Battleforce Tyrannis was fromed 7 years after the first contact with Tyranids in the Ultimar segmentum. they were founded by Maligus Calgar and Lord Inquisitor Griffin. under the command of Captian Gladius of the Ultramarines. Originally to be a multi-chapter effort, but conflict arrose between the chapters and the Force was restructured to be an Ultramarine Battleforce.

32 years after the founding a boy named Alius Zion joined the Ultramarines. After his period of growing he was enstated as a scout armed with the squads heavy bolter. he erned hiself some decorration when he and another of his squad held back the Tyranids long enough for renforcement to arrive. Zion was promoted to Sargent and then led the scout squad. After a few years he had completed his training and became a Ultramarine battle brother, and was the sargent of a tactical squad. after ten long years of serving the Emperor he was awarded Veteran status a made a Veteran sargent. more years passed and he worked his way up to the Veteran Sargent of the command squad. when hive fleet Kaken attack he was on the front line, the Ultramarines managed to repel the nids but the Hero, Captian Gladius, was killed. when the command squad was replaced he became the new Hero at the rank of Captain. He currently serves the Emperor as the Battleforce commander and favours his master crafted storm bolter and his power sword.

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