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    Deathwatch intro fluff

    I figured that some of you here might enjoy this. It is the Intro fluff to a Deathwatch campain I am running. To give players a better feel of NPCs I've been writing short story segments for them. Here is the first part. Tell me what you think.

    +++Start of Message+++

    +++Restricted File+++
    +++Access Level Beta Confirmed+++
    +++Limited Access Approved+++

    +++Servo Memory File 231+++
    +++Automated Activation+++


    Inquisitor Kaythrin stepped into her Office at Sector Command. Her calm demeanor betrayed a hidden furry. Her office was large by comparison to other offices in Sector Command. It was also the emptiest. Her wooden desk stood before a bay window that over looked the Recreation Habb Block on +Insufficient Access Level+. Beyond that and still in full view of her office was one of the planet’s oceans. The warm yellow light of the setting sun streamed into the Office casting shadows on the Servos and Armours that lined the side of her office.

    Kaythrin was a small woman, no more then a meter and a half. She was at times criticized for her small stature, but insisted that the work of the inquisition was not about physical might. If their was fighting to be done, that was work for the Imperial Guard, not an Inquisitor. She saw her job as a political office. Her mentor had aways taught her that the true Inquisitor is one that is able to have the common citizen do the work for you. This way they will be better able to stamp out heresy before it becomes a problem. Achieving this was some times just as hard if not harder then what some of her colleagues did with complex strike teams and investigations. She had to know who to give the right tools to and the right direction to send them.

    The work here in the +Insufficient Access Level+ was grueling. The political climate among military was draughting and difficult to understand, let alone the dozens of worlds here that for thousands of years, didn’t even know that they, Imperium of Man, still existed. For 2 years she had been wading through parties, political emissaries, research teams and military briefings.

    Few would have picked her out in a crowd as a member of the inquisition. She was never in armor, or carries arms openly. Instead, she looked as a wealthy noble of some small ruling house. A simple yet elegant dress was her usual attire. Today she wore a red dress that followed the contours of her body. Her Inquisitorial Rosetta hung a long silver chain resting just above her navel. She seemed to sparkle in the evening sky as the sun caught the various pieces of jewelry that she wore. Her blond hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

    After she walked across the empty space to her desk she stopped before her desk instead of going and sitting in her high backed chair. The Inquisitor took a moment to take in the clutter of her desk. No matter how Spartan she kept her work areas, she could never keep her desk neat.

    She looked thoughtfully around at the things upon it. Mostly it was a pile of data-slates that the Inquisitor knew that she did not have time to read, but these weren’t what caught her eye. It was one of her mementos from endeavors past and a reminder of an old friend. It was a Pyramid of a black obsidian material about the size of her fist, currently being used as a paper weight. With her gloved hand she reached out and picked up the pyramid. Even through her gloved hand she could feel its power scratching at the nerves in her hand, trying to prob into her mind. The pyramid was an artifact of immeasurable age obviously of Xeno origin.

    Even after years of research she still did not know what the device was. It was a gift from her mentor. The psykic power of the pyramid tried to prob her mind and access her memories as was usual. +++++++++++++Insufficient Access Level+++++++++++++ but she used the device to practice her mental control, and to help her reduce stress. The training to block the influence of psykers calmed her. She gazed into the black emptiness of the pyramid and dared it to try and take her thoughts. Focusing on the wall of her mind until she could no longer even feel the tingling in her hand. With a smile she replaced the Pyramid upon her desk.

    A moment later her office door hissed open and the booted feet of another woman entered the office. She wore the black fatigues of a military officer, but had upon her shoulder the unmistakable red markings of the Inquisition. She took some steps into the office and then stopped, waiting to be addressed. In her left hand she held a data-slate.
    With out looking at her the Inquisitor addressed the new comer “Yes Interrogator?”.

    “Mam, I have an answer from the Lord General concerning your request.” She stopped and nervously glanced at the data-slate in her hand.

    “It’s bad news isn’t it Interrogator Morgain?” Questioned the Inquisitor with a raised eyebrow.

    ‘It is mam,” Interrogator Morgain replied, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, “He has denied your request for +++Insufficient Access Level+++. The Lord General informs me that your request is unreasonable. He states there is no Xeno threat outside of the Tau Expansion forces in this Sector. He also told me to inform you that you should focus your energies on keeping the cease fire in place instead of hunting for monsters in the northern front.”

    Kaythrin was not taking the news well and seemed about to explode. The calm that she had before was breaking down inside of her. Her breathing rate increased, she inhaled deeply, as if to scream, but instead regained a bit of her composer and turned to her acolyte. “Morgan,” she stated with a calm demeaning voice. Have you showed the Lord General the pic-records of the specimen that we have on-board that rust bucket of a transport he gave us in orbit. Have you showed him the records of the recent war fought in Macragge, or our files of the Sins of Damnation. Is he even aware of what happened on Tyron? “

    There was obvious annoyance in Morgain’s reply. “He refused to speak to me, I was forced to give your reports to one of his aids.” It was clear now that Morgain was not worried about the anger of her master but instead harboring her own feeling of insult. “This aid told me to tell you that the Lord General believes that you are trying to take over the crusade.”

