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    Imperial Guard of Magnamar

    Imperial Entry Code: 34B8NS8: File Sub32

    File Title: “Imperial Guard of Magnamar�

    Planet Name: Magnamar

    Location: Galactic Southern-Rim

    Planet Type: Volcanic

    File Entry:
    The Planet Magnamar is noted only for two things, the first being the valuable minerals extracted from the continually spewing lava for the nearby forge world of SWV-13, and the second being the Imperial Guard drawn from the planet. The people of Magnamar are not native to the planet. Brought in millennia ago as slaves to crew the machines that extract the molten magma from the planet, they were freed of whatever bondage brought them there during the chaos of the Age of Apostasy. Living in large hovering cities, above the clouds of ash, these people now mine the nutrient rich magma for the Tech Priests of the nearby forge world in exchange for continued maintenance of their cities. Because the Tech Priests have long lost the methods to constuct these floating cities, people are very confined as each new baby born means more space taken up. Life is hard, cramped, and brutal on Magnamar, and the only chance to escape a miner’s life is to join the military. The military of Magnamar is known as the “Red Dragons,� named after the reptilian beasts that sweep the skies of the planet. Troops that join are often dismayed to find that military service is even tougher than their mining life. Cadets are trained to jump from their orbital cities onto semi-stable parts of the planet and survive in the wilderness against the terrible volcanic beasts that dwell there. After a week or two, surviving prospective soldiers are picked up off the surface, only to have to make another dive into the wilderness. If a cadet can survive 6 months of this continuous training they are given the right to wear a white Helmet. This indicates they are inductees and often found the core of a regiment. If a soldier can survive for another 6 months, they are given a crimsion red helmet, which indicates their rank as a full Drop Trooper. The officers of the Red Dragons are also exceptional. With the ability to take charge of troops as stubborn as themselves, they command enormous respect. They wear Silver Helments made of the molten magma of their planet as an indication of their rank. One interesting note is that even when a soldier has reached an officer level (assuming they aren’t shipped off world), they are still required to make jumps down to the surface of Magnamar. This continued training makes excellent officers, but takes it toll over time. As a result, the majority of officers in the Red Dragons are only of a mid-grade rank. Another privlage given to officers is the ability join squads known as the "Red Claws." These squads are equipped to infiltrate ahead of the main force and destroy important targets before the majority of troops arrive; these troops posess a dark green helment in indication of their status. Another intersting note is the manner in which the people of Magnamar deal with crimals on their planet. If a crime is severe enough, a person will be given over to the military and equiped with a large bomb. Placed with a small sqaud of other criminals of lesser offenses, these bombers are required to make a drop with the rest of the troops and use their destructive capabilities on the first enemy seen. Usually this a death senatance and none are expected to live. If however they do somehow survive, their crimes are forgiven but they can never return home to Magnamar. These trops are called the "Black Wings" and are appropriatley dressed in black fatigues.

    In the field, Red Dragon troops are fanatically loyal, as well as foolishly stubborn as they are trained to never give up a position once they have dropped. Due to their skills they are highly respected by any commander who has employed them. Full drop troopers are also known for being excellent shots during their descent and apply those skills on the ground. It is also noted their friendly relationship with the nearby tech priests have allowed them access to a higher than normal array of Plasma Weaponry. The colors of every regiment are blood red with black accents, and a colored helmet indicating what kind of rank or trooper they are. The service of the Red Dragons to the Imperium is also exceptional. When shipped off world, troopers will make seemingly suicidal dives to even the harshest of surfaces and fight on with stubborn courage that makes them excellent at securing objectives. They are also noted for destroying a small Tyranid army before it could take root on the planet of Thetax-9.


    Well this is the Fluff for my guard army I'm planning on. Plz tell me what you think. I tried to make it belivable, but unorthadox.

    EDIT: I changed a few things that occured to me later as wel as suggestions that other peoplehave made. I also want to note that I will write a story about a Red Dragon if there is enough interest. I also included the link to my army list page. I've posted a bazillion lists so you can see its evolution to what my fluff describes. ([1500] Imperial Guard {First-Try})

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    Sounds like good fluff to me. It doesn't have some super unbelievably powerful central character which is a major plus in my book. Seems like you've covered all the bases history wise. Maybe mentioning how long ago the planet was settled and that the knowledge that was used to create these amazing floating cities is lost. Have you thought of what doctrines your going to use?
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