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    Long Unfinished Piece of Fluff

    I decided to post this to spur myself into finishing it. It was cracking up to be half decent piece of fluff, and it kind of stopped. This is all work I did over a month ago, so I can't promise it will be updated any time soon, I have exams and such. Feel free to pick all the holes in it you want.


    Gideon kneeled in front of his audience, and reluctantly prostrated himself to his host.
    He gazed at the walls about him, daubed with obscene graffiti. He knew he was in the belly of the beast. The dazzling nauseous colours and the oblivious noise marines standing at the door with their intricately patterned armour told him, this was a den of Slaneesh. Daemonettes smiled at him out from behind their leader’s broad chair, radiating an air of seduction. He ignored them, he did not care for their charms, or for their god.

    “Tell me then, why you would offer me such a thing? What have you to gain?? their leader asked.

    “In return for the use of your forces, they are all I require. I will deliver this to you, my aims and justification are my own?, he replied.

    “You ask for much from me, Fallen Angel. What assurances do you offer in return?? their leader asked, staring at him disrespectfully. He was acutely aware his power armour contained many old Imperial symbols, and it was gaining their dislike and distrust.

    “You know who I am. You know I am hunted. You know for me to surrender to the Imperials would mean my death? was his reply.

    Staring up at figure in the throne he found himself pondering how a mere woman could master the potent array of traitors and daemons who thronged the perfumed halls around him. And yet the aura of dominance she projected was unmistakable, and it took some effort to prevent himself from falling under its spell.

    And yet for all her obvious power he knew that he had succeeded. His research had paid off and he knew that she greatly desired the thing he offered.

    "I shall grant you the service of my marines, as well as the other... things you require. I shall gather them to me and convey them to the place we have agreed, by the time we have agreed. But know this, Angel. Fail to deliver what I seek, and even your shadowy patron will not save you from my wrath..."

    "For you, fair sister, anything...", he smiled, rising to his knees and backing out of the noisome chamber. He had much to do now and little time now to achieve it.

    A light shimmer in the dark void of space announced the appearance of the ship. Slowly taking form against the black, the shadowy vessel dropped out of the warp. Looking at her design, she was a testimony herself to war. She was of rakish form, with smooth lines, and yet imprinted with scars accumulated of centuries of warfare on her hull. With pitted holes on her old body, parts repaired that should have been replaced, patched up repairs, she gave visible testimony to her history. She was the Hammer of Woes, strike cruiser for the Third Company of the Angels of Atonement Space Marine chapter.

    The atmosphere on her bridge did not tell of tension or apprehension, but of purpose, as the three officers sat in conference. There were no other speakers on the bridge apart from their conversation, as servitors quietly monitored their instruments and chapter serfs silently strode back and forth with the quiet hum of the engines.

    Nathaniel, chaplain of the chapter, gave sage council.

    “..and so we wait, and when our prey rears it’s head, we are quick with our sword to remove it?

    “I only hope our prey is indeed bold enough to announce his presence?, came the reply from Saul, the company’s commander.

    “We are in position, we can hold as long as you desire. We made good time from the Dephan system, we should be able to get under way as soon as it we know where we go? Uriah announced. He was captain of the Hammer.

    “Good. Our prey has been spotted in this sector, a reliable sighting by one of our agents. Quite what he is plotting, we do not know. He was seen leaving a world in the middle of this cluster, and so while we do not know his exact location, we have a general locus. We hold position in the centre of the cluster, powered down. As soon as we get a report, we will appear and take him back to the rock in chains?

    Saul decided that the conversation was over, and stood up after speaking. The others acknowledged his authority, and dispersed to their positions. They had only been waiting for about an hour, when the astropath started to receive a signal. Uriah relayed it to the other commanders;

    “Distress call coming through brothers, the world of Aquilar reports they is under attack by chaos forces. They request help in repulsing a traitor marine attack?

    “What is Aquilar?? asked Nathaniel of Uriah.

    “They are an eccesiarchal cardinal world, only 5 light years from our current position. This is not our mandate though, so I suppose you want me to hold position??

    “Uriah, this is too much of a coincidence, trouble travels on our prey’s heels like snakes. He is definitely behind this and therefore this is definitely our responsibility. Set course and full speed, how long till we arrive??

