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    Child of the Emperor - Fit the First (Part one)

    Marlus sat in his command chair, people busying themselves with the driving the ship around him. The Obliviscaris cruised along with 5 others along with a dozen Escorts. He look around himself, proud of what he was commanding. Of course, being a captain, he should expect nothing less. Each crew member was trained to his, or hers he added after a female marine of the navy walked by, greatest ability. The sheer greatness of the ship needed a five person team, sat in chairs in front of Marlus, to make sure the ship is going the right way. Matthew, the head of the team, turned to Marlus.
    ‘My Lord,’ He addressed Marlus. ‘The Battle Barge Obliviscaris is on it’s course to Isstvan III. We shall be there, to confront the heretic Horus, in 48 Hours.’

    It was the 31st millennium, Marlus and much of the crew were Space Marines. Each ship belonged to the Emperor’s Children chapter, the chapter the Marines belonged to, and they were on their way to Isstvan III, to try and convince Horus, a self announced traitor of the Holy Emperor of Mankind, to give himself in. The Obliviscaris was a Battle Barge, as were the other five, a behemoth of a space-ship. The Escorts were Strike Cruisers and, although smaller than the Battle Barges, were metal monstrosities themselves. Each Cruiser was over a mile in length, and each Battle Barge was at least twice that.

    To cut a long history short, or as short as it can be, The Emperor is the leader of Mankind against the Alien filth of the Universe and the followers of Chaos, which have turned from the Holy Light of the Emperor and deserved a punishment worse than death. Sadly no punishment worse than death has been found so that has to be settled for but, even if it takes a hundred years, one shall be found.
    One of the Emperor’s most incredible achievements is the creation of the Primarches, Super-Men, with impossible strength and great cunning. The Emperor spent many years in the creation of these, changing genetic information to create them. Each one is a legend in himself. Not only are they extraordinary strong and smart but they can use powers of the Warp, a sub-corporal space where the souls of animals and plants are drawn into, to change the space around them.
    There are many legends about them; the truest one being that while still infantile they were sucked into the Warp by the Chaos Powers and, for reasons of their own, scattered across the galaxy. The Powers were smart enough to know that the Emperor knew about them and had made the Primarches as weapons against them and were almost incorruptible. Later, once warp-storms which had surrounded Earth during the scattering had gone, the Emperor went out in search for them, finding them one by one. They didn’t know what they really were, but all recognised they were different from normal human beings and joined the Emperor in claiming back the Galaxy which had been thrown into disorder over the years that warp-storms had isolated many systems.
    During the time the Emperor waited to be able to get back the Primarches, he used the genetic material to make the Adeptus Astartes, also known as the Space Marines. Although not as strong or cunning as the Primarches, and not commonly having psychic powers, they were still above the average man. Equipped with ancient technology, such as Power Armour, they helped win back the Galaxy from Aliens and Chaos Worshippers. When the Primarches were found, they were past adulthood and had each learned important lessons with their past lives in between common man. Each took up the command of the Space Marines that had been made from each of their Genetic material. Some Primarches had thousands or even millions of Marines under their command, whereas, for example, Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children, only had just over 500.
    Sadly, after much of the Galaxy had been won back, the increase of size in the Space Marine Legions and the Emperor gone back to Earth, or Terra as it was also known as, to continue scientific experiments, Horus, the greatest of the Primarches and almost an equal to the Mighty Emperor himself, was corrupted by the Chaos Powers. He has been able to corrupt other Primarches himself, them being Alpharius (Of the Alpha Legion), Lorgar (Word Bearers), Magnus the Red (Thousand Sons), Mortarion (Death Guard), Angron (Worldeaters), Konrad Curse (Night Lords), Perturabo (Iron Warriors) and even Fulgrim. The Primarches Horus never got the chance to corrupt or he trusted were Lion El’ Jonson (Of the Dark Angels), Jaghatai Khan (White Scars), Leman Russ (Space Wolves), Rogal Dorn (Imperial Fists), Robute Guilliman (Ultramarines), Sanguinius (Blood Angles), Ferrus Manus (Iron Hands), Vulkan (Salamanders) and Corax (Raven Guard). Our story begins when Horus has announced his treachery by bombarding the planet Isstvan III from orbit, with many of the Space Marines the traitor Primarches couldn’t trust to fight against the Emperor.
    This is the infamous time of the Horus Heresy. Of course, the Marines on the Obliviscaris and in the fleet don’t know that, at this very moment, Fulgrim is being corrupted by Horus...

    “Pretty, pretty please?’ Horus begged., kneeling with the plams of his hands placed together. ‘Join me with the Chaos Gods?’
    ‘For the last time, Brother, No!’ Answered Fulgrim, angry. ‘We’re going to go back to Terra and you’re going to apolgise to Father.’
    Horus stood up, crossed his arms, which is very hard to do in Terminator Armour, and pouted.
    ‘No.’ He said, sulkily. ‘Don’t wanna, not gonna.’
    ‘Look, I know you and Father have had problems lately, put it’s nothing a bit of timeshare can’t solve and think of what this is doing to poor Alpharius.’ He pointed towards the only other Space Marine in the room, Alpharius who was waiting for Horus to resume the game of Risk they were playing. He was sucking a lollypop.
    ‘This isn’t the best example for him.’ Fulgrim pointed out. Horus looked down fallen.
    ‘I don’t want to go back. Rogal is his favourite and he pays more attention to Roboute than me...’ Horus broke out crying.
    ‘Oh, there, there.’ Fulgrim comforted Horus, patting him on the back. ‘Let it all out. I’ll talk to Father about this, and I’ll make sure he knows.’
    Alpharius looked up at them.
    ‘So are we going back?’ He asked.
    Horus sniffed.
    ‘Yeah, I guess so...’

    Khorne stared at the room from the Warp. The Chaos of War turned towards Nurgle, the Chaos God of Pestilence. ‘WHAT IN THE NAMES OF HELL IS HAPPENING?’ He bellowed. Being a god of War, he was naturally loud, angry and bemused. His form in the Warp was that of a Brooding King, sitting on a throne of skulls, a board sword in his hands.
    ‘I’m am not sure, Khorne...’ Nurgle turned his formed towards the portal which was allowing sight into the real world. Since he was a god of pestilence his current from was an E. Coli bacterium. ‘He is caving in!’
    ‘What’s ****ing happening, brothers?’ Hissed Slaneesh, the Chaos God of Pleasure. He was basically the Chaos God of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll so had taken the form of a rock star, wasted from drugs. ‘What the **** is it?’
    ‘We did.’ Nurgle said, turning to Slanesh and giving him as much as a glare that E. Coli can.
    ‘Alright, I’m ****ing sorry- Oh, ****, I said ****- ****!’
    Khorne and Nurgle moved away from Slaneesh, are as much as you could in a place which technically had no space, and went to find Tzeentch.
    ‘Oh, hello!’ Tzeentch said, when he saw them. He was the Chaos god of Change and to represent this, his form merged and changed with other ones. In the conversation his form changed from a burning tree, a talking snake and a bucket and spade set.
    ‘HORUS IS GIVING UP!’ Khorne said.
    ‘He has just started crying and agreed to go back to Terra with that Fulgrim.’ Nurgle said grimly. He had now change his form to a Streptococcus.
    ‘Nothing is hopeless. Just take Fulgrim, and Horus shall fall next.’
    With the new found information they went back to the portal. Slaneesh was still swearing violently.
    ‘Which of us would Fulgrim fall to?’ He asked. ‘He’s too clean for me...’
    ‘AND HE IS TOO PEACE-LOVING FOR ME!’ Khorne declared, thrusting his sword into the air.
    ‘Don’t do that.’
    ‘It makes you look like a twat.’
    ‘Not much difference, then... he, he he.’ Said Tzeentch, his voice echoing.
    Nurgle and Khorne turned towards Tzeentch. He took the form of something with an eyebrow and raised it.
    ‘I’ve already done Magnus.’
    They all turned towards the convulsing Slaneesh.
    ‘No, but let’s try anyway.’

    Fulgrim sat in Horus’ room. It was ok... if you ignored the horrid décor, the clashing colours and the Chaos Symbols. The symbols didn’t bother Fulgrim much, but Blue with White? Ugh.
    ‘Is any-****ing-one there?’ Asked a voice.
    ‘Who is that?’
    ‘****... I’m... umm.... ****... ah, your conscience!’ Slaneesh said, triumphal.
    ‘I thought it wouldn’t swear so much... and is that Black Sabbath in the background?’

    ‘IT’S LOOKING GOOD!’ Said Khorne.

    ‘Lord Marlus, we are nearly there.’ A Navy Officer confirmed .

    ‘ERM... NOT SO GOOD!’
    ‘Argh, they’ll ruin everything! Do something, Tzeentch!’
    Tzeentch sighed.
    ‘Do this, Tzeentch, do that...’ Said the Bucket and Spade, as it changed and disappeared.

    In the Warp, clouds appeared and formed sinister shapes.
    An officer looked at a screen and saw the form of the cloud which was going to encircle the fleet.
    ‘Argh!’ He screamed and ran towards the door. The Space Marine in there grabbed him and head butted him.
    ‘Make evasive procedures!’ The Power-armoured giant demanded.
    All the ships had seen it, but panic struck Obliviscaris and was slow to make action
    Marlus stood up from his seat, staring into the screen.
    ‘This can’t be good.’ He said.
    Much of the normal human crew had fled for the escape pods in terror. Many of them had got away before the massive cloud, shaped like a rubber duck, had swallowed the Obliviscaris and half a dozen escorts.

    ‘Don’t do that, either.’
    Tzeentch reappeared, haven taken the same shape as the cloud and watched Slaneesh corrupt Fulgrim.

    What do you think? It can be downloaded here in it's full formated form.

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    you made me fall off my chair, on 3 different occasions (Y) keep it up
    I'll go out on a wild goose chase here if you don't mind.
    *Chasing geese*

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    If games-workshop was much more main stream you could make a short of this on SNL, IFC, or TOON.
    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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    deer lord, your portrayal of the primarchs and chaos gods is right on. but i dont think horus donned the termie armor until midway throught the heresy...

    Take my love, take my land, take me to where I cannot stand; I don't care I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me.

    "The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time."- Lorgar
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