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    Order of the Ivory Dagger - SoB fluff (as fiction)

    Part 1 of 2

    "Onward! Onward! For the Emperor!", shouted Canoness Agatha, leading her five Celestians in a charge towards a blood-drunk squad of Ork Boyz.
    The Sword of Branwyn glowed in Agathas hand, and for every swing and stab she made, another of the Orks hit the ground, their faces buried in the grass that was slowly being churned into mud. And those earth-splattered faces were blue, for these were Orks of the Klan Death Cult, and they had come to Basilicus IV for one thing - loot.
    "You shall never see light again, foul beasts!" cried Celestian Athalia, supporting her mistress as holy fire leapt from her flamer, scourging the last of the squad ahead of them.
    As the battle raged around them, Agatha took stock. 3 of the Ork Loota squads were down, including their Mekboyz. The Sisters had taken few casualties so far, but the Canoness was concerned about the safety of the citizens in the settlement just to the East. If the Orks found a way through the scant fortifications there, many of the Emperors servants who had come to this remote world would be lost. The majority of the Ork force was heading that way, and if she didn't change tactics, the sisters were going to be on just the wrong side of the Waaagh to do anything about it. "Sister Athalia, you take the Celestians and Squad Charity towards the settlement, I'll send Seraphim reinforcements over the top of the Ork force and we'll pincer the greenskins in the middle. I'm heading back to Father Donaghal to make sure the freighters are being loaded without problems".
    "Protect the settlement. Yes ma'am," replied Athalia as she sped off eastwards with her comrades by her side. As Athalia ran, she turned to Hannah, her confidante and close friend. "There's barely anything to load on those freighters anyway," she said between breaths.
    "Well, there's a lot less than anyone expected, thats for sure," agreed Hannah.
    "How could the surveyors have got it so wrong?" Asked Athalia.
    "Something to do with the way that adamantium ore seams run close to the surface, and usually go down deep into the planet's crust. But here, the seams are shallow, and no-one thought to check." Hannah paused, spraying bolter bullets towards an advancing Ork.
    "Then the settlers came here for nothing. All the more reason to protect them, give them a chance to start again somewhere else."
    "The settlers did recover enough adamantium to make it worth the Imperiums while, just not as much as anyone hoped." Hannah sighed, "That load will be the first and last from this planet. The settlers can start leaving the planet then. There's not much to hold them here. For a forest world, there isn't really much in the way of natural resources"
    "Apart from wood," joked Athalia.
    "Apart from wood." Agreed Hannah. "Hey look, there go the Seraphim, just in time." Cried Hannah as angel-like figures soared over their heads, and further onwards over the orks. Hannah, Athalia and the others hurried on, chasing the green horde.

    "How goes it Father?" yelled Canoness Agatha, above the roar of the battle.
    "It's slow," answered the aging priest, who stood beneath a mighty freighter. All of the rail transporters are down, nobody is sure why. The miners are carrying the ore here on foot. I daren't risk postponing delivery of the ore, The Lord Governor himself has demanded it's despatch for vital rearmament. This ork invasion is a nuisance."
    "Thats one word for it! Still, they seem to be moving further away from you now, can you get it loaded quickly before any return?"
    "Aye, though I fear for my life if the Orks should attack me as I stand here, with only the miners to aid me, zealous as they are. Still, I do have my trusty slayer," said Father Doneghal, tapping his Eviscerator with one hand.
    "I'm sure you'll be fine Father," though Agatha doubted what she said.
    "Do you have no-one you can spare to support me Sister?"
    "Well, I do have Battlesquad Hope. It's their first real combat, but they can hold their own."
    "Excellent. That would be most pleasing. Thank-you."
    "My pleasure. I shall relieve them of their duties at the sentry post." Agatha ran off, thinking to herself that the very green squad of Battle Sisters were going to be thrown in at the deep end.