    “We are very close to them, I say in the warp an hour, on Aquilar it will be a day’s combat before we arrive.

    Nathaniel stood up, and looked at Saul to get his attention when he spoke.

    “You are right, this is no question his work. However, he must know this action sends a clear message to us of his location. He is announcing himself to us, throwing down the gauntlet. We must be wary of this prey, and try to discover his motive.?

    “His motives may be unclear of what he has to gain by this, but know this, our motives are very clear. We go, we find him, and then we bring him back dead or alive.? Saul replied.

    Saul made his solemn reply, “He shall be made to repent, or he shall die?

    He had committed himself to his course of action, from now on there could be no faltering. Come what may, he had to return in success, or not at all.


    The Hammer of Woes appeared in orbit of Aquilar. The scene was familiar, the ship’s officers in debate. Saul was talking.

    “What’s the situation Uriah??

    “As far as reinforcements go, signs are not hopeful. The 42nd Mordians are the closest regiment we know of, and they are pretty slow moving, lots of heavy equipment. I give them a month to head this way. There is an Inquisition fortress and Naval base at Port Sebastian, but I know of no forces there with the rapid reaction capability nearby that we require. I’m not seeing any chaos ships on the augurs, which is odd. I wonder how they are supporting the landing? Anyway they must have ships somewhere, as I’m seeing signs of orbital bombardment. The planetary armoury, and barracks complex for the capital appear destroyed. The enemy is attempting to take the capital, I’m seeing signs of fighting around the Arbites fortress precinct?

    Saul quickly pieced together his response.

    “Right, we do a drop pod landing with the chapter around the Arbites, they are key to maintaining control. We land in the capital, and use the shock of our arrival to the shift the balance to us. They will be surprised by the speed of our appearance, and overwhelmed. This is going to be urban fighting and drop pods, so we leave the heavy equipment and vehicles on the Hammer. We just take the dreadnoughts, and all the brethren available to us. We link up with local imperial forces and drive them off this world?

    “Yes brother captain?, was Uriah’s reply as he started to put out orders on the ship to prepare all marines to load into the drop-pods.

    “Saul, we will take the heretic too, he will repent? Nathaniel said quietly to Saul as they left the bridge.

    As they strode along the corridor together, Saul consoled himself that death might occur in this battle. He did this before every battle he had fought, but he did not look forward with fear. Saul worried more about the heretic he knew he must capture, and whether he would fail in his mission, and return empty handed. This particular enemy had evaded them before, Saul could only hope this mission would see his success.

    Together they climbed into the drop pod, the cramped space confined to 10 marines.
    When the alert sounded, there was a bump as the drop pod detached itself from the ship. Saul looked at his command squad as Nathaniel recited the litanies of hate. He gripped his sword tight and steeled himself. The pod shook with the fury of it’s burning passage through the atmosphere. He knew the scene in front of him must be repeating itself on a dozen other drop pods. His command squad were Angels of Atonement, he could not hope for better marines to fight with.

    The shriek of the retros announced their near arrival, and around him his squad braced themselves for impact.

    “In his name?, was Saul’s only comment to the squad.

    All the men braced for impact and stared at the exit hatches on the sides of the drop pod, straining to kill for their Emperor. A bone jarring impact announced their arrival. Saul disembarked first as was his privilege, and he waded through the smoke of the retros to discover the situation.

    Their landing was solid, in the distance they could see the Arbite’s fortress. They also could see much fire, death, wrack and ruin had come to this world.
    “Follow me, we relieve the Arbites brothers!? he shouted above the noise and they charged.

    Running down the street he became aware of the nature of the noise. It was many noises combined. Sirens were screaming, wind was howling, and people were crying. Over this could be heard much discharges from traitor weaponry.
    Saul assessed the scene, taking in his surroundings. They were in a long concourse in the city, with ruined Administratum buildings on either sides. They would have to fight their way up several streets to link up with the Arbites.

