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    How exactly do you pronounce it? like san-gwin-i-us, cause thats how i say it, but am i right?

    And to the matter of fluff, all i can find is stuff from the siege of terra, where was he found, his childhood, you know, all the stuff in the other primarch fluff

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    Yup.. it's like the word 'sanguine.' So judging by the way it's spelt, I'd guess that's the pronunciation.

    As for fluff.. if you know someone with a lot of WDs, (I do, horray&#33 ask them to dig out the Adeptus Astrates article for the blood angels. I only have the EC one myself, but it gives you a lot of primach background.

    Alternately, you could get one of the Adeptus Astrates volumes (I'm not sure which has the blood angels in them) and either buy it or do the 'I'm just reading some of it to check if I want to buy it' thing. It's naughty, I know, but so is charging £10 for a paperback.

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