    “Taking over the Crusade!” Inquisitor Kaythrin stood straight, her hands at her side and head held high she seemed to fill the room. She strode purposefully, each step a deliberate message. Stopping in front of Morgain she appeared to tower over her despite the Interrogator's advantage in height. Her voice was booming. “You tell that aid that I don’t care what peon title he has or who he serves. You tell him that if he does not allow you to personally hand the Lord General my request, along with my research, you have my personal authority to shoot him on the spot.”

    The force of her voice and the intensity of her eyes made the interrogator recoil from the Inquisitor ever so slightly. Morgain gave the Inquisitor a short nod and turned to leave. As she reached the door the Inquisitor spoke again. “Morgain, take a Bolt Pistol with you. If I’ve always though that a Bolter gave a much more stronger message then a Las pistol. The mess they have to clean up should give them a longer time to think about the gravity of defying me.”

    The Interrogator left with a nod. As the doors closed the Inquisitor spun to her desk. With a scream she swiped clean the contents of her desk. Data-slates, slid along the smooth floor till they struck the side wall. Papers flew and danced through the air, falling like snow through out the room. Not satisfied with the chaos from the contents of her desk spilled across the floor, she screamed again and with all the strength of her slight frame, she tipped over her wooden desk. The echoing boom of her desk traveled through out the wing of Sector Command.

    As the noise died, a figure slided, from the darkness of the Office, it was no more then a shadow. The shadow’s skin tight body glove and face mask did not hide the feminine frame of the figure. With out a sound the figure made her way to the side of the Inquisitor. Her head looking this way and that. One hand upon a sword strapped to her back.

    “Don’t worry, +Insufficient Access Level+, I’m alright.”

    After a moment’s pause, the Shadow of a figure moved to hide in the darkness again but the Inquisitor turned to the figure and rested a delicate hand on it’s shoulder. The figure relaxed, but made no move to return the friendly gesture. The Inquisitor slowly pulled herself to the shadow and hugged it tight. “Ever since the discovery of the Warp anomaly in this sector I have been pushed further and further. This is the Eastern fringe of the Galaxy all threats here are Xenos in origin, this warp anomaly and chaos raiders has me pushed to the side lines. I am unused to it.”

    Kaythrin pulled away from the cold embrace of the shadow. She looked to the mess on the floor and when she had located the pyramid, walked over and retrieved it saying, “I do not believe I would mind their treatment of me in this matter so much if it was not for the presence of that Inquisitor +Insufficient Access Level+ of the Ordos Mallus. All Inquisitors are capable and ready to deal with the passable corruption of Warp. The fact that I am from the Ordos Xenos should no mean that I am incapable of taking the lead on this Crusade. The Lord General has no right to assume that +Insufficient Access Level+ has more authority in this matter then me. Is it not the discovery of a stable warp gate by my own mentor that gave way to start this crusade?”

    With the Pyramid in hand the Inquisitor moved to the bay window and looked out over the city and beyond it to the ocean. In her mind she pictured the waves crashing over the rocky shore line. Hearing also the sound of the waves. She preformed her focusing ritual with the pyramid until she had recovered her wits.

    “This business with the Tau Empire requires more finesse and cunning then I believe I am capable of sometimes. At least the Lord General listened to me when I told him that attacking the Tau would be foolish. With my Diplomacy they have agreed to fight our common enemy as long as we do not hinder their expansion.” The Inquisitor turned to the Shadow, unmoved since their embrace. “Do you believe that the Tau have claimed half of this sector as part of their petty empire. It was a miracle that I was even able to convince them that we were really here to fight the traitors form the Warp Anomaly and to reunite with planets still loyal to the Emperor.”

    She tossed the artifact across the floor, among the other items from her desk and moved to a small table with various bottles on it. While pouring herself a drink she went on, “I don’t believe that the Lord General can even acknowledge that I single handily save the Crusade with that action. If the crusade tried to fight the Tau, and reclaim the lost worlds here in this sector, and fight the forces of chaos, this Crusade would grind to a halt. It was a mistake to request the Ecclesiastes for this assignment. They are killing more loyalists then they are heretics. Between them and the Tech Priests, any evidence of Tyranids will be burned away as alien fauna, and don’t get me started on the Black Templar. Of all the chapters...”

    Kaythrin realized that she was rambling and turned to her shadow. The dark figure was standing patiently, she was used to the musings and tantrums of her master. The Inquisitor smiled to her self, a thought coming to her. “I suppose I do have one option left to me. It will probably make me more enemies then friends, but if i prove I’m right, the Lord General can not deny the threat of another Tyranid Invasion. He will be forced to acknowledge me, and I will have of course saved the Crusade again.

    “If he will not give me use of a company of Space Marines, fine. I don’t need a company, a single squad will do, and I’m not using those over zealous Black Templar or the feral Space Wolves ether. I will go around the Lord General’s authority and use the Ordos Xeno’s personal Chapter, the Ordos Mallus isn’t the only branch of the Inquisition that has their own chapter.”

    The Inquisitor threw her empty glass across the room to shatter on a cabinet as she marched from her office. The shadow was gone.

    +++No Human Presence Detected+++
    +++Run File 491+++
    +++Sanitation And Housekeeping Activities Commencing+++
    +++End File 491+++
    +++Automated Deactivation+++

    +++End of Message+++

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    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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