The Bombardment had lasted for months now. most of the chapter was dead, dead or dieing.

Early in the fighting Chapter Master Mersis had taken a missile to the head effectivly killing him. for the last 3 months Chaplain-Master Alderious had been commanding the Paladins defence.
they had been sheltering inside the ruins of a Imperial Citidel, sending scouting parties out to observe the enemies strength. few parties returned anymore.

In the hastily constructed barracdes built into the citidel's stairs Captain Telis pushed off attack after attack with incresing furocity. but even he could see that with each attack there where less and less marines holding the baracades.
the stairs of the imperial citdel where lined with the courpses of the fallen enemy. thousands and thousands of fanatical Cultists lay amost the rubble and the spend ammo.

but it was not the swarms of Cultists that most worried Captain Telis. no it was their daemon spawned masters... the word bearers.

deep inside the cracked dome of the imperial Citidel Chaplain-Master Alderious was talking to his most trusted Friend Apothacary Rikue.

"it's getting worse..." wispered Alderious "what the battle, or the bloodlust?" retorded Rikue. Rikue always was a joker, even when they where both simple tribesmen on the blasted surface of Tarnassis
"both... im going to lose my life arnt i Rikue?" wispered Alderious. a heavy silence drifted between them. "(sigh) im afraid so, if the enemy doesn't get you, that dam blood of the blood god will."

"i can feel the daemon stirring inside me, it wants out" Alderious spoke. "ive run out of suppressents, i cant help you anymore" wispered Rikue " its okay friend i understand I CAN SEE YOU CHAPLAIN!" Alderious cringed with pain after heading the khnonate daemon within him speak. "you cant win agasnt me, you know deep inside you that you cant beat me, its just a matter of time".

"Brother...Brother Rikue?" wispered Alderious his voice strained with emotion. prepare the men.. the last charge of the Imperial Paladins is now.

it took another hour or so to gather the men and prepare thier weapons. in the end they all huddled in the centre of the Citidel and prayed. they prayed for what seemed like ages and in the end, every man present there was ready to die for the emporer.

they gathered up thier weapons and stood at the door of the citidel Alderious could make out the shapes of Word bearers running up the bottum of the stairs.

"brothers!.. the time has come, for each of us. there is no escape no salvation execpt to the emporer right hand. we are his space marines and these tratiors shall feel our emporers wrath through us!" a mighty cheer rose up from his assembed marines. and Chaplain Alderious was about to signal the charge when he heard a familair voice in his head "you shall die Chaplain!" the daemon cackled "YOUR SOUL IS MINE!" "no daemon" Alderious wispered "my soul belongs to the emporer!" and with a howl he charged down the stairs like a tornado of death and destruction.

if he and his brothers where to die here on this warp forsaken world, then they shall die as space marines. with hate in thier eyes and a prayer on thier lips.

so what ya think?