Ok, ive been looking around at the two different Tau fleets for Battlefleet Gothic, one from Forge World and one from Games Workshop. I thought that both of these fleets could exist simultanously, so i have made an effort to make some fluff about them.

The large, more obviously startworthy Games Worksip fleets are the vehicles of the Air Caste, and the craft of the empire in general. these mighty ships steer through the space lanes, defending the borders of space and exploring new worlds and systems for the Greater Good. These ships were the first to be created for the purpose of space-flight, and have since become the mainstream of Tau space adventures.

The Forge World ships are, however, the warfleet of the Tau, used by the Fire Caste to deliver and support their warriors into the heart of battle. All of these ships are far more battleworthy, but smaller and less efficient at peacetime activities. Often the Fire Caste Fleet is supported by the Emperial ships, thus creating an efficient system of space transport, defence, and attack.

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