    A bitter wind was howling down the long street, even through his helmet it was loud. There was another kind of storm coming, to add to the evil in the air. An imperial Chimera lay burning in the roadway, its crew lying in the bloodshot streets. The crew had been eviscerated by their killers, and daubed with unclean symbols. Saul came across a young boy lying in the gutter, foaming at the mouth. Saul picked him up and placed on his feet. The boy still did not run, but looked uncaringly with almost lifeless eyes.

    “Leave him captain, we must meet our fate. In desperate times gentleness may be repaid with death?

    Saul heeded Nathaniel’s comments, and motioned the squad forward towards a road tunnel. Ahead in the dip in the road, 4 space marine helmets appeared. Knowing no friendly marines were in the vicinity, the squad roared and sprinted up the road to meet their foe. The noise marines walked onward like automata, and fired off their sonic weapons.

    “Repent, for tomorrow you die!? Saul shouted, and the marines charged.

    The chaos marines hit an Angel with a sonic blaster, but his armour merely shrugged off the blow and carried on running. Both groups raised their chainswords, and clashed in an almighty exchange of blows. Saul raised his sword and squared off with his foe, ignoring the other combatants. The chaos marine raised his chainsword looking for a blow in the gap at Saul’s shoulder joint. Saul parried the blow with his power sword, and whirled round plunging his blade into the marine’s sternum. The traitor tried to carry on fighting and attempted to punch Saul.

    “These marines are dogs? Saul thought, and twisted his blade, rotating it in the traitor’s guts. Saul took no small pleasure in the pain inflicted on his foe.

    The traitor howled at the bestial pleasure of the experience, before his eyes became glassy and collapsed to the floor. Saul pulled out his bolt pistol and shot him through the head to make sure the fight was over. Looking at the rest of his squad, he saw Nathaniel had killed another and his litanies of hate had inspired the rest of his squad to victory.

    “Well done brothers? was his comment, and they headed through the small tunnel to find light. On the other side were another two squads of Angels who had regrouped and were cheered to see their captain. Another pair of dead noise marines were testimony to their work.

    “What is the situation Palmatus?? Saul asked of his techmarine, who consulted his Signum-Vox.

    “All drop pods landed, all successfully deployed. However things are odd, I can’t contact any Imperial command networks, and no reply from the Arbites. However I am getting scattered individual guard units on vox. The signs are we have much heavy equipment advancing on the fortress-precinct. Signs are two Landraiders and a defiler, backed up by many marines. The Arbites are about to be crushed, they will stand no chance?

    “With no heavy equipment stopping those forces will be difficult, can we not raise any guard for armoured support??

    “I have sent a vox indicating we request reinforcement, both planetary and interplanetary via the Hammer. However signs are we fight alone, I cannot raise the Arbites or PDF,? was Palmatus’s reply.

    “Then if we die we die. We must throw ourselves into the breach?


    The hour was getting dark, as they pounded towards their objective, a dark silhouette on the city skyline. The fortress precinct refused to answer vox summons, and the silence was becoming ominous. The marines prepared themselves for the fight that must surely come soon.

    As they moved to their objective, Saul evaluated the situation with Nathaniel
    “The traitor marines have formed a cordon around the courthouse, and have it under attack. The Defiler is there too, and we must risk many brothers to take it down. The two Landraiders approach from the North. We worry about them once we have relieved the arbites.?

    “The landraiders will trouble us, we lack lascannons and tanks of our own?

    “We have the protection of the Emperor? was Saul’s reply.

    The silhouette became closer on the skyline, and Saul new combat would be soon. His forces were attacking in a crescent against the traitors attacking the arbites. Besides the three squads with him, brethren would be attacking in groups to both his left, and to his right. The plan was to destabilise the enemy perimeter, and so confuse the traitors to their strength and disposition.

    Seeing fires up ahead, Saul nodded to Nathaniel at his side, signifying the enemy was close. It was time to break and attack.

    “Charge! For the Emperor!? Saul shouted, and the three squads emerged from the rubble to assault the traitors. Ahead, a group of Slaneeshi marines opened fire with heavy bolters and attempted to cut them down.

    Saul smiled as he felt his men follow in his footsteps. He was proud to lead such marines. To his left brother Mogal fell, a bolter round passing through his neck joint. He would be avenged was their only thought, as they cleared the open ground and were upon their attackers. The fighting was to become short and savage, as small groups of traitors were scattered about the ruins of buildings. Neither side was to give any quarter.

