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Thread: Monks Of Athos

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    The Monks of Athos are from a world of hills and valleys. It is an unfortunate person who does not have the footing of a mountain goat, as traveling by foot requires much stability and discipline.
    The planet of Thracia is also a world of seas. 60% of the planets surface is covered by water, separating the three principal continents.
    The north continent is called Thermos, and contains many geothermal phenomena, such as an everlasting gas spout that is used to power many of the northern cities. The majority of the world's mining is done in this region. Also, the main defense grid for the orbital defense system is located here, as power can be drawn from the planet to power the weapons indefinitely.
    The western continent is called Photos, as it is a very sunny land, and is also very warm. The majority of the world's agriculture is done here. The valley's of this region are famous for their fine produce and wine. Many of the edibles produced here go to the upper classes of hive worlds, as their taste and flavor are almost unmatched throughout the Imperium. Because of the great bounty of the land, the farmers here are not very poor.
    The eastern continent is called Metallouvria, as it is the primary industrial center. The factories are located within the mountains, allowing natural protection of the factories. High quality metal products are produced here, as well as the Chapter's fighting machines. The artisans of the planet pride themselves on the fine power armor and weapons they produce. It is a tradition within artisan families, as the son will be the same type of artisan as his father. The Adeptus Mechanicus is very appreciative of the native skills of the Hard working Thracians.
    The Administrative Center of Thracia is located on the coast of Photos. The normal planetary bureaucracy is located there. However, there is no conscription of Thracians for the Imperial Guard, as their productivity is too valued to be squandered on the battlefield.
    The Fortress-Monastery of the Monks of Athos is located high on Mt. Athos on the northern continent of Thermos. On this cold peak, the Marines regularly train by having survival trips in the frigid highlands, in order to keep them in tip-top shape, as well as the normal regiment of weapons training.
    In M36.351 Patera (Father) Alexandros came to Thracia. He was a priest of a strange sect of the Ecclesiarchy. They had strange beliefs that seemed to relate to some barbaric religions on Terra, from much before the Age of Strife. His mission was to create a Order of Holy Warriors in order to fight the darkness he perceived would be coming soon. And so, the Monks of Athos, after many years, and on the deathbed of Alexandros, were formed, with the Geneseed of the Ultramarines. His remains are stored in a Thra-wood and glass tomb, so that all of the Chapter may observe and revere their founder.
    Because of their interesting environment, the Monks of Athos have developed adjusted tactics. Since it is so hard to conceal yourself on a barren mountain slope with normal means, the Monks have developed special tactics and equipment, such as Thracian Fern Camouflage to conceal themselves better. Because of the lack of maneuverable terrain within the valleys on Thracia, they have sacrificed mobile warfare in trade for better ranged skills. Also, since there modest industrial capacity cannot meet the demand for a large battlefleet, they must land on the ground in battle-barges first in order to fight the enemy.

    Suffer not the Works of Heretics
    See, but Don't be Seen
    Die Standing
    Eye to Eye

    Comments Welcome!!!

    <span style='color:blue'> Die Infantrie -
    Die Konigin Aller Waffen

    The Infantry -
    The Queens of the Services</span>

    <span style='color:red'>Durch Wehrwillen zur Wehrkraft

    Through military will to military strength</span>

    <span style='color:gray'> &quot;In a man to man fight the winner is the one who puts an extra round in his magazine&quot;
    -Field Marshal Erwin Rommel</span>

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    A bit off topic but where are you from precisly in IL?
    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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    Very interesting stuff.. I really like the name. Gives them a religious bent which some marine chapters often seem to be lacking.

    The only immediate problem I can see is the final comment about the fleet. I don't believe any marine chapter is allowed to control a very large fleet, since, during the Horus heresy, the fact that the legions had their own warfleets caused massive problems. Hence, all chapters only have a few battlebarges.

    And I'm not sure battlebarges can 'land.' They are extremely big, and it would seem unnecesary to get them through the atmosphere when you can simply fire drop pods or use thunderhawks.

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