    "Wat are we runnin again for Boss?" asked Scnitzzig Grkzzog, his huge blue fist waving his shoota back and forth.
    "It'z a dizgrakshun or summat," replied the Hakruk Yurrtzl, the Shoota Boyz Nob. "Da big warboss sez we gotta do it to get more loot."
    "I 'atez runnin. Unless it's owards the humies".
    "Jus' keep runnin', squig 'ead. We's only runnin' as far as da big humie trukk shoota."
    "Den wot?"
    "Den we turn an' smash da humies." Just as Hakruk said this, the Ork's destination loomed into view, hidden behind a small coppice. A crew of Orks were running around frantically, picking up a variety of mechanical debris that littered the ground.
    "Wots going on 'ere you numskullz?" yelled Hakruk.
    "Thrognot hit the tubey bit with an 'ammer and bits fell off. We reckons it'll still work boss," answered an oily looking Mekboy.
    "It better work. I don't want no accidents like last time. Now get it fixed and shoot them humie girls!"
    A gretchen sprinted up to the Nob. "Warboss sez da humies is loading da special loot NOW an' you gotta use da big trukk shoota. Warboss sez there is less loot dan we woz told, so you gotta be quick or it'll be loaded before da Warboss an' 'iz Nobz get der."
    "Shoot da big shoota NOW!" Yelled Hakruk.

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    Part 2 of 2

    Sister Ruth Pribus was petrified. Not just scared, but petrified. She could hear her heart pounding, and the rush of blood in her veins as she stood her ground with the rest of her 10 sister squad, as they fired occasional rounds at rogue orks who had broken off from the fights to investigate the freighter they were protecting as it's precious cargo was loaded. She was happy enough standing there vigilantly, but the thought of being in the midst of the battle, hand-to-hand with one of the huge green and blue monsters was what petrified her. She might have fitness, agility, intelligence, finesse and intuition that they lacked, but when it came to brute force, the Orks won outright. And sometimes, brute force is all that is needed. Sister Ruth touched the icon around her waist and uttered a prayer of protection.
    The first blast came without warning. All Ruth and the others in her squad saw was 5 sisters hurlked into the air on the south of the battlefield. They blinked, and saw the crater that had been formed, and heard the huge bang a split-second later. A mortar cannon? It wasn't long before another mortar hit the remainder of that squad, and from this point on, the battle seemed to turn. Mortar after mortar pounded into the Sisters with unerring accuracy. Ruth turned to her Sister Superior, "What is that thing?"
    The SIster Superior sighed. "I think it's a Basilisk"
    "A basilisk? An Imperial Guard tank?"
    "This is the Death Cult Klan. They'll have looted it from somewhere. I can't believe it's firing so accurately. These are some lucky Orks."
    "Should we go to help?" asked Ruth, looking nervously at her comrades across the battlefield as they fell one after another.
    "No. Our job is to stay here no matter what. Once the ore is loaded we can move on, and see a little more action. The freighter, the ore and us are all out of range of the mortar, so we're safe here for the... ugh!" The Sister Superior staggered backwards as shoota fire tore through her chest, and she fell to the ground, her ivory armour blossoming red.
    Ruth turned to face the approaching Ork. Not just one, but a whole squad of Orks. Big Orks.
    Ruth stood, rooted to the spot as the rest of her squad charged past her to meet the oncoming enemy. As soon as the last of her squad passed her, she snapped out of her reverie and leapt forward, right behind her comrades. As she ran, she looked closer at the beasts she was about to face. A huge giant of an Ork, clad in mid-sized plates of make-shift armour headed up the force. He was wielding an enormous metal claws on each fist, and a huge horned helmet. "That must be the Warboss," Ruth thought, realising that half the battle was going to be getting close enough him to do any damage. The warboss was accompanied by 6 Orks, large again, but not as big as the Warboss. Each of these wielded various customised versions of Imperial and alien technology - Shuriken catapults, Bolters and the like, but each one plastered with Orky-looking accoutrments.
    "Waaaaaaaaagh!" Yelled the Orks.
