The Frozen

Faction: Renegade
Affiliation: Nurgle
Origin: Death Guard


The history of the Frozen is tied to the hospital-cruiser Infinite Mercy of the Death Guard legion. During the Horus Heresy, the hospital-cruiser Infinite Mercy joined together with the rest of the Death Guard legion to support Warmaster Horus in many battles and raids on the Imperium. When Horus led his forces against Earth and the Emperor, the Death Guard's First Captain, Calas Typhon, killed the Navigator of their capital ship. Pretending that they were still loyal to the Emperor, Typhon led the Chapter's Fleet into the Warp but instead of going to Holy Terra to defend the Imperium. When the captain of the Death Guard detachment aboard Infinite Mercy heard of this, he tried to steer his ship away from the Chapter's Fleet, but it was too late. The ship became trapped and unable to return to Real Space. Soon after this the Destroyer Hive flooded the ship while they were trapped in the Warp. The stinking pestilence flooded the gut and distended the flesh, while the Marines were blacked out the Destroyer Hive swarmed over them and laid eggs inside the sores of the Marines.

The apothecaries aboard the Infinite Mercy fought hard to find a cure for the plague, but the Destroyer Hive was simply working too fast to stop. Craving salvation, the Death Guard finally rounded up everyone that had been infected, both human crew of the ship and the marines of the legion, and interred them into cryogenic containers, deep-freezing them in hope of slowing the plague and buying time to find the cure. After this the apothecaries and the few command personnel enclosed into the apothecarium. It is not known presicely what passed in the apothecarium, but what is known, is that everyone except one Death Guard later known by name Rime perished and the whole ship was filled with ice. It can be assumed that when no cure was found by normal means the desperate apothecaries reseorted to sorcery and called upon Nurgle to help them. Nurgle corrupted the one surviving member, later known as sorcerer Rime, and everyone in the cryogenic containers beyond measure, transforming them into the barely living, frozen monstrosities they are now.

Eventually the space hulk of Infinite Mercy was found on 871.M37. The first team to board the hulk noticed that the inside space of the ship was extremely low temperature and covered with ice. It was as if they had stepped into a glacier cave. They named the space hulk Frostburn. Unfortunately, they also woke up the now-transformed Death Guard sleeping in the icy hulk and thus became the first victims of the warband later named Icewights.


The Frozen include both Plague Marines and Terminators and are lead by mysterious figure known as Rime. Rime himself was originally one of the Death Guard apothecaries but has now given himself fully over to Chaos and has been observed to use vile chaos sorceries and warp rituals. All the fighting members of the Frozen are normally divided into squads of seven each and the number seven is repeated over and over in both their organization and rituals. Although all the Plague Marines and Terminators found amongst Frozen are obviously Astartes it cannot be said if they are all members of the original Death Guard taskforce or if other renegade marines have joined their ranks. Same holds true with the other members of the warband. The diseases carried by the Frozen seem to give humans unlimited energy and the extreme cold caused by the warp-infuced spells keeps their bodies from decaying. Some of the cultists amongst Frozen might be members of the original crew, while other, most notably a frozen female in Adepta Sororitas armour called Frostmaiden, are obviously more recent converts.

Tactics, beliefs and disposition

The Frozen are known to ally themselves to any and all warbands and black crusades, travelling far and wide in search for the perfect battlefield where to apply their arts of destruction. The Frozen tactics mirror the original teachings of Mortarion, ephasizing strong infantry forces. They are also known for spreading a strange viral infection wherever they go. The symptoms of the fever are sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores leading to death within half an hour. In the last seconds just before dying the pains go away and victims feel an euphoric rush which usually leaves them with peacefull, even smiling death masks. The Frozen are quite proud of their Red Death plague and use it freely as a biological weapon, priding themselves of the fact that they leave good-looking corpses and their victims leave the earth ”looking happier than when they lived”. Being simply killed by the Frozen is not the end of the horror. After the battle is over the warband scours the battlefield for the bodies of its victims and takes them back to the cryogenic tanks of their ship. After the body is thoroughly frozen the sorcerers of the warband then work their magics to resurrect the best preserved frozen bodies into a new unlife. The others are left to decorate the ship as frozen, statuesque monuments for the glory of Nurgle.


