The Lament Of Craftworld Maerone - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    This is my first attemt at background to any army i have ever collected. The Eldar of Craftworld Maerone. Any diatribes against it are welcomed, i have no pride.

    Maerone is a small craftworld in the deep south east of the ultima segmentum. After the tradgedies that beset the Eldar after the Fall and the Birth of the Great Enemy, Maerone fled the strife of the universe
    Coming to rest after many years travelling the Craftworld came to orbit agarden world which the Eldar named "Varme Fovue", literaly "Beautiful Haven". The craftworld went into orbit concealed by the greatest magiks of their farseers and a dense nebula. The craftworld forgot the universe for an aeon.
    With the dawn of the 39th Millenium things began to go awry, some unknown influence started to decay the concealment spell of the farseers. To compond the problem the nebula, depleted of heavy Hydrogen disapated.
    The nearby Imperial world of Garia had become rich in the manufacture of weopons and arms and was now the main bastion of a sub sector. The Garians were rapidly expansive launching many crusades to bring worlds into the "fold". The world appearing a scant distance from Garia was too tempting a target to the Imperial Governor, a playground to him and his favourites. A colonisation force with a token force of Garian Fusiliers was dispatched.

    Maerone became known to the universe again.

    The dispatch of a 12 regiment force of Garian troops was a death knell to 'Varme Fovue" the planet became a burning pit the eldar unleashing chemical weopons and the Imperium retaliating with orbital bombardments which cracked the surface to a barren, black desert. The loss of the Craftworlds avatar and grevious losses to the Howling Banshees were to no avail. The Eldar of Maerone became wonderers again, beset by the imperium, the green menace of orkdom, splinter fleets of Hive fleet Leviathan and now the renewed threat of the Necrontyr.

    Trully Maerones time of Lament had begun.......

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    Not bad. pleased to see that you used my Imperial Guard world in your fluff

    the problem being that you misspelled it. your common mispronunciations of "Graia" were all down to a fault that when i said it in person, you had it fixed in your head it was spelt "Garia".

    other than that slight nit pick about you missplelling the IG homeworld that you have been playing for almost a year, and helped me create some of my fluff about them, its not bad.

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