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Thread: Eldar Planets

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    Eldar Planets

    A couple of regarding Eldar planets...

    1. According to the mother of all Eldar fluff found in critical hit, the Eldar craftworlds have established numerous "craftworld colonies" accross the galaxy, planets inhabited by roughneck Eldar pioneers, with each craftworld having a dozen or so planets under its command. Territorial disputes over the colonies were often the biggest source of conflict between the Eldar and the rest of the galaxy. However, beyond this I have found no other mention of the Craftworld Colonies, and so I ask: do they still exist?

    2. Likewise, do the Dark Eldar ever colonize planets? There's mention of it on the GW website.

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    1. Yes
    2. Yes. They have various slave planets across the galaxy. They must have been colonized at one point.

    Read the fluff/novels. It's all there.
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