Hey everyone. Just wanted to share the fluff I've come up with for my Dark Eldar Army.

Kabal of the Twisted Claw

Led by the mysterious Archon Drehk the Faceless, the recently founded Kabal of the Twisted Claw is beginning to become a potent player in Dark Eldar politics. It has neatly dispatched several rivals with lightning efficiency while ramping up realspace raids, bringing a slew of alien captives for its Wych Cult, the Cult of the Writhing Knife.

Those Dark Eldar who have witnessed the ever-masked Drehk on the field of battle have spread tales of his incredible combat prowess, but those who deal with him in the halls of Commorragh’s power have been less impressed. On the rare occasions when he does personally deal with the other Kabals, he often seems oblivious to the myriad of schemes that are being woven around him.

Despite this, his Kabal has flourished. Any plot brought against Drehk fails invariably. To many, it seems like he is randomly stumbling through a giant spider’s lair and does not touch any of the webs.

The truth is far more sinister. Drehk is a puppet Archon. Originally a lesser Dracon of the Kabal of the Black Heart, he forsook his name and donned the helmet of Drehk. He is a very skilled warrior to be sure, but not cut out for politics. Drehk is the puppet of an alliance of Haemoncului Covens who want a more public kind of power within Commorragh. It is these covens who fund and supply the Twisted Claw, who painstakingly unravel every plot against Drehk, and who provide his soldiers with potent (often experimental) combat drugs.

Drehk is a frequent leader of realspace raids precisely because of his status as a puppet. He knows that eventually, when the Haemoncului take public power, he will be disposed of. And because his Haemonculus pact is with the leader of the alliance, he will not come back when he dies. Drehk is determined to gorge himself as much as possible in the decades he has left, and when his masters come for him, take as many of them with him as he can.