    A traitor loomed ahead, and looked at Saul with maddened eyes.

    Saul dashed forward, his blade in front of him. He brought it down with all his might, only to be parried and created a crater in the ferrocrete. Bringing himself up, he avoided the blade of the aspiring champion of chaos only by a second. He landed catlike, and kicked the traitor in the chest. As the traitor fell sprawled, Saul contemptuously pulled his bolt pistol, and shot the traitor in the forehead.

    “Traitors have forsaken their honour? he spat, and ran on.

    Saul attempted to re-join the fight, but he was lost amongst the ruined streets and remnants of burned out administratum buildings. He sighted some dark green powered armoured figures to his left.

    He moved towards them with a step when another traitor appeared to block his path.
    Reacting quickly, Saul backhanded the marine by surprise, cracking his knuckles and the marines nose. Dark blood poured from his face, and the marine howled bestially at the experience. Seeing the rage in the marines eyes, Saul responded by launching himself at the traitor, and severed the marine’s forearm. The marine stopped and smiled at saul contemptibly. Unimpressed, Saul stabbed the stationary marine in the chest, between the hearts. The eyes lost their rage and turned to pain as the traitor realised he was dying. Holding him in a death-grip, Saul stared contemptuously into the dying Traitor's twisted face. Saul simply commented;

    “Fool?, and swung his blade, decapitating him with the practised hand of a thousand sword sweeps.

    Back-stepping, Saul was aware of a new noise, and saw the other Angel’s near him take cover. The wall behind him broke, and the Defiler stepped through. Saul winced as he saw the Defiler’s barrel come to bear, he knew this was the end, his power armour could never withstand the blast. He prepared to surrender his soul to the Emperor and closed his eyes. He heard a massive explosion and puzzled for a second to feel hot metal whizzing past his head. He finally understood when he opened his eyes to see the wreck of the Defiler, and offered thanks to whoever was responsible for it’s destruction.

    Looking up, Saul was astonished to see a Thunderbird gunship, screeching as she flew past at low altitude. Not one, but three! In formation, the birds wheeled, and landed. He wondered who they belonged to, he was not aware of another marine chapter in the vicinity, and they had left their thunderbirds on the Hammer. He had no time to worry though, the fight was becoming desperate. His helmet pipped a message from Nathaniel.

    “The Landraiders approach from the North?
    “I come brother?, was Saul’s reply as he looked for the icon on his display.

    Gathering the squad ahead of him, he moved through the streets like lightning, trying to reach his brothers fighting the armoured monsters. He knew when he was approaching the fighting when he heard the sound of explosions and lascannon fire. Turning a corner, he saw the black daubed Landraider moving down the street. He saw brother Higiel set up a missile launcher in cover ahead. A missile streaked from the ruin towards the steel monster. . The warhead impacted and simply seared the paint, bouncing off pathetically. Turning, the tank fired into the building bringing it down on Higiel’s head.

    “She’s too heavily armoured!? was a marine’s cry over the helmet vox.

    Another marine fired a plasma gun into her side, buffeting the tank but ultimately failing to dent. Brother Daeso bravely ran up to the massive Landraider, and wedged a melta-bomb in her tracks, before turning to avoid the explosion. Saul ducked as she blew, pieces of track flying in all directions. A cloud of smoke flew up, and the running figure of Daeso emerged of it. Saul began to cheer, when he realised the figure was on fire Daeso had not cleared enough ground. His back was covered in flame, a burning effigy returning to his brothers. The landraider’s lascannons turned to bear on the fleeing Daeso, and fired a blue streak of energy, which impacted on the marine. Unimaginably powerful, the cannon hit Daeso in the chest and burned through, severing his head at the neck. The marine’s head rolled several feet away from his body before coming to rest.

    That such heroes were being killed by such base cowards galled Saul, and he stood up to shout curses at the landraider crew. He would not the corpse of one of his men lie, the man should be hallowed, and his name added to the book of honour. Heedlessly he ran forward to retrieve the dead marine. The heavy bolter at the front of the landraider turned to fire upon him.

