I haven't come up with a story, or any great fluff ideas, so far, but I did want to share the name of my new sept as well as the names of some of the key personnel in my Tau army.

Tau Sept: Mon'por (trans. Black Water)

Mon'por Mont'Eldi Hunter Cadre
Shas'el D'Mon'Re (Strong Black Twin)
Shas'el D'Mon'Ur (Strong Black Twin)

Shas'vre Kais'ka (Skilled Strike)
Shas'vre Ko'mont (Worthy Death)

Crisis Monat Battlesuit: (Fusion Gun)
Shas'ui Soo'Suam (Artful Flame)

M'Yen'An Stealth Team (Unforeseen Location)
Shas'ui Run'mont'da (Obscure Shadow - Stealth Leader)

Shas'Sho'kara Tetra Squadron (Fire Lens/Window)

Ol'nan Hammerhead Tank (Bright Sword)
Or'es'ka Hammerhead Tank (Powerful Strike)

Most of these names are based on the direct roles of the unit described.

i.e. M'Yen'An Stealth Team represents their stealth. Shas'Sho'kara Tetra Squadron represents the Tetra's (Pathfinders) markerlight (they are a "window" for the rest of the Fire Caste to shoot upon the enemy).

The rest of the names are purely for fun, as well as making my Hammerheads sound big and mighty. I might make names for each individual Fire Warrior, but I won't bore you all with that (as I have 48 Fire Warriors to name).

The two Shas'el are brothers, if you can't tell by the "twin" meaning in their name. Yes, their names mean the exact same things, and though they do mean the same thing, they are for very different reasons.

The "black" part of the Shas'el's names are due to mainly their armor. Most of the army, I've decided, will have a blue color scheme. The two brothers in their HQ roles, however, had their armor colored the same color as the water of their home world - black. So, they will look different than the rest of the army.

The other unit looking different than the rest of the army will, of course, be Monat Crisis suit Soo'Suam! If you can't already guess where his name (Artful Flame) came from, it's because of his obsession with the fusion gun and carving molten signatures into tanks and heavy troopers.

That's all I've come up with so far, I'll probably post again sometime to continue the expansion of Mon'por.