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    Kit Out for "Commander Skypiercer"

    So, I have invented a Tau special character for an RPG, and am also thinking of modeling her, for fun, and this is where I need some help. Shas’O Vior’la Che’lal Nem Shan Kais, also known as "Commander Skypiercer" is a firebrand ground leader of a Tau expeditionary force. She specializes in stealth recon, and demolishing vehicles, and fortifications; before she makes a case for others to join the Greater Good, she often destroys something the enemy holds invulnerable, like a monument to the God-Emperor, or the biggest tank on the map, to show them that their faith is empty, while the Tau'va is not. She is a bit cheesy, with the Burner of Worlds warlord ability (very fond of orbital support, and bombardments), and a specialized drone that works much like a Master of Ordnance, but her build isn't really too weird, beside that. She'll field in an XV-23 suit, like Shadowsun, but with a more XV8-style kit out, for weapons, and this is where I need some ideas. What would be a good round out of weapons, based on what a Commander can equip, to take out vehicles, and buildings, but still be able to kill the infantry that might approach (she'll also have bodyguards, so they might so some of that.)

    With her sneakiness, and a penchant for popping tanks, what weapons should her suit sport? If you would mention that her lighter suit isn't an option, or that it can't support as many weapons, that's fine; just work as if she's wearing the XV8. Later, I may even update the suit to that model, but I like the stealthy options of the XV-23, more.

    Thanks much, for your assistance, and have a great one.

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    Given her propensity for popping tanks I'd suggest a pair of fusion blasters and then to deal with them pesky foot soldiers a set of smart missile systems (also good for light vehicle popping so characterful).

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