Rime is the undisputed leader and the premier sorcerer of the Frozen warband. Originally known by the name Mameton he was once a Death Guard apothecary serving aboard a medical cruiser Infinite Mercy. When the whole Death Guard fleet got infected with destroyer plague and caught into a warp Mameton tried to find a cure for the plague that was destroying his legion around him. The apothecaries of the Infinite Mercy worked without pause day and night to find a cure for the infected marines that had been conserved in cryogenic tanks but the destroyer hive was claiming victims amongst the apothecaries, killing some, transforming others. Finally, Mameton found himself alone as the only survivor amongst the apothecaries and the only man still awake aboard as other infected had already died or been interred into the cryogenic tanks. At this moment Mameton gave up on his nagging fear of mortality and final death and cried out for the powers of the warp... and the warp answered him. Nurgle, Lord of Death and Decay granted Mameton immortality and the sorcerous powers to spread the immortality. Mameton took what was offered and used his vile magicks to freeze his infected brothers in time, saving them from final death but condemning them into eternal existence as diseased carriers of the plague that had almost killed them all in the first place.

Now, thousands of years later, Mameton has taken a new name and travels with his warband from world to world, 'saving' helpless humans from their own mortality and thus spreading the influence of Nurgle far and wide. Mameton has discarded all remains of his earlier existence. His power armor and apothecary tools have been replaced with heavy terminator army, a daemon weapon and the tools of a sorcerer. Even his name has changed and today he is known as Rime the Lord of the Frozen and the Witch-King of the Eternal Winter. Somewhat surprisingly for a leader of a chaos warband of Death Guard Rime is known for his friendly and jovial manner. Those who have met him in person are easily smitten by his charming manners and moved by the compassion with which he speaks of the common humans. This is not an act, as Rime is really convinced that it is his solemn duty to protect and save the mortals from the horrible universe and their own mortality. However, when his victims realize that Rime is about to kill, freeze and make undead out of them in order to 'save' them his charm does nothing but adds to the horror of their final moments...

Absence (Short Story)

The statue comes to life. It moves ever so slowly, shifting its weight inside the great frost-coated terminator armour. Inside the helmet eyes open, staring right through you.

What you see as cold is merely absence of warmth. What you see as death is merely absence of life. It is natural for the living to fear the cold as they fear the death, for all life is dependant of warmth. However, you are mistaken in thinking of life, or warmth, as a constant of universe for it is not. The stars burn hot and bright, but are not eternal. Neither are you. In the grand scale of the universe warmth is just the temporal dance of atoms as they slowly radiate energy into the endless, hungry void. Just as all living things must die, so must all warmth ultimately vanish into the great void of the space. In the end, entropy triumphs and all that will be left is the monotony of cold, lifeless space.”

The huge weight shifts, breaking of half a dozen icicles from the pauldrons as the giant slowly stands up. The broken icicles crash onto the stone steps of the dais. Powdery snow is brushed of the cloak and it falls to the floor.

You call me morbid for saying such things, but I am not, for these things are not figments of my imagination, but the simple truth of existence. What you see as worship of chaos is merely absence of faith. It is not I who lives in fictitious delusions. You desperately cleave to your corpse-god, but it is for nothing. He is gone. Your god is dead and you set your faith in a false totem built out of a simple piece of decaying matter. Entropy always wins. Emperor knew this, for he was no man of faith. He hated faith. He hated gods. What irony it is that you mortals now worship him as one of the very things he confessed of despising and hating?”

A slow rumble is heard, eminating deep from the bowels of the ancient armour. Frost covering the cables leading to the oversized gauntlet covering the left hand melt as the armour starts to feed power into the modified power fist he call Hoarfrost.

The faith is a funny thing. Making up false gods and imaginary miracles you are only deceiving yourself, masking the truth you are unwilling to see. The truth that you are mortal and one day you will be no longer.”

The left arm reaches out, touching you with Hoarfrost. Its sole weight would crush you, but the servos are keeping up and the touch is light as a feather.

You will die. That is not a threat. It is a simple statement of facts. The living always die.”

There is a bright flash as the giants psychic power is funneled throught Hoarfrosts intricate systems, freezing your cortex in seconds. Darkness.

I am simply helping things along.”

~ Necro-Cognition Cortical Transcript of meeting with Rime,
classified and sealed by Ordo Hereticus.