This is an odd Armoured company in that it is made on a forge/tomb world combined- the southwestern hemisphere hosts a (momentarily) dormat Necron Force and the Armoured Companies are very well equipped- whenever they loose a tank, there's always another one already for them, the only tank in the whole force that has remained battered is the Commander's tank- chipped, dented and scraped all over- it is the only tank in the whole force that is like this- the metals that this forge-world use are very strange- the metal has daemonic properties in that it is almost always stained a strange red colour, almost like blood slicked over the tank, although, the commander's tank was made on Mars itself and has been made of the standard Plasteel. The armour is almost self-repairing, although it takes a long time, a day maybe for the tank to regain it's previous form.
The Blood slicked armour looks ominous to all those who approach it, and the Necrons especially fear it's daemonic properties.
however, the whole army has the newest tanks, serviced regularly and very well mantained.