From the World Eaters Army List:

Not a complete work, will finish after exams are over (fortnight or so)...

Jimmy, World Eater once had a Khornate DP Lord (Bob). Bob got killed by his brand new soul-sucking blade when he tripped over it after Kharn the Betrayer set his tent on fire during the battle on Skalathrax. Bob's soul got (very reluctantly) sucked into his own blade and it became the Daemon Blade, Whiney Bob (more on Whiney later). His Lt, World Eater Jimmy claimed ownership of the blade and swore vengeance on Kharne. Jimmy, in all his naivete, also sought to undo what the Betrayer had done, to reunite the World Eaters once, with some cheap, half-price rentals from the Iron Warriors (more on the IW rentals later), he seeks to accomplish a (Rather gory, blackish too...) Red Crusade.

Jimmy just doesn't like Kharn, and would not hesitate to insult his mother, provided he's out of Gorechild range... Furthermore, with the ultimate goal of trying to reunite the Legion once again, and renaming them the Freaks On A Leash (more on this later)...

Whenever World Eater Jimmy and his Freaks On A Leash battle Kharn and/or another World Eaters army, the owner must say the following words,
- "Someone Set Up Us the Betrayer!" and
- "All Your Berzerker Are Belong To Us!"