History of the Blood Wolfs

At the time of the great crusade The Blood wolfs where one of the greatest and proudest legions in all the space marine army. They fought on the front lines of the army, When they where fighting on a small planet by the name of Thalui with the world eaters ( the world eaters and the Blood angles is where there original gene seed was based.) The world eaters asked them to side with them against the emperor. When they refused the world eaters destroyed their whole fleet and left them to fight a over whelming force of Eldar. They surprisingly won but only about 500 marines remained. The eternal fury had very high respected techmarines so there techmarines and servitors eventually made them a new ship. But a darting Eldar raid destroyed the ship and most of the techmarines. Now the Blood wolfs rely on their chaplains to guide them. They defend Thalui and recruit from the people There. Now the Blood Wolfs fight Eldar and other hostile enemies in the name of the emperor even though no one from the imperium knows they live…

Trait advantages
-suffer not the Eldar to live (pious)
-take the fight to them (fierce)

major drawbacks
-flesh over steel

minor drawbacks
-we stand alone
-have pride in your colours

any one like (Y) or (N) any ideas thx for your help o and its a CC army im going to have chaplin with jump pack and tooled up master for HQ