The Gue'vesa Pt. 2 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    There was no chance of surviving this encounter now without surrendering. There was no honor in defeat, only in life. The xeno spoke the truth. Lieutenant Will Brody unhooked the chainsword from his belt, turned to his lines and lifted it with both hands over his head. He then turned toward the Tau, who had readied himself for an attack, and knelt in the dirt. His head lowered and he held out the sword to the Tau.
    “As commander of the 32nd Brimlock Rifles, I surrender to your mercy, Shas’el.?

    The Tau had been right, his word had been kept. After Shas’el Shi’Or’es accepted Lt. Brody’s sword, he had given it back to him. Brody’s men left their muddy holes and trenches and walked out into the early morning light, thier lasguns slung over their shoulders. 45 men had been saved by the Lieutenants actions, but to what fate?
    Brody turned to Shi’Or’es, “What shall I tell my men? Where are we to go??
    “One moment, Gue’la.? He said as his hand went to his temple. “My commander wishes to see you. Our Firewarriors shall take your men to a shelter where they can clean themselves. Please instruct them to leave their weapons behind. Anyone caught with a weapon, other than yourself, will be killed.? His ebony black eyes were hard to watch, but it was clear that he was being truthful. If they hadn’t killed them all yet, they probably wouldn’t kill them all now.
    Brody turned from the Tau, who was putting on his helmet, and walked back to his men. He found a large stone that had been erupted from a bomb crater and climbed upon it. The men of the 32nd Brimlock Rifles came around him as he stood above them.
    “Men…men! Settle down. I’ve something to tell you. The Army has withdrawn from this planet. They have withdrawn and left us here. There will be no going home for us.? The men started to mumble among themselves as Brody stretched out his hands over them. “Listen to me…these Tau have offered to spare our lives if we surrendered to them. There was no way for us to live if I had decided to fight them. Now, you might think that there is no honor in surrender, but there is even less honor in death with no purpose. We have chosen the honorable path. The Firewarriors will lead you all to a shelter in the city where you can get cleaned up and fed. You all must leave your weapons behind. Anyone caught with a weapon will be killed.? He said.
    “Now, men, I know that you all have a lot of thoughts running through your minds. Know this, the Imperium of Man has turned its back on us leaving us here, but the Emperor has shown his grace upon us by letting us live another day. Today, we join the Tau for they have given us this chance to live. I don’t want to order you to do this. Think about what we have been given: a chance to live in a place where we don’t have to fight for anyone but ourselves, a chance to work for ourselves.?
    “Sergeant McLeod, you will accompany me to see the Tau commander. The rest of you, lay down your weapons and go to the Firewarriors.?
    The men did as they were told and went toward the Tau lines. Many had their heads bowed down low, but a few held to their pride and walked tall.