    The landraider was no longer his priority, or even of any importance to him. He felt a shell hit his chestplate and was knocked back a little. He surged forward, all that mattered was the marine’s honour. Another shell passed through the armour at his shoulder-pad, fortunately only grazing his flesh before exiting his armour. He questioned whether he would reach the marine, but would never change his course of action.

    At that moment, an unexpected event happened, he felt the heavy bolter turn away from him, it’s attention caught elsewhere. From somewhere a group of Imperial guardsmen appeared. One of them wore an unfamiliar white uniform, clearly the leader. The leader directed 3 melta gunners to the side hatch, hugging close to the tank where they were safe, they then opened up with a continuous stream of fire. The white hot metal repulsed the meltas for a few seconds, then caved under the irresistible pressure. Her ammunition supplies caught fire, and in an amazing sight the tank became a cauldron of fire, her doors melting like a molten river flowing out of the tank and into the street. As he lay over the dead Daeso to give him his rites, he smiled and knew the providence of the Emperor.

    Marshalling his squad, he ran past it to launch himself a few retreating traitors. A small group of traitor marines were firing their bolters in drill order as they retreated. He was about to order his men to attack when from the darkness, lithe shapes emerged. Each bearing a vicious array of blades, they flung themselves upon the traitors. As the bolter fire trailed off, and the sounds of vicious hand to hand fighting filled the air, Saul gestured his command squad forward. The newly arrived squad were women., with ferocity that surprised him, they appeared in a blood frenzy. He was about to order Brother Linaos to purge them all with his flamer when the assassin's leader rose, lifting a Slaaneshi head as a grizzly trophy. Around her neck, spattered in the blood of Traitors hung a long rosary bearing the Imperial Aquilla. Saul lifted his hand to stay the order. He did not know who they were, that they served the Emperor was enough for him. With a curt nod to the bloody handed female he ordered his marines to converge of the Courthouse.

    “Wait here and mop up the scum, I will go check on the arbites? Saul said to Nathaniel, who nodded and started marshalling marines into sweeping the area.
    Saul bounded forward over the barricade, sheathed his bolt pistol, and moved out into the streets outside the courthouse. He started to come across the bodies of arbites, daubed with unclean symbols. Behind makeshift barricades, the arbites had died where they stood, fighting the invader.

    Moving towards the building, he became alone, except for corpses. An arbitrator hung from a lamp-post, his entrails dangling. He came across a pair of dead arbites that puzzled him. In the entrance to an alleyway, they lay dead from a blade. They had clearly been surprised by their foe at close range, one’s combat-shotgun lay at his side cut through the barrel. The blood that poured from them was still warm, their killer was on the streets. Unlike the other corpses though, they had not been defiled. Saul recognised the work of his nemesis. He was close to his prey, his hunt was nearly successful.


    A small glint in the dark of the alley told him everything he need to know. His nemesis was here.

    “Come out heretic, do not hide?, he said in calm neutral tones.

    “I hide not brother?, came the soft reply from the shadows.

    The glint moved towards him, and turned into a raised sword. The figure carrying the sword stepped into the light, a large dark-robed figure with hidden eyes, and power armour revealed by the shapes of the robe. There was no mistaking his enemy.

    “Surrender and come back with me to the tower, repent and beg forgiveness..? began Saul, looking only down, at his unsheathed blade dangling from his hands.

    “You wish I surrender, when you realise not what I have already surrendered. Long have I lived and many have entreated I surrender, over many years. You realise not at all what it is you ask?

    “I realise you are fallen, and you must be made to repent?

    “Ah we the elusive fallen. We are not your whipping boys. You have taken much from us, but I tell you now that you have not taken our wills. Now you ask that we give those up too, surrender to a dark cell and a sharp blade?

    “I give you no choice, come with me before this, or after this combat. This fight you cannot win? Saul said, hardening his resolve.

    “Maybe you believe that. Even if I could not win, you realise not the importance. It is not the outcome, but the fight that is important. I have come to the point where death scares me not, only that I die without regret?

    “You gave up your right to choose life, death, or even regret when you became a heretic?

    “Heretic? You would label me? I would label you then, I dub you the Unforgiven. You should realise the pain of a stain on your honour? replied the dark fallen. Wind rustled through his robes as he made one final entreaty to the marine.

