Okay, so I've been toying with the idea of a small Eldar force, Craft World Eldar.
The reasons for this is solely because I like the Eldar fluff, and I love the idea behind Rangers and Pathfinders.
I don't have either codex, so I didn't know they were considered cheese or anything.
Several members around, thank you Nebulas and LN, have been quite helpful in this endeavor, but a problem has arisen.

For those of you who know me from the Tau boards, my armies aren't exactly "optimised."
I don't like to lose, but I also prefer a fluff appropriate or "twist" army.

Now, the problem with m Eldar/Altaioc force is solely one of fluff at this point.

So I have come to ask the community as a whole what they think.

Here is a suggested loadout for combat patrol:

2 Eldar Ranger Squads (Minimized, 3 Eldar Each)

1 Eldar Scorpion Squad (Around 7-9)

1 Eldar Dragon Squad (Around 7-9)

And maybe a Warlock, I can't remember...

Anyone see what's wrong here?

I'll tell you.
It's an Eldar/Altaioc army with less Rangers (And no Pathfinders) than other units!

Now, Nebulas gave an excellent reasoning for this.
As many of you know, Altaioc get the "Disruption table" which allows them to manipulate the deployment of the enemy army.

The reason for this is the Ranger's and Pathfinders sow seeds of discord as well as sabatoge before the fight begins.
Thus, according to Nebulas, the Rangers and Pathfinders have already "done their job" and now a few Rangers lead some strike forces against the remnents.

As I think more and more about this, I find it a sufficient excuse. Still, the reasons I chose the Altaioc weigh heavy upon my heart and the situation seems "optimised."

Do you believe this to be fluff appropriate?
Would a more Ranger/Pathfinder based army be more appropriate?
Would ^ still be workable?

Thank you for your time and effort,

Shas'o Tau Dev'n Kauyon