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    Some fluff regarding my DIY chapter the lightning swords:

    ++Report to the inquisition++

    Chapter Name: Lightning Swords
    Gene Seed: White Scars
    Founding: 14th
    Homeworld: none the chapter resides on their battle barge lightning wrath
    Chapter Master: None the chapter is led by Chaplain Valerian

    At the time of the 17th founding the threat of ork invasion was growing and Eldar raids had increased nearly 10 fold and the new Tau Empire was expanding out of control in the area of the Eastern Fringe. The high lords of Terra created a number of chapters specifically to reinforce the Fringe and to retake a number of hostile worlds, one of these such chapters were the Lightning swords, they were created as a rapid response chapter and so the White Scars gene seed was used. In the first century of the swords existence proved highly successful crippling a Tau invasion with their lightning fast bike mounted attacks. However in the year 982M34 the chapter was tainted with heresy. All of the chapters librarians turned against their brothers, they had become tainted by the Eldar psykers and manipulated into destroying their own brothers, in this single act of death 16% of the chapter was destroyed from within and the worst casualty was the chapter master, shot by his oldest and most trusted friend, the librarian Irien. For this single act of bloodshed the chapters chaplains decreed that every psyker and anyone exhibiting psychic abilities was to be executed. From that day forward the chapter fights the Eldar with a great hatred, fighting for their lost battle brothers.

    Combat Doctrine
    The lightning swords fight much like their parent chapter the White Scars. There entire chapter fighting from the saddle or taking to the skies with jump packs. They use Attack bikes for fire support. The chapter is focused more on close combat then shooting, believing that sniping the enemy from afar is cowardly.

    The chapter is not divided into companies but instead they are split into 7 Strike forces, each led by chaplains. Each Strike force is named after the chaplain leading it. The Chapter is lead by a chaplain who himself leads a band. Every 25 years there is a great tournament to decide who accompanies the chapter chaplain in his Strike force. It is both an honour and a privilege to be chosen for the chapter chaplains strike force.

    The Lightning swords are most devout servants to the emperor bordering on zealous. They will chase down any Xenos threat and destroy it, especially the Eldar. They also distrust psykers, and are very suspicious of them.

    The chapter enjoys good relationships with the majority of the Imperial troops in the Eastern Fringe and are especially close with their brothers in the Adeptus Astartes except those belonging to the Ordo Hereticus. After the betrayal and executions of the chapters librarians have been watching the chapter closely.

    Recent conflicts
    The Chapters strike forces have all fought extensively in the Eastern Fringe except the one led by Nilian who was sent to the maelstrom hunting for Eldar pirates. In the fringe the chapter has proven its worth fighting off the Orks, Tau and Eldar with grit determination.

    For the stolen brothers!

    Chapter colours
    Their armour is dark blue with black shoulder pads.

    All comments appreciated

    We strike like lightning, fast and deadly

    In the shadows you will only find death

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    i like it, it sounds a lot like the white scars with a good twist.
    Nothing a Battle Cannon Couldnt fix

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