A battle recalled by Commiser Pheonix. (Guardsmen heavy bolter gunner at the time)

BOOOM!! The guns went off over head as the luitenents yelled out orders.
The Orks continued to charge oblivios to the blast from the tanks.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!The front plitoons fired everything they had at the orks before the were.... *Shudders* I don't even want to think about it. Countless orks pourd over the dead guardsmen coverd hill toward us..... We leveled our guns and fired... The orks were almost on us, but the Hellhounds arrived and burnt them to a crisp. I heard someone yell. That was a couple of mobs!! There are hundreds more where that came from! He was right of course. We could hear it now... Waaaargh!!
It was slowly getting louder. The boom of the tanks told us the were getting closer.
My platton readyed there guns for one hail of lasgun fire... And if that doesn't work..... We all knew we would die if it didn't work, looking at the body strawn hill didn't help. The Orks were on the hill. The hole hill disipeared with green,black and red. Then the Tanks shot. And the hill was brown..... A huge crater was where orks were ten seconds ago...... A cheer rose up across the feild as we heard the other platoons celebrating.. Then it happend.. The hill got cover again.. just this time with Nobz Piled into wartrucks. And one Huge warboss.. There were warbuggies and wartracks too.. We started blasting away, but it was to late.. They were appon us.. My platoon was getting ripped apart.. The hellhounds fired there flamers..... But it didn't seem to effect them at all...... There was a buzz of heavu bolter fire everywhere..

In the end we managed to win.... But we lost both Hellhounds and 45 guardsmen.
*Sigh* That was a intresting day.... I will never forget that day either..