:ph34r: I recently created my own chapter from the new SM codex called the Draconians, before i start on my rambling about their history (NO this chapter was not stranded in the bloody warp (N) ) The Draconians have half Orange/black armour & blue eye-pieces & are Succesors of the Salamanders chapter. They use much flame & plasma weaponary or anything thats hot. In game terms they have Counter-Attack, true grit & Furious Assault. Anyway onto the FLUFF children.... :hmm:

A Harsh Beginning

In the 41st millenium a Tau raiding force was attacking the Imperial world of Tarsis Var, the Imperial guard defenders were being swamped & called out for Aid. The Guard were fighting a good battle against the tau in the cramped capital of Gortah but numbers were slim. Normally the world would have fallen as from the Eastern Fringe a message would reach the nearest Bastion to late & help would be far to late, but to the luck of the Guard Defenders the Salamanders Chapter picked up the distress call & dispatched a force to deal with the Insurgent tau, The force was extremely small but none the less the space marines deep striked onto the planet straight into a Ambush of Tau, The Space marines fought Valiantly but many fell & few were left when they finally broke out of the Encirclement & met up with the Imperial Guard. The small imperial forces were harrased constantly by Tau Stealth & pathfinder teams. The Guard retreated into the Sewer networks to fight a neverending guerilla war against tau stealth squads.
The Salamanders under control of Valinus Galt an experienced veteran of the 1st company painted black streaks on their armour & waited for the long nights before making their raids. The space marines attacks crippled the Tau forces & eventually the Space Marines attacked the Tau Headquarters & the battle lasted for 5 days & nights, now known by the local populace as the battle of Gortah. The Tau entrenched around the Headquarters & the space marines threw themselves constantly at this wall of fire. As the Marines regrouped in their trench line Valinus knew that the only way to brake the line was a large frontal assault, the last thing the tau suspected. The forces scouts were sent to sabotage & keep the tau vehicles busy while the attack was made. So on the minute of Midnight the Space Marines made their fatal charge, the fire cracked around the marines but even those who had suffered the most horrific injuries continued the assault as the Imperial Guard witneses reported. Valinus led the charge & crashed into the Tau line Hacking away with his Axe, holy rage burning in his eyes. The tau force broke & attempted to fall back to the HQ building but the Space Marines pursued & it is said no Tau Escaped the Space Marines charging right up to the building placing Melta charges around the door & base of the Structure. Over the other side of the compound the Salamander scouts were having sucess against the Tau tank division, blowing up many tanks & routing the drivers & crew who hadn't reached their tanks yet. Valinus Stepped through the door of the Building his Warriors in close formation, it is said that all the Tau commanders & Ethereals were taken outside shackled & put on their knees & infront of the Tau fire caste that had surrenered Valinus walked over to the Ethereal first Lifting the aliens head he stared down with cold eyes & said " You foul Xenos who have dared to defile our Emperors fine world shall pay with your lives & that will be your way to redemption", Taking a chainsword from a nearby Space Marine he drove the blade into the beasts back watching it fall to the ground in a pool of blood, gasping & coughing, Valinus repeated this process with the rest of the commanders before his men shot down the remaining Fire Caste. With the ground stained & the air filled with the pungent smell of the Tau life the Marines took up burning weapons & cleansed the Area. The Space Marines stayed afterwards to help clean up the planet but to the Dismay of the reduced Space Marine & Imperial guard forces a new tau force bigger than that of the one before was sighted in the system on the planet of Dracodia a planet of Lava rivers & Ash wastes. The Salamander Chapter was growing large & getting a little to close to 1000 marines for the Chapter Master Tu'Shan to feel comfortable with & Valinus Galt had recently sent a message to Tu'Shan to ask if he could take the world of Dracodia in the Name of the Salamanders & Tu'Shan's brilliant mind clicked, A message was sent to Valinus that he was to establish a new Chapter on Dracodia after Eliminating the Tau & Valinus was to be the Chapter Master. Much Suppilies were sent to start a new Chapter & Valinus began to organise the Marines to assault Dracodia. The Salamanders painted their armour Half Orange & the other Half Black. Upon the assault of Dracodia the Space Marines used much flame & plasma weapons, even inventing new weapons from the Lava rivers. The Tau were crushed & upon the victory Valinus Raised his axe & cried out to all the marines "STAND TALL MARINES FOR WE ARE NO LONGER THE SALAMANDER WE ARE THE DRACONIANS!!!!!!" this was met by a great cry & a Base was quickly set up by the Eager marines Valinus Galt sitting on the Throne of flame. The Draconians great citadel surrounded by a great lava river. The local barbarian population soon came to worship the Draconians & become space marines & so The Draconians Were born...

Sorry if that was too long, this is only the first part of the Draconians story & i've already planned the next to parts, please reply & any suggestions or questions will be taken into account or answered, also PLEASE REPLY :ph34r: