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    Forgive me, I wasn't sure if this should be in the army fluff forum, or here. Since it's a request for information rather than a piece of fluff, I felt it would be best here.

    The crux of my problem is that I like creating fluff for armies but, since we already know so much of the history of the Thousand Sons, the Worldeaters and the like, it seems to me that it's far more difficult to create fluff for armies drawn from the major chaos legions.

    I say this because I'm pondering whether to play Emperor's Children, or simply either create or adopt an existing little known chapter or band of renegade space marines with nominal devotion to Slannesh. I like the EC rules and atmosphere, but it doesn't look very easy to personalise given that we already know so much about them.

    So, there are a few questions tied up here. Has anyone felt they had the same problem, and how did you get around it? Alternately, are there any existing renegade chapters or other things listed in the huge range of fluff material out there which could provide inspiration for an interesting Slannesh army?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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    I do believe there are two major Space Marine Chapters un-accounted for after the Heresy. Use your imagination. And the codex does mention many inumerable legions that aren't listed. Don't fret, as long as you don't mix and match rules, you'll be fine.

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    just because the past fluff of a legion is set, doesnt mean that the rest is. your army can be renegade sm and exiled marines from a legion. were the exiled marines lead the army.

    doing this would allow you to dedicate your army to a patron god, but it doesnt have to be entirely to the god. so you could in turn have an army with nominal dedication to slaanesh(the greater ones like the lords and lt's) and the rest of your army can stay normal.

    hope that helps you...
    (i have two chaos armies; one of them is true emperors children, and the other is exiled emperors children and renegade space wolves. but they are only made to look like space wolves.)

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