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Thread: Ig Fluff

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    TARSONIAN 309th
    ‘The Firebats’

    Raised upon a world with a bloody past of civil conflict resulting in the leveling of its industrialized cities and destruction of its harsh yet beautiful bush land on its common rocky steppes. After the worlds warring factions had been bound through major Ministerial influence, the world successfully raised a large quantity of hardened troops accustomed to warfare and experts in city and bush warfare. This heralded the use of snipers and massed precision heavy weapon teams. The regiments also made valuable use of the most hardened veterans into unique commando teams that were an extremely potent force in urban warfare.

    In contrast with their primitive warring and the harsh bush surrounding their large grey cities, the regiments are superbly well equipped for cityfighting situations, having learned that dense buildings and rubble are easily cleared by massed promethium. This has led to a surprising amount of flamer weapons in their forces and a strange fetish for the use of hellhounds, this has earnt the tarsonian regiments the nickname, ‘the firebats’.

    As well as being equipped well in armaments the regiments don the same flak armour as that of Cadians, and also use the same pattern lasguns. This has led to on many off world battles the men being mistaken for Cadians though can easily be resolved through a taste for flamers instead of grenade launchers.

    The most commonly encountered alien race that the Tarsonians have fought is that of the tyranids hive fleets. The guard of this planet are suitably well equipped for this as flamers are ideal tyranids killers not to mention their use of accurate marksmanship and heavy weapon use. Mortars are commonly used from behind rock platforms and basilisk artillery from behind the city walls.

    Although the regiment wear the same pattern armour as Cadians the men behind them are in no way equal of that of the discipline as Cadians and are often seen using narcotics and chem. Inhalers to boost performance. This is quelled formally by the use of commissars, who are no way emotion about delivering the emperors grace to unruly men.

    The regiments usually follow this doctrine though some companies that were present on Cadia have adapted more reasonable and adaptable to campaigns outside Tarsonis.

    Special wep. Squads
    Heavy wep. Squads
    Ogryn Squads
    Light Infantry
    Stormtrooper squads

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    Do you want feedback or what? If you do, very nice...
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