    "For Glory and Honour!" Shouted the Adepta Sororitas, crashing bravely into the Warboss and his bodyguards. Ruth's squad had the edge in numbers at this point - they were 11 to the Ork's 7. The girls ducked and weaved around the lumbering orks, and felled Nob after Nob. But not without cost. The Warboss swung his power claws brutally and savagely, knocking one sister one way, crushing another, throwing another against a tree and yet another against a rocky outcrops. One sister was picked between the crushing pincers of the Warboss' hand, but managed to free her gun arm, and shot the Ork through the eyeslits in his headgear. With a roar of pain, the Warboss crushed the last breath from her body before hurling her with such force that she landed on top of another member of her squad, the impact of the landing loosing a final round from the boltgun through the head of the poor, bruised unfortunate. A sister with a meltagun burned a whole in the back of the Warboss' meagre armour as he repeatedly smashed two Sisters into each other. The pain beneath his shoulder blades made him drop their lifeless bodies and turn on his latest assailant. With astonishing precision, he picked the gun out of her hands with one claw, picked her up by the hair with the other, tossed the gun to the surviving Nob and said, "We'll 'ave dat shoota. You know how to work it?"
    "Huh. Yeah." And the Nob opened fire on the dangling damsel, who quickly charred and fell.
    Then the Nob himself fell quickly too, as flamer fire burnt his hair, wrinkled his skin and blackened his body. The offending flamer-wielding Sister was picked up by the Warboss and her skull was pulverised between his claws.
    Now only Ruth and one other Sister stood between the Warboss and the precious Adamantium ore.
    "Out of da way humie girls." The warboss said. Ruth stood her ground, the other sister ran behind the corner of the freight ship. Ruth grasped her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus and said a fervent prayer to the Emperor, raising her boltgun level with her eyes. As she completed her prayer, she felt very last vestige of fear leave her, and she felt peculiarly bathed in a Holy, righteous light, light as if from the Emperor himself. She stood firm, and fired. The bolts pinged uselessly off the Ork's armour and he laughed, advancing onwards towards his target. Ruth did not run. SHe remained calm, and trusted her training, and this glorious feeling that filled her body. She fired once more before diving to the left, rolling, and in so doing escaping the Warboss' first swipe at her. She stood, and fired once mord. Again the Ork swung, and again Ruth leapt out of the way, beginning to delight in the way she was outdoing him. Ruth watched the Warboss pull his left arm back, and dived away from it, only to be lifted into the air realising he had feinted, and actuall had hit her forcefully with his right arm. She fell to the ground 10 yards from the Ork, winded.
    Still concious, she tried to stand, but her legs seemed weak. She could feel the ground shake as the Ork ran towards her. Even now, she felt no fear, and she lifted her right arm in what she expected to be a last attempt to deny the Ork his trasure. As she raised her arm, she realised there was no bolter there. It had been thrown from her as she had landed. She saw the Warboss approaching, two strides away, not enough time to reach the boltgun now. As the Warboss approached, he crouched and primed himself for a leap which would end on top of Ruth, doubtlessly crushing her to death. Ruth slid her right hand into the cuff of her left glove. As the Ork Warboss flew through the air, Ruth withdrew her hand, and with it, an ivory hilted dagger with a 3" blade. As the Warboss crashed down on her body, her eyes sought, and found the gap between the plates of armour on his chest. She let the force of the Warboss' downward fall onto her body do the work of driving the dagger into his chest, and the last thing she saw as death claimed her was the startled look of an Ork who realised death was upon him, too.

    "That is the last of them then, Father?" asked Canoness Agatha, as a family of four settlers pulled the airlock of the passenger craft closed behind them.
    "It is. Apart from the ones that are staying here with us of course."
    "How many is that?"
    "About 8 or 9 families. A small communities' worth. They were inspired by the actions of you and your girls out there. They recognised that you enabled the Emperor to see the fruits of their labour by getting the ore safely off planet. They say that as long as you stay here, they shall stay with you."
    "That's good of them." Agatha paused, and took a deep breath. "Are we doing the right thing Father, staying here?"
    "I believe so. Sister Ruth martyred herself for us. Standing alone against that Warboss was a brave thing. She is a true martyr, and I would not feel it wise to leave her tomb here unguarded. It could be desecrated. Many will think that her dagger will have some kind of magical power after it's vital role in the defeat of the Orks. It will surely become a target for theft and it needs protecting."
    "Yes, I have already heard of followers who wish to come on a pilgrimage here to view her tomb."
    "We must be careful that she is not made into some kind of false God. She should be venerated yes, but not worshipped. The Ordo Hereticus would be sure to investigate any such rumours here if they were to start."
    "Indeed. Though I know that you and I will do our best to ensure that such a thing never happens."

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