    The inside of the devilfish transport was spacious and comfortable. Its engines ran beautifully. There were no litanies of faith on the consoles. There was no incense burning near the door. There was no thump-thump-thump of pistons fireing. It was just a smooth and easy ride. Lt Brody sat upright in the small seat with Sgt. McLeod at his side. Neither said anything as they had left the battleground. The sergeant seemed to be brooding about something, but he said nothing. Will surmised that it was probably just his pride that had been mortally wounded. Once they had landed, the rear hatch lowered with a hiss and Lt Brody, Sgt McLeod, and Shas’el Shi’Or’es walked out.
    “Follow me, Lieutenant.? The Tau said. The clicking of his hooves made the walk very interesting. It seemed that they had entered some sort of armored bunker complex inside the city, but with no windows on the devilfish, Will had no way of knowing. The concrete around him seemed to be untouched by the effects of war. “Please remove your hat and helmet,? he said, “You are going to meet the Dal’yth war council. These, um, people are very sacred to us Firewarriors. Please treat them with the respect that they deserve. I would not wish to speculate about what would happen to you if you did not.? And with that he stopped and placed his hand on a console near a door. The door made a chime sound and it slid open.
    The room was spacious. Tau banners, archaic weapons, flags of Imperial Regiments, and a suit of Ultramarine armor (probably pieced together from several suits) adorned the walls. The room had an unearthly quietness about it. Even their footfalls were subdued. As they proceded, Brody noticed a long table near the far end of the room. It was slightly curved toward them with several Tau sitting behind it. There were five of them, two of which were in the same armor that Shi’Or’es was wearing, but in different colors, one a light tan and the other a light olive green. The two in armor had bright red left shoulder pad, in contrast to the bright green of Shi’Or’es. The other three Tau were clothed in fine light colored robes. Their hands seemed to be in their laps or folded across their chests.
    “Your Excellency, I present to you Lieutenant Will Brody, Commander of the Gue’la forces abandoned outside the city walls.? Shi’Or’es said bowing slightly. The center most Tau lifted his hand ever so slightly as if to dismiss him. Shi’Or’es walked to the end of the table and sat next to one of the armored Tau behind the table.
    “Welcome to Dal’yth, Gue’la Brody. I am glad that you and your troops finally came to your senses and decided to join us. There was no point in continuing the fight.? He said. His tone reminded Brody of his former General, a bit of sarcasm due to his low stature in rank.
    “What is your name, Tau?? he said not wanting to be undone. One of the armored Tau nearly stood, his mouth turning into a snarl and his brow furrowed.
    “You will not take that tone with the Aun, Gue’la, or it will be the last one you ever take!? he shouted.
    Sergeant McLeod took a defensive step in front of his commander. His aged hands deftly lifted the chainsword from Brody’s hip and brandished it at the Tau. “And I’ll be thinkin’ you would be better changin’ your tone as well, Tau.? McLeod’s eyes locked onto the armored Tau’s eyes and they stared each other down. Brody knew he meant what he said. Even now, in defeat, McLeod still had his pride and no one would take that from him.
    “I am Aun’Tre. I am the leader of the Dal’yth War Council. This is my trusted council of war. On my left are Aun’Ka’dre’na and Aun’Ul’wa. On my right is Shas’o Dal’yth Ur’or’es of the 1st Dal’yth Hunter Cadre and Shas’o T’au Kais of the 23rd T’au Hunter Cadre. And you already know Shas’el Dal’yth Shi’Or’es.? He said matter of factly, deftly defusing the situation. Shas'o Dal'yth Ur'or'es looked over at the Aun and then slowly took his seat again.
    “McLeod, mind your place.? He said taking the sword from him. “Please excuse my trusted Aide-de-camp, Your Excellency. His heart is in the right place but his mind is not. Thank you for the introductions.? Brody said putting the sword back in its holder. “Your Excellency, why have you brought me here??
    “So that you may know your purpose.? The Aun said. “All members of the Tau know their purpose. For some, it is building. For some, it is fighting. For yet others, it is flying. For you, your purpose is not yet clear. All of us work for the Greater Good that is our society. We are all just cogs in our great machine, each of us working to propel the other.?
    “Do you mean, Aut’Tre, that we are to be your slaves? If we had known that, we would have fought you to the last man.?
    “No. All are independent yet connected. You will not be our slaves as the Tau have no slaves.?
    “Then what is it that you want from us?? Brody asked beginning to sound a bit exasperated.
    “We wish you to live among us, using your skills and abilities to the utmost to further the Greater Good.? The Tau replied. If The Tau could smile, he almost did.
    “We have no skills other than those we’ve already shown you. Most of us have been soldiers since we can remember. It is all we know. But you already have many soldiers who are capable. What can we contribute to your greater good?? Will asked him.
    “Then you shall be soldiers for all OUR Greater Good. In the outlying regions, Gue’la and Fio caste Tau have been working together to build new colonies where they could work together. But the Orks have been attacking these colonies and making off with both Tau and Gue’la. Our prime forces must re-take the planets that your Imperium claimed as their own, yet we need to protect these new colonies. Would you take your men back into battle for the Greater Good?? Aun’Tre asked.
    Will looked at Sgt. McLeod. The Sergeant looked back, cocked his head to one side and shrugged his shoulders. “I never did like Orks, El-Tee.? He said with a smile.
    “Sounds like you’ve got a company of soldiers.? Will said.
    “Shas’el, will you take your warriors back into battle for the Greater Good?? Aun’Tre asked of the young Firewarrior commander.
    “Yes, Your Excellency.?
    “Very good. Make all the preparations needed.? He said waving a hand dismissing them from the council.

    As the Tau and the human walked out of the council chambers, neither looked at each other. Brody was the first to speak.
    “I suppose this means we’ll have to be working together, Shas’el.? He said.
    “Yes, I suppose it does.? He replied. “What does Lieutenant mean?? he asked turning to look at the much taller human.
    “It means that I was the fourth in command of my regiment. There were Captains and Colonels and Generals above me.? He said.
    “Then I suppose you should have a new title so my warriors will know what to call you as most of them do not speak your tongue. Our fourth in command is the ‘Vre. It means Hero in your tongue. I am an ‘El meaning roughly a Knight, the third in command. ‘O means Commander, the second in command. And the first leader is the Aun, which has no translation. You will be Gue’vesa’Vre Brody. And you, Sergeant McLeod, shall be Gue’vesa’Ui’Ror meaning human helper veteran who is the shield.?
    “I like that. I am the shield.? McLeod said to himself as he walked a step behind as the group walked toward the bunker where the rest of the humans were.

    Maj. Stryker
    182nd Cadian Para Infantry Reg
    E Company Commander

    Captain Antonius
    3rd Company, White Templars
    Adeptus Astartes

    Shas'O Dal'yth Shi'Or'es
    IVth Dal'yth Hunter Cadre

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    Good story.
    I, for one, enjoyed it (Y)

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    186 (x8)

    good story, i see you have good quotes from firewarrior
    cant wait for part three of this ongoing struggle...

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