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    Reg.-Viminacium 26th Infantry "Roughnecks
    Command: Marshal Hans Bress
    Company C- 5th Airborne "Badgers"
    Command: Captain Gerard Eogan

    This is pretty much a little fun I had so eat your heart out.

    I spent a large part of the 13th Crusade on a few outlying planets of the Cadian Gate sector, organizing defence forces and coorinating efforts between the Space Marine Companies and the local Imperial Gaurd Regiments. There were 37 worlds which I visited most of which had no crop of men worth raising. The last world I visited was an agri-world. It supplies much of the food to the Cadian system. This has made them the targets of Ork, Eldar, and Tau incursions. How they manage to fight these invaders is still a mistery to me. Vinancium, was different from all the rest somehow. And a had to figure it out fast or the force I had raised would be too late to serve at the Cadian Gate.

    When the hobbled together fleet exited the warp, the sensors picked up the remains of an Orkish fleet. I knew however that this planet had little orbital defenses. Wondering how these simple farmers achieved such a feat, I sent an inquiry to the local commander, only to find him in the field working. As I landed their were no forces about, no ships of note, and only barns and houses to see. When I requested to meet the commander, he refused! He told me the the year's harvest was ripe and that I'd have to wait for the local fields to be cut, or meet him on his farm. Imagine an inquistior, in the fields? It was utterly perposterous. Not knowing what to do I waited on the ship organizing forces and getting ready to transport the Vinancium Conscripts with us.

    It would be three days before we got any word from the commander. In the mean time they obliged us with food and landing space. I nearly had all the men organized when I heard a sound. It was a low rumble and as it got closer I could hear singing. It was a massive mass of men and tanks. more than I had seen in an entire agriworld. The Commander rode in the lead tank. A Leman Russ Variant with skirt armor, and painted a drab green with brown spots. The men, which must have been in upwards of 5,000 men, were singing a tune which was hardly recognizable, over the din of the moving tanks.

    When the army had reached the landing ground it immedatly settled and started cleaning equipment and forming obvious groups of men in perfect organization. All the men were chatting and joking about various aspects of their lives and... fixing their own tanks! I had no idea that men could do such a thing. When I met with the commander he was an imposing man. At 6'3" he matched my height. He was also very beefy, with shoulder that looked like he good lift the front of a tank and a grip that could have crush my hand had he not been well aware of his strength.
    He intoduced himself as Field Marshal Hans Bress.

    "So Inquistor, I hear there's a spot of trouble over in the Cadian sector," he said a a strangly lyrical acent, "I've got me boys ready, but I hope ye don't expect these wee boats get us there."

    I replied, "I may be a bit cramped, but you'll get on for the Emperor."

    There ain't nobody whose gonna tell me that I or my men need to get on a bloody ship for some dead guy you keep alive to maintain power!" Shouted Hans, in voice remincent of a vox amplifier.

    "You're going to board these ships or I claim this world as a traitor world and sentence every inhabintant to life in a Penal legion." I stated matter-of-factly.

    "Now cool your shorts young'n! you don't need to be throwin' threats around, I simply said that we won't be going on these ships."

    "What do you mean?" I questioned

    "We got more'n tis me laddie, there's a gatharin' places like these all over the world. In time of need all every man is ready to fight to protect his family. These boats simply arn't goin' to be enough. Thats why why I called up an old friend of mine to drop by give me aride to this Cadia place."

    An orderly walked in and whispered something in his ear.

    "Well, speak tha devil. I need to get my men on these ships, you go start working your ships off the ground."

    I walked outside the tent and looked around, the Vinacium army was moving out. I looked towards the direction they were headed and saw... a drop ship?! I couldn't believe me eyes. This man had gained the respect of a Space Marine chapter leader. Not just any, it was the Old Wolf himself! This Bress guy must be pretty good in a scrap if the leader of the Space Wolves was transporting his army.

    Not wanting to be outdone, I too rushed my men into the ships, and procided to take off.

    On the way to Cadia I decided to do some research. Vinacium was a local favorite of defense forces in the sector. They had sucessful repelled four Orkish Wahaaas, two Eldar raids, and countless Tau scouting forces. Their reputation was owed mainly to the tactics of Hans Bress, 43. He was an old tanker. Got promoted to lead B Company in the 26th five years ago. When the previous commander was killed in hand-to-hand combat with an Ork warlord, he took command of the 26th, routing the incursion and eventually killing the warlord himself. During his time his troops have had the best survival rate of any in the Cadian sector. for every 50 enemies killed: he's lose a squad or a tank. His secret was tactics. He was a famed tactian and had been awarded the (that one Cadian award) for bravery and coolness under fire from Usukar Creed himself. He also been given a wolf talisman from Logan Grimnar for defeating an attempted flanking by the Eldar, of the Great Wolf's Great Company which would have cut it off from the main body of troops. He had 5,136 men, and 600 tanks organized into eight half strength battalions. He allowed no commissars, priests, or phycics in his army. In his eyes a man is only worth how a man fights and how he turns out from it. Some have said that he could be the son of the old wolf. He shares the grudge against the Dark Angels that the Wolves have, and the same passion for killing those who would threaten those under his care as does the old wolf.

    I have no idea how to end this so go ahead and suggest

    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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    For the sake of narrative, not sure what you'd do. There could be some rivalry between Bress and Eogan (is it Eogan telling the story, or this inquisitor you alldue to? It's not made clear), each trying to outdo the other in the daringness of their actions. And some nice inter-regiment feuding, Ghosts-Bluebloods style.

    But if I'd've been there Bress would have been shot there and then. "some dead guy you keep alive to maintain power" is a statement that's worthy of a firing squad. You could just claim that any Commissars and Preachers in Bress' army have met unfortunate "accidents". Nothing as brazen as that statement should happen though.

    And how did Bress get off active service? If the agri-world (name it) is a trophy world, it would have been documented. And not in the Cadian sector, everything there's been mapped out and resolved thanks to the EoT campaign, and there is no agri-world in the Cadian system. However, the systems around it (Barisa, Belisar, Claustan, Demios Binary, Extelra Minor, Fremas, Helotas, Kantrael, Ormantep, Vorga Torg and Xersia) have no data on them that I can get access to. Maybe you could base it there. But seeing as you don't mention Chaos at all in your account, maybe it should be somewhere different.

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