter an Inquisitor nemesis. What they're doing is pretty radical
    That's sort of a moot point. Like I said, I already have a load of established fluff for them, I'm just to lazy to clean it up and post it.
    They already have an antagonistic relationship with the Inquisition. Half the chapter was slaughtered by the Grey Knights and in return they wiped out one GK company, decimated two more and nuked a few Inquisition bases. They would have eventually been wiped out if they hadn't been forced to sew for peace.
    Considering their relationship, this new thing is just another drop in the bucket.
    Who do they grow specifically in the test tubes?
    During the time of isolation this was the source of all their recruits, since they rejoined the wider Imperium they mostly just use it to grow psykers for the librarium. Among the many things lost during the time of isolation were the chapters navigators, because of this they were forced to use their librarians in this roll. Any trained psyker can serve as a navigator, they just aren't as good as an actual 'navigator'. To counter the lack of 'natural talent' they started to use groups of librarians working together, forming a 'navigator choir'.

    Even after the time of isolation ended they kept this practice, navigators may have vastly superior 'natural talent' for guiding a ship in the warp but the damned things are mewling, whiny, selfish, inbred cowards. The 'librarian navigators' don't need dozens of fawning servants to coax them out of bed each morning, they don't get stroppy over being served the wrong orderves at dinned and they don't have a nervous break down and start foaming at the mouth if the chapter strays to close the Eye of Terror.

    By simply having several of them working together in a choir they can make up the the difference in natural talent. This means the Blood Knights consider them vastly superior in every way.
    Does it increase the success rate of the genetic implants by using a known, pretested strand of DNA?
    They will of course use DNA from psykers that are genetically compatible with the gene-seed but this is no different than the screening process used on the other potential recruits, the screening is just done before the children are born. Same result.
    Do the specimens grow to maturity, or does the chapter have a bunch of kids running around
    Unlike the Krieg vats, the children are only grown to infancy then 'birthed' and raised normally. (understand, 'normal' is relative) Having a bunch of alpha-level psykers 'birthed' fully grown with fully developed mental powers and zero training or experience to control them..... No. The kids are raised and taught the old fashioned way. Those that pass the selection process are then implanted with gene-seed once they reach the right age.
    I think it would be cool to have your First Company of veterans deemed "Immortals".
    This is fairly cool. I might use a bit of this. Thanks for the idea.

    Not to mention the head-turning that blooddrinking causes, and especially when you're gulping down the latest civilian saint.
    I just LOL'd
    I think you might be picturing something a little to 'blatant'.

    From your description I have a picture in my head of a squad coming across the corpse of a saint, pulling out knives & forks then just chowing down!

    It's more like them just recovering the body of a fallen hero and escorting them off the battlefield. In a pinch the Sanguinary Priest can just extract a few vials of blood on the spot for later use or they can escort the fallen saint back to the company chapel and give them full honours. Then, once the dust has settled, they would return the body to its rightful place. They'd do the same for the body of any hero of the Imperium or brother-marine from another chapter (just without the blood drinking part) and expect the same courtesy in return. I doubt anyone would bat an eye at this.

    Anyway guys, thanks for the feed back. Anyone else reading this, I welcome your opinions.

    In the 41st millenium there is no such thing as paranoia, the universe realy is out to get you!

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