    “As I said before, I know such things that you cannot realise. I know things you could never bring yourself to realise, things you cannot imagine. Walk away now, you put yourself on the road to damnation. I am in a unique position to tell you of damnation, and I tell you this now, no cause is worth bringing damnation down on yourself?

    Saul looked up from his blade, directly at where the eyes would be in their dark recess. He decided to end this conversation.

    “Maybe we are both damned already, maybe I’m damned if I walk away, maybe I’m damned if I fight you. But this I know, if I've got to be damned, I'd like to be damned here now, fighting you?

    He aimed his sword at Gideon’s chest.

    “Blade up heretic, we fight?

    Gideon saw that the talking was over and raised his sword to Saul.

    Saul walked forward slowly, sword held in front of him. Gideon did not move, but held his sword before him in reply. Saul sung first, allowing his blade to be met by Gideon’s. The fallen angel carried an ancient blade, and wielded it with a consummate skill that can only come with centuries of experience.

    “Ave Imperator? Saul whispered to himself, and lunged forward suddenly, hoping to catch his foe off guard. The fallen stepped to one side, and used his own blade to shepherd Saul’s attack behind him. He could not allow the heretic to behind him, and swung his elbow out to catch the fallen in the face. Gideon saw the manoeuvre coming, and although it prevented him getting behind Saul, he used his other hand to contact with Saul’s ribs. The powerful drive impacted on Saul’s chest armour and knocked him back a step. Saul realised this was probably the most dangerous foe he had ever fought.

    The two foes backed away from each other and circled, like lions before the kill. Each preparing to feint, and then make their true move. Plans of attack weaved their way through both’s minds. Saul moved first again, and swung his sword at his foe’s midsection. Gideon dodged the blow nimbly, but was off balance. Sensing his opening Saul rushed forward and tackled the fallen around the midriff, smashing him into a low wall. Bricks smashed with the impact of the two armoured marines as the two perched on top, fighting for position.

    Desperate to gain the initiative, Gideon pulled back his head and headbutted Saul.
    The glancing blow weakened Saul for a second before he redoubled his attack and went for the throat, trying to pin his prey against the wall. Gideon’s reaction was identical, defence through attack. Swords were forgotten as the two men fought in a vicious dogfight of speed, determination and sheer savagery. Each holding the other in their grip, the men’s legs locked taut, stalemated as they looked the other in the eye.

    This time Gideon moved first, stepping up a gear from nowhere. Somehow flicking Saul’s hand to one side, he landed a massive blow on Saul’s face. Saul felt a crunch and realised his cheekbone was probably broken as he sought to re-establish his dominance. He tried to pull Gideon down to his knees, but Gideon resisted through pushing his foe back, off balance.

    Saul’s confidence started to fail as he realised this foe was at least his equal in strength and skill, if not his superior. He was losing his fight, a part of him realised dispassionately, and it was a novel experience. Feeling himself being pushed back, rather than try and overpower his opponent he attempted a throw. The fallen marine realised what he was attempting and countered, throwing Saul to one side instead.

    As Saul crouched, gathering his strength for another attack, the sound of engines approaching told him they were not alone. Turning his head slightly, he saw a landraider approaching down the street. It was not of his chapter, some other force was disturbing their combat.

    Gideon saw their approach and took a step backwards.

    “Sorry brother, we must finish this fight another time?

    He held out in his palm a small blinking device, and smiled at Saul. Seeing the danger, Saul lunged forward with his blade outstretched for one last attempt to wound his foe.

    “I enjoyed today this day, till we meet again brother? were the heretic’s last words. Saul’s blade merely contacted with wispy air, as the smiling fallen vanished into the Immaterium.

    His foe had escaped. He had failed. Anger seethed through Saul, and in a mighty swing he cleaved his blessed blade down into the pavement, almost until it’s hilt.
    The landraider drew up behind him, as did a rhino that had been following it. He turned to see Nathaniel and his command crew disembark. He waved them to stay back, as he strode towards the landraider. The landraider was dispersing it’s crew, chief among them a woman.

    - incomplete (to be continued).

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