This a piece of fluff and army variant list I made up for one of the Space Wolves Great Companies talked about and shown at the table of Fang in the codex. Please have a copy of Codex: Space Wolves to make reading this easier. Good Luck, and may Russ be with you.

To: Lord Inquisitor Yossanrion
Transmitted: Cadia
Date: 99999999.M41
Duct: Astropath-terminus Lucius
Author: Scribe Arias Tiberias
Purity Seal: Inquisitor Srocahz
Thought for the day: Pain is an illusion of the body, despair an illusion of the mind

The saga and history of Egil Iron Wolf and his great company

The story of Egil Iron Wolf is one of the best-known sagas in space wolf lore. Egil was a promising candidate from the start, very much like a certain Ragnar Blackmane. During training as a blood claw his pack leader was attacked killed by a huge fenrisian wolf after much celebrating at the fang after a battle. Egil took it upon himself to hunt down the giant wolf and so began a legendry journey across the mountains of Fenris. After many months he finally came face to face with his pack leader’s killer. Even though he was exhausted and weary Egil launched himself at the beast. After a struggle Egil managed to kill the wolf, but only after it removed one of Egil’s eyes. Egil then carried the wolf’s pelt back to the Fang, and at the door of the great fortress he collapsed. The Space wolves brought him inside, impressed with his bravery and endurance. After one week Egil was back to full strength, although he had been living in the cold of Fenris for six months. This was a feat never heard of even in the mighty space wolves. After recovering Egil was presented a Bionic eye by the Iron Priest Sven Iron-Arm.

Because of this great feat Logan Grimnar promoted him to a Wolf Guard battle leader, and presented him with the name and symbol of “Iron Wolf�. This was to represent the Iron will, strength and determination of the young wolf, but also to represent the mountains he had clambered over for so many months. (Editors note: the icon of the Iron Wolf is a representation of the great beast that lies beneath Asaheim, the fur on his back creating the mountains.) Egil’s rise through the ranks of the Space Wolves has only been matched by young the Ragnar Blackmane.

Egil Iron Wolf saw his first major campaign in Palatine Schism, where he lead a group of Space Wolves from Kjarl Grimbold’s Great Company. He and his band of Space Wolves played a vital part in defeating the Apostate Cardinal’s forces, often aiding Adeptus Sorortias at vital points during battle, and capturing strategic positions in the field of battle. When he returned to the Fang he had changed from the eager young Wolf Guard, to the brilliant and cunning commander that was Egil Iron Wolf. All respected him and all acknowledged his brilliance in Command.

Egil Iron Wolf carried on fighting for the Space Wolves for many Centuries. But then when the Great Wolf Lord Haakon Bright Claw was slain by the Daemon Primach Angron during the first war for Armageddon, and his great company was leaderless. After the war Egil was promoted because of his honour, prowess on the field of battle, and extraordinary leadership skills and ability to command others. Thus Egil Iron Wolf became Wolf Lord of the 4th Great Company.
Many centuries later and Egil Iron Wolf and his Great Company had achieved fame across the Segmentum Obscurus after saving more than one system from marauding Chaos Space Marines. Upon the dawn of Abbandon’s 13th balkc crusade Egil Iron Wolf and his great company answered the call to arms, like all of the great Companies of the Space Wolves. Egil and his great company were stationed at Ksar Partox (one of the many Ksars dotted along the Cadian landscape) with the Cadian 12th. As Ksar Partox was one of the major Ksars that stood in the way of the Chaos Space marines and therefore came under heavy, and unexpected, attack. It was clear that the Space Wolves and their Imperial Guard allies could not hold out against the tide of traitors and mutants that attacked them. But the Space Wolves were determined to stand in the way of the Chaos tide, and prepared for battle. When the traitors fell against the Space Wolves they were broken by the ferocious defence of the Ksar, and fell back. The Space Wolves seized the opportunity to counter attack, and did so with Egil Iron Wolf at their head. He was an unstoppable warrior, both terrible and great to behold. Chaos scum fell in their hundreds before Egil’s mighty frost axe. Towards the end of the battle a Daemon Prince was summoned in front of the Wolf Lord. Egil tried with all his might to best the creature, but after many hours of battle he was weary; he was not as young as he used to be. He managed to banish it back to the warp, winning the battle for the Space Wolves. But he was fatally wounded. The Wolf Priests did all they could to save him but it was no use. The Iron Priests managed to inturn him inside a Dreadnought, so the great warrior could live on fighting. The Company was much reduced and is still recovering its losses from the 13th Black Crusade. But Egil Returned as a Dreadnought to lead his company, and he still does to this very day.

Variant Army list: Egil Iron Wolf’s Great Company
The Great Company is lead by Egil (the venerable Dreadnought) and contains some restrictions in place to create the character of the army.
Please note that all space wolves special rules still apply.

HQ - 0-2 Wolf Guard Battle Leader, 0-1 Rune priest, 0-1 Wolf Priest, 1 Venerable Dreadnought.

Elites: 0-5 Wolf Guard, 0-1Wolf Scouts, 1+ Iron Priest 0-4 thralls.

Troops: 1-2 Grey Hunters, 1+ Blood Claws.

Fast Attack: Blood Claws bike pack, Attack bike Squadron.

Heavy support: 0-1 Leman Russ Exterminator, 0-1 Land Raider, 0-1 Land Raider Crusader, 0-1 Predator Annihilator, 0-1 Predator Destructor, Whirl Wind.

HQ: The 1 Dreadnought is to Represent Egil. There is no Wolf Lord Option to represent the fact the Egil still leads his Great Company. The shortage of Wolf Guard battle leaders is to represent the losses taken by the company during the 13th black crusade.

Elites: the shortage of Wolf Guard and Wolf Scouts is to represent the losses taken by the company during the 13th black crusade. The 1+ on the Iron Priests is to represents the Iron Priests the accompany Egil, to protect him and to repair him.

Troops: The 1-2 Grey Hunters represents the losses taken by the company during the 13th black crusade. The 1+ Blood claws shows that the Company has taken on many new recruits to recover from its losses during the 13th black crusade.

Fast attack: The absence of Land Speeders is to represent the losses taken by the company during the 13th black crusade.

Heavy Support: The Restrictions on the Vehicles represents the losses taken by the company during the 13th black crusade. The Whirl Wind has no restriction because it a is a cheap common tank (comparatively). The Absence of Long fangs is to represent the shortage of veterans in the company, as they have either been killed, or made a Wolf Guard (to help lead other packs).

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